Kings Plan To Make Offer To Al Horford

12:18pm: Horford has “very real interest” in joining the Sixers if they can make it possible, Amick tweets. Philadelphia is reportedly willing to facilitate a sign-and-trade for Jimmy Butler, but has Tobias Harris and J.J. Redick to address as well. The Kings have a better chance at signing Hawks center Dewayne Dedmon, Amick adds, and are among the teams willing to take on Clint Capela if the Rockets trade for Butler (Twitter link). Houston has found multiple teams interested in Capela and will send him to the highest bidder.

11:58pm: The Kings are ready to pounce on Al Horford with a significant offer once free agency begins, tweets Marc Stein of The New York Times. Sacramento has the cap room to offer the rumored four-year deal in excess of $100MM, and a source tells Stein that the organization “definitely” has strong interest in Horford.

That report is confirmed by James Ham of NBC Sports Bay Area (Twitter link), who adds that the Kings consider Horford a “major target.” However, a source tells Sam Amick of The Athletic that team officials expect him to sign with someone else (Twitter link).

Sacramento is looking for an upgrade at center over Willie Cauley-Stein, and Horford definitely qualifies. He has put up solid numbers for more than a decade in both Atlanta and Boston, earning five All-Star appearances, and is the mobile, floor-stretching style of big man that the Kings want to add.

Horford had been considered likely to stay with the Celtics, either by opting into a $30.1MM salary for next season or negotiating a longer deal with the team. However, he surprised the league two weeks ago by opting out and indicating that another team waiting with a massive contract.

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18 thoughts on “Kings Plan To Make Offer To Al Horford

  1. formerlyz

    Fit makes sense if they’re getting rid of one of Bagley or Giles. Horford isnt really a 4 anymore, at least for long stretches, and regardless, he takes minutes away from those guys, as I mentioned in the other kings post. I could see the Clippers being in on Horford, depending who else they get

    • padam

      They’re most likely putting him at the 5. I doubt they’re getting rid of Bagley, and Giles would be nice coming off the bench for either of them.

  2. arc89

    Wow $100 million is a big over pay for him. He is a good solid player but no all star or top player in the league.

      • arc89

        Pelicans are the smart ones building a team fo young players not signing FA to max contracts that are not all NBA players.

  3. Jason Lancaster

    Philly is interesting – maybe they sign and trade butler, let Harris leave, and use the cap space they have to sign Horford? They would be a BIG team if they did that, and they wouldn’t have to worry about Embid’s injury issues derailing their season.

    • padam

      And no perimeter game of they let Butler, Harris and Reddick go…too easy to defend no matter how big they are/get.

      • Curtisrowe

        Horford has a better career 3 point percentage than either Harris or Butler…so I don’t get the “no perimeter” game thing.

  4. Richard Hangslow

    $25m per for a 33yr old is a terrible idea. Instant regret.

    • specialfriedrice

      it honestly blows my mind…i gasped at the contract that boston signed him to years ago…now i honestly cant believe what i’m seeing…

  5. king beas

    Horford is a trash big fan. 7 boards a game sounds like mid level exception more than max

  6. x%sure

    He would look like a good call as a FA 5 in Sacto for a while. Let’s congratulate Sacto on intending to compete, and this will help.

    But the S&T multiteam trade thing that is supposedly more likely, is hard to judge as a packet of maybes.

    Capela won’t have nearly the impact in Sacto except to hammer on Giles.

  7. Philadelphia has a power forward/alternate centre in Ben Simmons. His ball handling is only an advantage if you use him like that. His height isn’t really an advantage if they insist on starting him at the One – he can’t shoot.

    Philadelphia needs a few 6’6″ outside shooters. The Harris/Butler tandem wasn’t great. Embiid, Simmons and then three outside shooters… Go after Beal, Brogdon and Eric Gordon… Ok – 6’4/5″

    Having said all of that, I’m not convinced Simmons will improve that much and Embiid’s health and durability are big question marks… And… do they work together?
    Phila had a nice run when Embiid was out last season with Simmons playing in a pseudo ‘G-League’ Antetokounmpo role surrounded by guards and ‘hot-perimeter-shooting-big’ Amir Johnson.
    Embiid needs a Shaq lineup, his Robin should be a shooting guard. His 4 should be a corner-three machine.

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