Sixers Notes: Horford, Brogdon, Butler

It’s not a given that the Sixers bring back their five starters this offseason.

Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris will each have rival teams looking to offer them a max deal. J.J. Redick will likely see heavy interest on the market as well, with Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer hearing that shooting guard will yield offers in the range of $12MM annually.

“They have tough decisions to make and so do we,” GM Elton Brand said.

Bringing back those three players will put the Sixers over the salary cap and out of contention for a number of free agents. Should the team decide to make major changes, there’s a wide range of talent on the market.

“We definitely need hard-nose players, shooting,” Brand said. “We want to add shooting. If you watch the playoffs, these are playoff-tested players … I don’t want to say names … but [the Sixers want] veteran-tested players, playoff-tested players that can take us over the edge with our talent.”

Al Horford, Malcolm Brogdon, and Danny Green are players the team could have interest in Pompey adds.

Here’s more on Philadelphia and the team’s pending free agents:

  • Don’t be surprised if the Clippers make a play to sign Harris, Pompey notes. The combo forward, who came to the Sixers via a midseason trade with the club, will be taking meetings on June 30 and July 1.
  • The Sixers may have to offer a five-year deal in order to keep Jimmy Butler, Pompey writes. Butler and his camp are meeting this week to go over free agent objectives.
  • Marcus Morris, Ed Davis, Ish Smith, Cory Joseph, and Patrick Beverley are among the free agents whom the Sixers could pursue, Pompey adds in the same piece. The team has confidence in its ability to lure one or two impactful free agents should it lose one of its max free agents.
  • Derek Bodner of the Athletic details how the Sixers are devaluing second-round picks. The team will have three more second-rounders next year after wheeling and dealing picks last week, as I recently detailed.
  • Furkan Korkmaz may join Turkish team Fenerbahce next season, according to Sportando. The former No. 26 overall pick is all but certain not to be back in Philadelphia next year.
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21 thoughts on “Sixers Notes: Horford, Brogdon, Butler

  1. Sixes will not win until they get rid of Simmons. You can not have a player who handles the ball that much not be able to shoot.

      • Has he won a championship yet? Plus he can at least shoot a little. Simmons cant at all

        • I give no fox

          So winning a championship is the only thing that makes a basketball player successful? You do realize only one team wins that per year. Robert Horry and Steve Kerr have a plethora of titles. Sucks for Allen iverson, Charles Barkley, patrick Ewing, John Stockton, Karl Malone…HOF SCRUBS! Ben Simmons is in his 2nd year, let’s relax before we say he can’t win. People seem to forget that Lebron took years to develop a shot

      • thebigg

        Ben Simmons is a better passer and defender defender than lonzo, so I’m not sure what your point is?

        • washington_bonercats

          I believe the point is Lonzo has a better upside than Simmons. Simmons looked lost all year

          • HiAndTight

            Oh c’mon. I don’t believe that YOU believe that.

            If both end up being the best players they could be, you really believe Lonzo is the guy with the higher ceiling?

            Simmons upside if a player we’ve never seen. A guy who can legitimately run the point at almost 7ft and if you’re talking upside, he’s presumably become a good shooter.

            Not sure what Ball’s upside even is. My god, you’re talking about a 41 pct…not 3 point shooter, not just a poor FG pct, but a 41 pct FREE THROW shooter as your point guard. So you’d BEST have a reliable and dependable 2nd point guard just in case you ever play close games.

            Because of that, I don’t even know what Ball’s upside is. He’s limited athletically, but with his size and BB IQ he could still easily be an all star. Simmons though, he could be a generational type player. Which god knows they’ll need because Embid is going to become a heaping pile of garbage REAL quick. That dude is obviously not going to make it in the NBA for a very long time. Never heard of a guy crapping himself at two separate points in one series.

        • HiAndTight

          He’s not a better passer than Ball. Better defender because of size, sure. Not a better passer.

          They’re similar players though. Both brilliant players who can do everything BUT shoot. They’re both young as hell also, so it’s incredibly moronic to talk about how they need to get rid of a guy like Simmons because he can’t shoot. They said the same about Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. They ended up pretty good shooters.

    • Doubt that. Hes gonna miss all of next season and will probably not be the same player ever again.

    • specialfriedrice

      If you believe BS media…if not KD’s path is the clearest of any FA

      • shawn hemp

        He did it when he choose last time. He prolly does know where he gonna go but doesn’t mean he gonna do it on July 1st

        • I give no fox

          Ummm…no he didn’t. He announced his decision 3-4 days before the moratorium ended. He didn’t announce on July 1st, but you know why? He was meeting with teams and taking in pitches. He took like 3-4 days to make his decision/meet with teams. He wanted the free agency experience.

  2. imindless

    Been saying this for awhile, as long a simmons is on the team they wont win much. He is like a bigger ricky rubio….when he gets expensive there team will fall apart. Embiid also cant shoot outside very well and moves poorly in transition.

  3. Spike4christ

    The 76’s are toast. They should has built from within both trades were foolishness.

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