Lakers To Pursue Brook Lopez, Jordan?

Could a Brook Lopez-Lakers reunion be in the works? According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, it’s possible (hat tip to RealGM).

Windhorst said on an ESPN podcast that the Lakers are interested in bringing in a center, with Lopez and DeAndre Jordan being potential targets on the free agent market.

“The Lakers, I think, are sniffing around (Lopez). I think the Lakers need perimeter players. I think they’re going to have to use their money on perimeter players. I know DeAndre Jordan is a guy on the Lakers’ radar that they’re hoping they may able to get for relatively cheap because he wants to be back in L.A.”

Lopez was one of the biggest bargains in free agency last season after the Lakers let him walk. He signed a one-year, $3.4MM contract with the Bucks and proved to be a great fit for Milwaukee’s scheme. He started 81 games during the regular season and averaged 12.5 PPG, 4.9 RPG and 2.2 BPG while draining 36.5% of his 3-point tries. The previous season, Lopez played 74 games with the Lakers and posted 13.0/4.0/1.3 averages in those categories.

Jordan, the longtime Clippers center, had a disappointing 50-game stay with the Mavericks before he was tossed into the Kristaps Porzingis blockbuster with the Knicks. He started 19 games for New York and averaged 10.9 PPG and 11.4 RPG.

The Lakers have also been linked to Nikola Vucevic, so presumably they’re planning to go very big and use Anthony Davis quite a bit at power forward and LeBron James at small forward.

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48 thoughts on “Lakers To Pursue Brook Lopez, Jordan?

  1. cba93

    Lopez, Ariza, Marcus morris, rondo, Beverly, and shooting. Ariza and Morris play the primary forward defensively and spot up and let Bron use all his energy on offense with another’s Davis at the rim waiting to finish if they help

      • x%sure

        I agree, but none were considered in the article. Maybe Vucevic, but centers have to wait for a pass.

        Davis can cover 4s, if he wants to, and I think he wants to. I would like to know if this is so. Anyway he’s going to get what he wants until he signs, moreso than any James or Rambis.

        They’re better off at center than guard. McGee, Muscala, Wagner & Johnathan Williams both had good first years. Their best guard I think, they just signed on a two-way, Norvell. Crazy.

        • jkoms57

          Id be happy with McGee over either.

          I’d start with Kemba and worry about other positions later. Bullock and Muscala are fine. No need to blow a max slot on the likes of Ariza, Jordan, Brook etc.

    • kenny

      You say “and shooting” as if I can buy a shooter off a street corner.

    • kylewait89

      They wouldn’t be able to afford all of that. Morris and Lopez are looking at 8-10M each. Then you want to add the other three? They aren’t all playing for a veteran minimum.

  2. Brad

    Baynes would fit. Davis doesn’t want to play center I read yesterday but can’t remember the source.

  3. imindless

    I think dlo and beverly are headed to la. Dlo wont cost max maybe 5/20 million per year. Then with other funds sign beverly, lopez.

      • imindless

        Really? Gsw salary sits at 140 million the the cap line being 108 million. Please keep coming haters.

        • FromTheCheapSeats

          Yeah. You can do that when you’re re-signing your own players. Bird rights are a MF.

          Laker fan, get ready. L.A.’s got one decent signing in them. After that, it’s street free agents on minimum deals.

          No need to argue with me. The math is pretty simple. Sit back and watch.

        • TheTruth12

          Pointing out there’s a salary cap makes someone a hater? You really are mindless. You’re almost worse than Knicks fans. Enjoy missing the playoffs again :)

          • arc89

            Yes Laker fans are funny. They think LeBron is 25 instead of 35 and on the downside of his career. With AD and Lebron there is not a lot of money left to spend. Right now they are maybe a playoff team in the very tough western conference. Don’t believe the hype they are not a finals team.

    • x%sure

      I cannot picture Lebron approving of a mopester like “dlo” even if there wasn’t a roster that needed filled. The salary cap exists, and 5/20 means 4 per year. There’s a lot of error there in a small space, nevermind what might be meant by “other funds”.

    • kylewait89

      We know you’re trolling but they can’t exceed the cap to sign new players. So if Russell settled for 20M a year, they’d have about 3M less to sign Lopez who is likely getting 10M and Beverley who is at least worth 5M.

  4. Chun

    Should’ve kept Lopez in the first place! Thanks magic. Sign JaVale. He’s cheaper. Jordan might want 10 mill.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      Jordan’s not going to happen.

      McGee and Rondo are definitely going to be there. After that, who knows.

      It’s a train wreck.

      • Guest617

        lol funny lakers mishandling brows trade. yuuuge cap space up in flames

      • Chun

        We all know the so-called screwed up w/ just 23 mill left. But we still got AD!

  5. stretch123

    Offer Russell 20 mil per year over 4 years and then offer Morris (or Ariza) the remaining space. See if Wayne Ellington would sign for the mid level, resign KCP (and/or Bullock) and bring back Rondo and McGee.

  6. stretch123

    C Kuzma, McGee, Chandler (or Wagner)
    PF Davis, Morris (or Ariza)
    SF James, (another minimum salary vet like Korver if he’s bought out), Caruso
    SG KCP (or Bullock), Ellington, Horton-Tucker
    PG Russell, Rondo, Bonga

    • kylewait89

      They can’t because they don’t own Bird rights to some of those players

    • x%sure

      Not even Pelinka is dumb enough to go for Russell with a near-empty roster. If Russell wants on the Lakers, it’s so he has someone to blame when his numbers fall back to where they were before his salary drive last year.

    • lakersfan27

      They don’t need to be perfect, they have two top 5 players. They could easily sign pat bev Danny green bring back Bullock, KCP, McGee and Caruso. Then find some vets willing to jump on and be really freaking good.

      • deano

        I’m with you. Hope they spread it around and don’t sign another big one. And I like your choices. Kind of wonder if Gay is ready for a “CTRC”. Chase the ring contract.

  7. heisenberg58

    I loved DJ when he came to the Knicks. He seemed to have fun out there and really enjoyed coaching Mitch Robinson, in particular, but also the other young players. They all really looked up to him. I can see him signing with the Lebrakers, if they can’t get Lopez, who I think will resign with the Bucks unless they fall apart. Whew, that’s a lot of qualifications. LOL. Fun time of year.

  8. Simple Fan

    Sign and trade: McGee and Lance Stephenson to Denver for Bol. Gives the Nuggets freedom from having to train a rookie, and the Lakers get someone who might become electrifying behind Kuzma and playing alongside the senior vet T. Chandler

      • Simple Fan

        I see the electrifying part being a tall part of the trade though. I’m also happy & stoked that Lake Show cleared their old team and I think that’s happened now. I really liked them but it’s better with AD and a new squad!!!

  9. Thronson5

    Lopez I understand as a back up C who can knock down the 3 but I don’t get Jordan. I feel like that type of C isn’t really valuable in this league anymore. Slow, can’t shoot a 3 and terrible from the free throw line. Feel like we need to get Reddick at SG, Beverly as PG and then add Lopez, Ariza and Rondo off the bench.

    • 22Leo

      I think Jordan’s name has come up simply because everyone’s name is coming up regarding the Lakers. Then again,I completely ex’s-ectopic Pelinka to continue to be an incompetent gm and for Jeanie Buss to take way too long to get rid of him. It’s Jim Buss, part 2.

    • Scott

      Lopez is going to get 10M+ Offer from the Bucks. I doubt the Lakers are going to match it for him to come off the bench.

  10. Archie M.

    Brook (if not available, get Vucevic), Baynes, Beverley (if not available, sign Rondo), Gay (if not available, get Ariza).

  11. Archie M.

    Lakers should focus on building a deep bench with players who either have championship experience or comes from a winning culture either in the pros or in college or both. I say that coz mindset is just as important as skillset.

  12. jkoms57

    Kemba / rondo
    Ellington / Bullock
    LeBron/ Lance
    Kuz/ Muscala
    AD / McGee / Wagner

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