Kyrie Irving Preparing To Sign With Nets?

It appears Kyrie Irving knows where he wants to play next season. Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald reports that Irving will look to join the Nets once free agency begins.

It was recently reported that Irving will change agencies, choosing to Roc Nation as his representation. It appears that move was calculated, as the agency is owned by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, a former part-owner of the Brooklyn franchise.

We are still nearly a month away from Irving’s opportunity to put pen to paper and Bulpett cautions that the point is capable of changing his mind.

There was chatter that Irving and Kevin Durant had discussed teaming up with a schism on which destination they would go to. Durant reportedly favored the Knicks, while Irving wants the Nets. There was speculation that Durant’s Achilles injury would make Irving reconsider leaving Boston, though that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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36 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving Preparing To Sign With Nets?

  1. Spike4christ

    As a Celtics fan. Irving is not a Celtic. I would do a sign a trade to get Russell if the Nets would do the Deal. I hope the Celtics And Nets Meet in the Playoffs and Gordon Lights they up! Goodbye and Good riddance!

    • H.Henderson

      The Nets have no intentions on a sign and trade. There is nothing to be gained by assisting a division rival in such a way. Besides, with Irviby gone, Rozier gets his starting spot back.

      • x%sure

        Dreams of S&Ts never seem to fade for Celtic fans. Maybe they think an S&T is a B&B for rich people.

    • Man wake up! S & T as is been reported here doesn’t happen anymore, specially with good players, so please move on & don’t mention it ever again please!

  2. Dionis89

    Kyrie and Waiters was sort of a fail, Russell and Irving could be special together.

    • x%sure

      Also failing in the long run, KI & JRSmith, KI & Jalen Brown, KI & Marcus Smart, and probably KI & Russell. But KI & Dinwiddie, that’s what he wants, what can renovate his rep. He probably already told Marks to drop Russell and sign a 4/5.

      • Nice to see you still enjoying your bromance with Dinwiddie… just hope I can see one day was so special about him, so far haven’t, much rather D’lo!

  3. imindless

    Celtics fans coming to this to cry tears of sorrow and sadness about how much he never fit there team lol

  4. bobaganoosh5

    As a Cs fan i Couldn’t be more happy to see Kyrie leave. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way outta town. Dude is a loser. He will never be a leader of a team with more talent than he had this year and he pissed it all away…..

    • knickscavsfan

      So you place the blame on him and not the young players with an undeserved sense of entitlement? Especially Rozier who literally showed his agenda on those ESPN? Righhhhht. You don’t deserve him if your cool with that.

  5. hiflew

    Nets would be better off keeping Russell over Irving. The big winner in this deal would seem to be whichever team signs Russell to an offer sheet. Usually teams have to overpay RFAs to get them, a la Tim Hardaway Jr. with the Knicks. However, if the Nets already have Irving they will be far less likely to match even a market value offer for Russell. Which could be good news for Utah or another suitor that might be more limited on cap space.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Eh. Unless they can add another free agent, they can always match and trade him next year.

      • hiflew

        They can, but I doubt they will. They are past the collecting assets phase of their rebuild and it is time to start being a winning team. Matching and trading him next year will minimize his value most likely and you will probably end up having to attach a pick to trade him. Russell is at a high value right now, but his numbers would likely go down playing next to Kyrie (not to mention a healthy LeVert). The Nets would be better off just letting him walk and reallocating that salary to a vet or two that could fill out the roster.

        • Bryan

          They will sign Irving first then sign DLo as a RA since they can go over cap etc to sign him. Irving will be PG and DLo playing 2G

      • Z-A

        They can match and trade him this year, just not to the team that he signed the offer sheet with.

    • H.Henderson

      I am really hoping Irving signs with Brooklyn. That would give the Knicks a shot at adding a legitimate young PG to go along with their young core.

      If the Knicks could draft Barret, land Russel, resign Jordan and Vonleh…that would be a great off season for the Knicks.

      Next year line should look like this:


      Yea…Id love to see that.

      • imindless

        Lmao when you thought you were getting ad, durrant, kyrie and settling for russell

      • hiflew

        So you are wanting the worst record again? Russell is not signing with the Knicks to play with those four guys. He’s just not. He’ll go to Utah before that.

      • padam

        Vonleh??? Are you kidding? And from what we saw last year from Knox, he’s a bench player. Thankfully he’s only one year in, but I don’t think his ceiling is as high as some folks hope it is.

        • H.Henderson

          No, they’re not winning a championship next year. But to watch those players develop for one to two seasons and see what we really got. Not some stupid pipe dream of AD, KI, and KD.

  6. Thronson5

    I really felt and still feel all the Brooklyn talk was more than talk and he would go there. Wonder if Butler or KD joins. I feel KD goes to the Knicks or the Clippers personally but I could be wrong. I also really hate Kyrie going to the Nets. I think he should go to the Lakers and be second to LeBron because be isn’t the leader he wants to be so it won’t work I less they got a bigger star for one and secondly I i jinks it’s shitty of the Nets to kick D-Lo to the curb for Kyrie who has a terrible stride and isn’t a leader or team player from what I can see at least and maybe I’m wrong. If I am I apologize but just his hot it seems. D Lo fits the Nets and I fell they’d be better signing D Lo and Butler or another player.

    • x%sure

      I wonder if Russell will feel that way if Irving signs with the Nets and they don’t offer much to him. “Kicked to the curb” Oh boy another narrative to unpack!

  7. Freddie Morales

    Kyrie, KD, Jamychal Green, and Vince Carter would be a great off-season

  8. hoosierhysteria

    KI…penthouse in Newark for you. Nets will regret. Keep Russell and sign butler….6ers won’t let that happen.

  9. If true, great job by the Nets. As for what transpired in Boston, it’s enough to know that Ainge wanted him back. In any event, KI is one of 3 elite players in this FA class, and one of the others has a torn Achilles.

    On the Knicks end, it would be more evidence (as though any more were needed) that the Stooges are incompetent and FOS. I guess they won’t have to worry about anyone being upset with how brazen they are any longer. Best Knick fans can hope for is that they just draft Barrett and keep him, and don’t do anything completely stupid with their cap space. The latter is likely a pipe dream considering the regime’s track record.

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