Lakers Hiring Lionel Hollins As Assistant Coach

The Lakers will add Lionel Hollins to their staff as an assistant coach, Adrian Wojnarowski of tweets. The franchise made it a priority to add head coaching experience under coach Frank Vogel. 

Los Angeles hired Vogel as its head coach last month while also adding Jason Kidd as an assistant. Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times reports (Twitter link) that Hollins was under consideration for the team’s head coaching gig but ultimately never interviewed with the Lakers for that position.

Hollins has taken both the Grizzlies and the Nets to the postseason as a head coach. He previously served as an assistant coach with the Bucks, Suns, and Grizzlies (one stint in Memphis and one in Vancouver).

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15 thoughts on “Lakers Hiring Lionel Hollins As Assistant Coach

  1. jeremy

    Why didn’t they do this under luke who needed the help more than Frank does?

  2. OCTraveler

    Just another option besides Kidd once they fire Vogel. Wonder if his contract is the 2nd highest assistant pay (Kidd is 1st).

    What’s the LeBron connection with Hollins?

    • kenleyfornia2

      They aren’t firing Vogel any time soon. You people need to stop reaching. Yes the Lakers are a mess but they never fire coaches after 1 year. Even Luke got 3

        • kenleyfornia2

          They had a horrifying playoff exit vs OKC in 2012. He made it to a 2nd season and the team was 1-4 and looked really bad. Something had to happen

        • specialfriedrice

          Mike Brown shouldn’t have told Kobe he intended Gasol and Bynum to be the next ‘Twin Towers’…as soon as he said it, Kobe went on a shooting binge for a month…Lakers sucked…Kobe had his man removed…

          Like all the FA jokes that used to go around when nobody wanted to come and play with Kobe…

          Lakers to LaMarcus Aldridge ‘top of key or baseline for your jump shot?’

          LA ‘top of they key please sir’

          Kobe ‘oh…you don’t shoot it…I do’

  3. jorge78

    Gosh, you Lakers fans see conspiracies everywhere!
    It’s like Lebron is under
    every bed!

  4. Jason Lancaster

    Guy is a high quality assistant and a professional. MUCH better hire than Kidd. Should be an asset to Vogel, the players, and the team. He won’t undermine Vogel the way that Kidd will either.

    • jump shot

      Great hire… will have Vogel’s back offsetting any potential mess from Kidd. Wont let Kidd undermine Vogel with playets, staff, or mgmnt.

  5. Loren Polonsky

    Good coach. But doesn’t Hollins do commercials for blood pressure medication? Not sure joining the Lakers helps much.

  6. Guest617

    jason kidd beat his pregnant wife a crashed his suv while drunk – how does rookie respect that?

    • Sooo what? Who cares for his private life! I most surely don’t, as far as I am concerned he could be Charles Manson… All I care is about his job, & at that he is very good. He was a legendary player & in my opinion a very good HC. Please stop repeating the same hate for the guy!

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