Knicks To Sign Taj Gibson

The Knicks have agreed to a deal with Taj Gibson, Adrian Wojnarowski of relays (Twitter link). The contract will be for two years and $20MM.

The 10-year veteran spent the last two seasons in Minnesota on a $28MM deal that the club signed him to during the summer of 2017. He played in all but 12 games for the Wolves over his two seasons with the team.

After the agreement, the Knicks are looking at approximately $41MM in cap room. It was previously announced that the team will ink Julius Randle to a three-year, $63MM pact.

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17 thoughts on “Knicks To Sign Taj Gibson

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      Horrific? Dude you over exaggerate everything. He’s not soaking up a lot of cap space. He’s a good character vet on a very young team. I’m sure teams would be lined up to trade for him at the deadline if he’s healthy. His contract would be easy to move and could probably get a pick back in return. Perfect kind of guy to acquire if you can’t get the top tier guys.

    • H.Henderson

      Nah this is is agood signing. They didn’t overpay for a solid vet with teaching skills. I don’t mind this. Gibson is worth 20mil over 2 years. Solid signing.

  1. king beas

    With the new lottery I guess they can sign a couple decent guys and win 30 games. Don’t have to completely suck and tank

  2. padam

    Not many top FAs available next year, so two years isn’t too bad. Bench player and they need to hit the bottom of the required cap. Not impacting playing time for the kids, either.

  3. hiflew

    Where are all the Knicks fans that were 100% sure they would be watching a Durant, Kyrie, Davis (or Zion) trio next season. I love Julius Randle, but he is not leading a team to the playoffs. He’d be a good 2nd or 3rd option, but he’s looks like the best the Knicks are going to get. Unless Kawhi comes, which is still technically possible I suppose.

    • I can tell you where they are, they’re in the FantasyLand you’ve created in your head, the only place they’ve ever existed. Not one Knick fan on earth was 100% sure of Zion or AD, much less KD and Kyrie on top of that.

    • x%sure

      They’re complaining about Randle at 21 but not about Gibson at 10. Strange.

  4. Jason Lancaster

    So Gibson+Randle for $40/year (give or take), and maybe they’ll sign Bullock for another $5 or so.

    Seems like Gibson is the veteran presence, Randle is the guy they might be able to trade to a contender for assets in February, and Bullock is potentially another nice little trade asset in the spring.

    Dare I say it, but the Knicks seem like they might actually have a plan here.

    • x%sure

      $31MM. Randle is the show and takes heat off young RJB. I’m not sure his game is right for a contender.

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