Kyler’s Latest: Celtics, Capela, Kyrie, Sixers, More

After reporting earlier this week that the Celtics had “engaged pretty seriously” on Rockets center Clint Capela, Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders has provided a few more details today. Sources tell Kyler that Boston has “expressed considerable interest” in Capela. However, he may be more of a Plan B or C for the Celtics, particularly if they’re still serious about pursuing Anthony Davis.

As Kyler details, league sources are skeptical that the Celtics will keep and use all three of their first-round picks (Nos. 14, 20, and 22). Meanwhile, Houston has been trying to get first-round prospects in for workouts despite not currently holding any draft picks — Kyler writes that the Rockets have been suggesting to agents that they have the ability to acquire a pick in the top 20.

It’s possible that the Celtics could trade one of their first-rounders to another team, and the Rockets are likely exploring deals with clubs outside of Boston. Still, it’s worth watching to see if those two teams end up getting something done on or before draft night.

Here’s more from Kyler:

  • Although Kyler, like others, has heard that the Celtics are operating as if Kyrie Irving probably won’t return, he writes that the club is prepared to offer Irving a maximum-salary deal to see if he’ll turn it down.
  • There’s a sense that Philadelphia will make full maximum-salary offers to Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris, per Kyler. The Sixers are making sure that their players and other teams know they’re serious about keeping their core intact, according to Kyler, who adds that there’s a belief that Butler and Harris would re-sign if the team does put those offers on the table.
  • Kyler says that the Cavaliers, Suns, Hawks, Timberwolves, Magic, Hornets, Heat, and Celtics are all viewed as candidates to trade top-20 picks in the draft, either for veteran players or to move up or down in the draft.
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26 thoughts on “Kyler’s Latest: Celtics, Capela, Kyrie, Sixers, More

  1. The Process

    We shouldn’t offer max to both Jimmy and Harris. I think we should keep Harris, hope Redick signs with us for a discount, and go after Middleton and some bench depth like Rozier/Ennis/Green

    • Itrainsontuesday

      They don’t have cap space to do that. Need to go over the cap and use Bird Rights to bring both Harris and Butler Back.

      • Shaun owens

        I watch lot of 76ers games I would not bring jimmy butler back. I would move on,

  2. Boston2AZ

    The thought of having to watch Kyrie for the next 5 years on that kind of contract makes me ill. I SO want him to go to Brooklyn.

    • Curtisrowe

      Totally agree. He is incredibly skilled but he can go show off his handles someplace else. Rozier can go too. I honestly wouldn’t mind the Celtics being young and hungry for a few years.

      • dlevin11

        I agree totally. Kyrie to Nets by any means necessary would be fine. A sign and trade would be fantastic but not likely

      • knickscavsfan

        Really? After Ainge spent years tanking and collecting picks you’re willing to partially reset things? Isn’t this time the Celts were waiting for? The end of LBJ in the ECF?

      • Shaun owens

        I love Jason Tatum, but no fans he’s the same way as Kyrie . Show off but not has skilled yet.

    • knickscavsfan

      What is wrong with having Kyrie? Maybe the issue/conflict wasn’t him but a bunch of entitled kids who felt he and Hayward were stealing PT time (Rozier) and keeping them from getting their profile up and garnering that big contract?

  3. hiflew

    If the Rockets are willing to move Capela for a first round pick(s), then the Hawks should do it yesterday. They have money to spend and could have an interesting salary match with Plumlee. If I am the Hawks, I offer 10, 17, and Plumlee for Capela.

    • Jeff Zanghi

      You’d give 10 and 17 (and Plumlee) for Capela? That seems like a steep price – well I guess if you expect Capela to continue developing upward it might be justifiable but I would think he would be attainable for less than 2 top 20 picks – never know though I guess

      • hiflew

        In this shallow draft, yes I would give up 10 and 17 for Capela. In a normal draft, I probably wouldn’t. In a deep draft , no way would I do it.

        I don’t know that I would NEED that much, but if that is what ended up being the negotiated middle, then I would give it up. Of course I would take him for less if it only took 10 and Plumlee. Getting rid of Plumlee would be the key though.

      • knickscavsfan

        If you had the #5 pick and he turned into a big that shoots 65% from the floor, brings down 12 rebounds a game and still had some upside you’d be very happy about having him. Of course Capela is worth a 10 and 17.

        That being said, that doesn’t help Houston add a 3rd playmaker from the 3, 4 or 5 spot.

  4. There isn’t a team in the league that won’t, on draft night, have ability to get a top 20 in this draft. I expect lots of trades involving picks from 15-30.

  5. Reflect

    Philly is gonna put itself in Wizards or Trailblazers territory (decent playoff chances and no cap space, forever) if it dishes out max contracts that stupidly. Everyone can’t be a max player.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Is it better to a) be capped out, pay the tax, and have some ugly contracts in 3 years or b) trade away a bunch of assets for guys you don’t re-sign?

    • Z-A

      There’s 30 teams. So say there are atleast 30 max worth players. Simmons, Embiid, Butler are all Top-30 players. Harris is probably Top-40. So…

    • knickscavsfan

      The problem with the Wizard is overpaying for Wall and his injury history. Of course you’re going to be in trouble when your max player who will likely miss 170 games covering 2017-2020.

      For the Traiblazers, it’s not about their max players. Those two, Dame and CJ have been great. But you MUST spend the rest of your money wisely and hit homeruns with the rest of the squad and investing $41 mil into Turner, Leonard and Harkless is the problem.

    • Regi Green

      They were a last second Kawhi shot away from the conference finals….and this is still Embiid and Simmons 2nd season together.The starting 5 had like 25 games together.Neither the Wizards or Blazers have 3rd,4th & 5th options as good as the 6ers.They need to keep as much of this team together as they can,then use the mid-level exception and draft picks to try to improve the bench.Whether they sign 1 or both,they’re not gonna have cap room to maneuver regardless,and as an over the cap team,they’ll need to move salary to add salary.The starting 5 process was completed when Harris came to town,now the bench process continues.

  6. Z-A

    Every year people say it’s a weak draft. Then look back and say oh best draft ever since x y z draft.

    • knickscavsfan

      I agree. This draft isn’t weak at all. Just because the second level of stars amay not be obvious past the shiny stars going 1-3 is more about perception than reality. The 2011 draft was thought to be very weak as well but the fact that future all-stars were drafted at #9 (Kemba), #11 (Klay),#15 (Kawhi), #19 (Tobias), #23 (Mirotic), #30 (Butler) and #60 (IT) shows the “experts” got it wrong. It’s not unusual to see a later 1st round pick become a star but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen soooo many guys drafted as late as those guys. 6 of the top 10 in WS in that draft were drafted at #9 or after. And to boot they’re were several good players who’ll likely have 12-15 year careers. Tristan, Kanter, R. Jackson, Knnight, Valanciunas and the Morris brothers are solid players. I think the fact that most of the guys that turned out to be all-stars didn’t come from the top traditional powerhouses like Duke, Kentucky, NC, etc was part of the problem.

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