Pistons Trade For No. 37 Pick Deividas Sirvydis

JUNE 26, 8:51pm: Per Keith Langlois of Pistons.com, the deal is official.

JUNE 20, 10:59pm: The Mavericks are receiving the 2020 and 2021 second-rounders that the Pistons acquired earlier in the evening from Cleveland, tweets Vince Ellis of The Detroit Free Press. The 2020 pick is Utah’s and the 2021 selection is Portland’s.

JUNE 20, 10:34pm: The Pistons and Mavericks have agreed to a trade that will send the rights of No. 37 pick Deividas Sirvydis to Detroit, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via Twitter).

According to Marc Stein of The New York Times (via Twitter), Dallas is receiving the No. 45 pick from Detroit tonight, along with two future second-round picks. The Pistons just acquired four second-rounders for the No. 30 pick, so it wouldn’t be surprised if those two of those selections are being re-routed to the Mavs.

Sirvydis, a wing player, is expected to be a draft-and-stash pick for the Pistons, reports Vince Ellis of The Detroit Free Press (via Twitter).

Sirvydis, who declared the draft as an international early entrant, played in the Lithuanian league this season. He projects as a dangerous perimeter threat, as ESPN’s Jonathan Givony tweets.

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4 thoughts on “Pistons Trade For No. 37 Pick Deividas Sirvydis

  1. rxbrgr

    That’s a high price to pay for a lottery ticket you go home and bury in the yard for two years before digging up and checking

  2. x%sure

    pronounced Day-Vee-Das Sir-V-Dis, according to link to chatsports.com

    :Davy, survey dis.

    Since Detroit was only missing one major thing– wing shooting– One might think they will fill that and look to the playoffs. Instead they take Dembooyah, who may take a while to adjust, and SirVDis, a draft-and-stash.
    Kinda tanky.

    • L Lawliet

      The whole Dembouya is a project concept is ovet rated anf unfounded. The guy played 2 years in one of the best professional leagues in Europe and is more than capable of contributing significantly with Pistons this year. The inky thing he lacks is high bball iq other areas handles shooting fundamental could use sharpening. But tell me what draft pick this year including zion doesnt have the same issue.

      • x%sure

        He would take a while to be a 3 but as I consider it, Griffin would likely be happy to be the 3/wing. That would help Doumbouya… who lacks the things you mention, significantly more than other options mid-draft. On film he seems to need to take long fast strides or he’s thwarted, for whatever such highlight-film-watching is good for. But that’s all there is to look at.

        But as a 4 his athleticism will be hard for other 4s to handle.

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