Ricky Rubio Expected To Commit To Pacers Today

The Pacers are expected to get a verbal commitment from Ricky Rubio shortly after free agency officially opens later today, tweets Marc Stein of The New York Times. There has been talk all week that it is a “virtual done deal.”

Rubio, 28, would provide some stability at point guard for Indiana, which saw free agent starter Darren Collison surprisingly announce his retirement Friday night. Rubio posted a 12.7/3.6/6.1 line in 68 games for the Jazz this season, but his future in Utah was sealed when the team traded for Mike Conley earlier this month.

With free agents making up most of their starting lineup, the Pacers have a chance to set the course for their future this summer. With up to $50MM in cap room available, Indiana will have room for another significant signing or two in addition to Rubio.

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25 thoughts on “Ricky Rubio Expected To Commit To Pacers Today

    • Gary

      But he is so tough to watch. Yeah he does some great things but wow that 3 point shooting and Flair for the extravagant turnover kills me.

      My buddy’s a jazz fan and I had to sit through a lot of Rubio blunders that would come at the wrong time.

      Yes he can be outstanding for stretches, even extraordinary, but then he’ll jack up four threes in a row that barely make it over the rim cuz he shoots with zero Arc and it’s not even a jump shot. He stands and aims it and flicks it. Argh. Good luck Pacers.

      • formerlyz

        I personally felt Utah was best with Mitchell at the PG, and O’neal, Crowder, and Ingles next to Gobert.

      • aamatho18

        If you look though, the team is usually always better with him on the court than off it. I’m a TWolves fan and I still wish he had him. He made you shake your head occasionally but he opened up the whole floor with his vision even when he couldn’t shoot not to mention he’s a plus on the defensive end too.

        • Gary

          Yes he’s definitely an NBA player no doubt about it. Quick, good Vision, good attitude all that stuff. Can you win a championship with him at the point? I say no so why waste time signing him and plugging him in as a starter? You know what you’re going to get by now.

            • aamatho18

              Exactly. You can only legit argue 5-7 PG’s that this applies to. Out of the options that you have, Rubio is a great pivot and he’s a great teammate to play with and a great basketball to play with. He was a fan favorite in Minny for a reason despite his shooting woes.

  1. padam

    So much for tampering. No idea how all these deals are being released prior to the official start of the period.

    • Gary

      Player tells the agent, I probably want to go to this or that team. The agent lets other teams know so they can make other plans. It’s only natural.

      Nothing is officially announced. These are just Whispers And likely scenarios. It helps out the other teams so it’s actually a good thing because now they know their options.

      • padam

        Of course they do, but it’s the details of the deals in some cases that touch tampering. My guess is the NBA isn’t going to pursue and create waves with the players association since they’re going to be FAs.

        • Gary

          You know what, you’re right. What’s the difference between what goes on this last week, and the regular season? Should probably be called tampering.

          • snotrocket

            What is the reason that the NBA waits like 3 weeks after the season ends to start free agency?

  2. formerlyz

    I still think Rubio fits Phoenix best, and I’m not sure about his fit next to Oladipo. That being said, Oladipo is projected to miss the first half of the season, so that does need to be considered. I personally think they could use a guard that can shoot, especially off the catch, that they can use in front of Holiday/Sumner off the bench. Russell makes some sense, but I also like Brogdon there a good amount, if they can sign him away from Milwaukee. Then there are lower targets that I think fit better than Rubio

    • padam

      While you’re right, Rubio would be a nice fit for the Suns, that organization makes some of the most oddball moves I’ve seen – especially at this years draft. They almost make the Knicks look good.

      • formerlyz

        True Phoenix has messed up a lot, and they made some confusing moves with their picks, but their coaching has been so terrible these last cou6ple of years, its hurt their young players. They could use someone like Rubio

  3. byoung5505

    I like this move they really need a great pass first point guard to give the ball to all of those great scorers for Indiana

  4. Codeeg

    Jazz and pacers should just combine already. They’re the same team to me already.

  5. Theone23

    Rubio is best suited to being a backup PG at this stage of his career, but looks like the Pacers think otherwise.

    • aamatho18

      He might not be a top tier starter, but he’s a better then any of the backup point guard in the league. He’s still a top 15 point guard in the league.

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