Knicks Exercise Team Option On Allonzo Trier

The Knicks have decided to exercise Allonzo Trier‘s option for next season, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic. The rookie guard will make $3.5MM for 2019/20.

Trier had a surprisingly successful first season after going undrafted out of Arizona. He signed a two-way deal with New York shortly after the draft, then quickly proved he was ready for the NBA, averaging 10.9 PPG in 64 games while shooting .394 from 3-point range.

The decision will have little effect on the Knicks’ hopes of signing two elite free agents this summer, tweets ESPN’s Bobby Marks. Even with Trier’s salary in place, New York has $69.8MM in cap space, which is enough to add two players at 30% of the max and about $130K short of adding a 35% and a 30% player.

With his option decision out of the way, Trier can now be traded, Marks adds.

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12 thoughts on “Knicks Exercise Team Option On Allonzo Trier

  1. 4Quarters

    I like Iso Zo.

    But this is kinda early to exercise this option without doing so with a specific reason at hand..

  2. His contract situation was so mismanaged, it negatively affects his value to the Knicks and to any trade partner. He’s the only 2wp in the brief history of the concept to get this type of contract. Paid like a top 10 pick, but not controlled like one. He’s RFA after this coming season. Based on how Mills negotiates, they’ll probably max him.

  3. greg1

    Relax there DXC, Zo is either a part of a trade, or a quality shooter off the bench at a reasonable price.

    • OK. But we’re coming up on the 2nd anniversary of Mill’s THJ/Ron Baker FA coup. He did that with a mere 17.5 mm in cap space. Now, he’s got 70 mm.

      • emac22

        You don’t get the concept of having enough money to do things right?

        I’m 100% on board with the THJ deal being monumentally stupid but if you’re going to cry about 70 mil in cap room why don’t you just find a team you can actually root for? Pretending Mills is still in charge is another desperate attempt to imagine your worst possible fear coming true.

        You’re like some sort of crybaby stalker who hates the knicks but can’t stop talking about them.

        • The post was tongue in cheek, in response to a post by a fellow Knick fan. I guess that concept, like many others, is difficult for you to grasp. Like the NBA, for instance, beyond seeing the ball go in the basket (which is important too). BTW, Mills is still in charge, and wouldn’t hire anyone who didn’t understand that.

          As for me, I’ve been a Knick fan since well before Isiahites like yourself polluted the fan base. So, I’ll continue to root for the Knicks. It requires me to spend more and more for less and less. It does not require me to ignore the incompetence displayed by this FO, or (worse) their nonsensical explanations of their actions.

        • DXC is a true fan, a Knicks fan. I always said a fan of a team don’t go criticizing any other team, what’s the point? When you are a fan of a team you gotta give them stick when they don’t do things right, that’s the point of being a fan, you cannot think say all is great, no when you a fan, a true one, you gotta be very very hard on your team, that is what a fan does, you want your team to be the best possible, so DXC comes across as a great Knick fan to me dude, so leave him alone!

            • Thuggababyy

              “Raptors fans = classless”

              “I always said a fan of a team don’t go criticizing any other team”

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