Lowe’s Latest: Walker, Brogdon, Mavs, Rubio, Butler

The Celtics might be the frontrunner for Kemba Walker‘s services but devoting most of their cap space to the All-Star point guard would leave them without any proven frontcourt players and limited ways to acquire them, ESPN’s Zach Lowe writes in an in-depth look at free agency. The addition of Walker would force coach Brad Stevens to use either Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum or Gordon Hayward at power forward, Lowe notes. Walker also ran more pick-and-rolls with the Hornets than Kyrie Irving did with the Celtics, yet Irving was sometimes accused of being a ball hog, Lowe adds.

Here are some other interesting tidbits from Lowe’s column:

  • Bucks restricted free agent Malcolm Brogdon will lose a suitor if the Celtics ink Walker. The Suns, Bulls, Mavericks and Pacers could potentially extend Brogdon an offer sheet but some teams are concerned about his foot issues.
  • The Mavericks are not looking to sign any high-level free agents.
  • The Pacers are looking to make a run at point guard Ricky Rubio. They are also likely to let power forward Thaddeus Young walk and go with a frontcourt of Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner. Indiana rejected trade offers for Turner at the draft.
  • The Heat could get involved in the Jimmy Butler sweepstakes via a sign-and-trade.
  • The Nets have no interest in doing a sign-and-trade with the Timberwolves involving restricted free agent D’Angelo Russell if it means taking back Jeff Teague or Andrew Wiggins.
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18 thoughts on “Lowe’s Latest: Walker, Brogdon, Mavs, Rubio, Butler

  1. david

    If Mavs can offload courtney lee and/or tim hardaway jr and get Brogdon and horford, we will look good. Just getting Brogdon will be good for the club

    • Dodgethis

      Yes but name a team with cap space willing to take them. Also, what would you give up to convince a team to take negative value?

      • Wildboyz

        The Knicks will probably take Timmy Jr. back for a third time for an additional 1st rd pick in the year 2030, once no one signs with them. Haha
        (NYK FAN)

      • david

        Courtney lee and justin jackson. We got 2 additional 2nd round picks from deteoit moving back in draft trade with them

  2. stug14

    Let’s be honest, the Celts are going to trade one of those players for a rim protector. My guess is Brown.

    • whoneedsfacts

      Brown has little value at this point, so the rim protector would be less than desirable.

      • Dorothy_Mantooth

        You are wrong about Brown. While the start of 2019 was disastrous for him, he completely turned it around in the second half of the season and was their best player in the playoffs too. A LOT of teams have approached Boston about Brown so far this off season. Don’t be surprised in Houston trades Capela to Boston with Brown being the center piece in that deal. Celtics would then have: Walker-Smart-Tatum-Hayward & Capela. Not a championship team but a pretty dangerous one.

  3. whoneedsfacts

    Tatum is your only player with strong trade value, and his 18-19 season was a disappointment.

  4. Itrainsontuesday

    I have to laugh at all this sign and trade for Butler talk. There have been multiple articles on how rare and difficult they are, and to be honest I don’t see the Sixers participating unless they get a good haul in return. With all the names out there this year, the cap space is more valuable than middle-tier players and mid-20s 1st rounders.

  5. Gary

    This is what we’ve been saying about the Celtics the last few days. They lost all their big guys and they’re going to sign Kemba Walker for a max deal? Going to be a tough roster to deal with for Coach Stevens.

  6. WFG1

    “Walker also ran more pick-and-rolls with the Hornets than Kyrie Irving did with the Celtics, yet Irving was sometimes accused of being a ball hog, Lowe adds…”


    Calling off a pick-and-rolls or a screen-and-pops does equal more of a ball hog.

    • x%sure

      I think Lowe meant Walker might be even more of a ball hog than Irving, based upon his favored offense.
      IDK what your spellchecker meant, sorry.

  7. hoosierhysteria

    I don’t buy Rubio to Pacers rumors. That would be first bone head move by GM. Collison is better. Let Holliday step up. Short guards that can’t jump…not fast…not quick…not strong….are a liability.

  8. WolvesSufferer

    Lowe’s article doesn’t say the Nets have no interest in a sign and trade for Russell with the Wolves. It simply says the Nets have no interest in taking back Jeff Teague. Quite a difference.

    It’s similar to the 76ers not wanting Capela in a sign and trade for Butler. Just means a third team would have to be involved and the Nets would likely get a draft pick with Teague going to a third team.

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