Lakers Among Teams Interested In Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker will hit the open market for the first time in his career this offseason and he’ll have plenty of teams to choose from. The Lakers, Mavericks, and Knicks are among the teams interested in signing the point guard, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN said on the network’s mock draft special.

The Lakers are hoping to make major upgrades this summer starting with an Anthony Davis trade. If Los Angeles can’t acquire Davis, the organization may find it difficult to convince a top free agent to join them. Walker will be among the several free agents the Lakers attempt to woo.

Prying Walker from Charlotte will have to be about more than money since the Hornets can offer him roughly $221MM over five years, while rival teams are capped at four years and slightly less than $141MM.

The Knicks are positioned to have two max salary slots available. The Lakers don’t quite have enough cap space without making an additional move, as our Salary Cap Digest shows. The Mavericks are also at least one move away from carving out enough salary cap space to accommodate a max deal for Walker.

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31 thoughts on “Lakers Among Teams Interested In Kemba Walker

  1. kenleyfornia2

    Lakers plan = make a list of the big free agents. Go down the list and offer every name the max until someone takes it.

    • jkoms57

      Not sure why ppl are calling Lakers offer for AD damaged goods..

      Kuzma, Ingram and 4th is a great package to add to Zion.

      Also Lakers won’t move Lonzo, so count out Kyrie or Kemba.

      • Theone23

        Ingram has blood clots, Kuzma isn’t that good he’s a one dimensional player. The 4th pick falls out of the top 3 in a top 3 heavy draft. So no, I would not say that is a strong or even a good package, especially compared to what other teams could potentially offer. Kuzma just isn’t good

          • smytds

            If that’s such a great package, AD would be a Laker, so @senioreditor apparently no I’m the NBA agrees with you.

        • Matt Kimball

          Ingram had a blood clot in his shoulder which was corrected by surgery. It’s called thoracic outlet decompression surgery Saturday, the Lakers say. It is not the same thing that made Bosh retire. He is completely healthy now.
          By what you said about Kuzma shows you haven’t seen him play very much.

          Only a top 3 heavy draft is such a joke. Tell that to Tony Parker (28), Manu Ginobili (57) and how about Paul Milsap at 47? John Stockton, literally a top 5 point guard ever was grabbed at 16.

    • I don’t know why Dallas would want him. Their ball-handling spots are filled. You don’t want an Isaiah Thomas type ball-dominant 6 ft and under point guard who shoots a lot. There is a need for a player like that but I don’t think it’s Dallas.

  2. hoosierhysteria

    Kemba is going somewhere because MJ ain’t paying the dude 40m per year. Stupid for a small market team.

  3. The Process

    Sixers should be in on this too. Ben is a decent point but has more potential at PF.

    • myaccount

      Unless he learns to shoot or Embiid starts playing away from the hoop,he doesn’t make sense as a PF in that offense.

  4. I don’t think Kemba is worth mad and I hope the Lakers don’t sign him for any amount. We need shooters. Tired of guys who “do it all”, except shoot!

    • Luckylefty2

      I could understand you saying he isn’t worth the super max, but dang not even the regular max?. What more does he have to prove?

    • jellbuc

      Kemba is a bit streaky but can definitely shoot and is dominant when he is hot. However he will disappear for weeks at a time and needs a lot of shots to get in a groove. I like Kemba but if the hornets give him 221 I need to look for a new team. Blow up the roster until these horrible contracts come off and collect draft picks. Let Kemba go win somewhere.

  5. Thronson5

    Would love to see him in LA but I do think he would be fresh in Dallas. Knicks make sense if they miss out on Kyrie. I get wanting to stay loyal to the team he’s been on but trans aren’t loyal so screw that, go get paid and play on a team that will win. I know you can get the most money by staying as well but he can still get paid and actually have a chance of winning by going to a team with another star.

  6. 1 year $80M difference will be hard to walk away from. I’m sure he doesn’t get the dollars like others do for endorsements, etc.

  7. as a mavs fan, i dont want kemba. too ball dominant. hes only an allstar becasue he had to shoot the ball 759 times a game. i much rather conley- and i would hope he opts out after the season.

  8. best thing kemba would bring to the mavs is his catch and shooting ability…… oh wait most of the nba can do that. no kemba to mavs

  9. maybe the mavs stay patient and sign d. russell. he can play off the ball as a two and let luka ball dominate.

  10. Drew22

    The regular max is probably a fair price for Kemba on the right team. But the super max is steep. I’m thinking the Hornets will offer, or else they would’ve traded him last year, correct? Or are they that portly run?

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