Suns, Bulls Interested In No. 4 Pick

The Suns and Bulls have both expressed interest in acquiring the No. 4 pick from the Pelicans to draft Vanderbilt’s Darius Garland, a source tells Fletcher Mackel of WDSU in New Orleans (Twitter link).

The Pelicans would be seeking a protected first-rounder in 2020 as the price for moving down, Mackel adds, making the deal similar to the one last year between the Hawks and Mavericks that saw Dallas move up two slots for Luka Doncic.

Both Phoenix, which holds the No. 6 pick, and Chicago, which is at No. 7, have unsettled situations at point guard. The Suns never really replaced Eric Bledsoe after trading him early in the 2017/18 season and would love to land a prospect like Garland to play alongside Devin Booker. The Bulls want to find an upgrade over Kris Dunn, who is coming off an injury-plagued season in which he was limited to 46 games.

The Pelicans are listening to offers and setting up workouts as they try to decide what to do with the pick, which is part of the return for the Anthony Davis trade that was announced Saturday.

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45 thoughts on “Suns, Bulls Interested In No. 4 Pick

  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Pelicans could be good this year and will be loaded for years to come

    Unbelievable! You look at the silly Sixers and all they do is get loaded to drown away their sorrows because of their incompetence!

    Pelicans might win a championship before the Sixers do!

    • Senioreditor

      Let’s chill a bit here…… Zion hasn’t played a game yet, BI is ill and who knows and Lonzo can’t stay healthy or shoot. Additionally, the Laker picks could end up at the end of the first round and lead to bench players? New Orleans has ONE recent playoff appearance, so their history is not good. Let’s see what happens before you boast about any championship aspirations.

    • DynamiteAdams

      I dont know if I’d go that far. The Sixers are at least trying to surround their premier talent (Embiid/Simmons) with affordable help unlike what the Pelicans did. Hence why their franchise player wanted out. Pelicans could do worse but I will say they’re set up well after the trade.

    • sportznut1000

      come on, you sound like a timberwolves fan a few years back saying the dynasty was coming. they just lost randle. so their “big men” right now are okafor at the 5. zion at the 4. ingram at the 3. even if zion is the next lebron, that lineup wont make the playoffs in the west. they have a good backcourt with hart and ball joining payton and holiday but how many teams in the west have a really good backcourt? this current roster wont even make the playoffs next year so you need to wait and see how their free agency and draft picks play out next two off seasons

    • Senioreditor

      Let’s revisit in 5 years and know for sure. I’m pretty sure if LA wins a title or two it’ll be worth every pick sent NO way.

    • imindless

      Outrageous? Lmao you gave up a generational player for lonzo, bi and hart. As good as bi is i dont see anything much else of value. The picks are most likely late 1sts.

      • myaccount

        The 4th overall pick isn’t late lmao plus BI could very much turn into a stud and the pick in 2024 will be post-LeBron so likely a lottery. I’d say Griffin fleeced LA.

        • Senioreditor

          Lot of could’s there….BI could also be Bosh 2.0 and be done in a few years

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          There’s no “likely”. I’ts a possibility and that’s it but im guessing AD will still be around and they’ll have more players that can help.

    • Dodgethis

      It will only he good if Lakers continue to flop and those picks end up being low round picks. I would also trade Ingram and ball for more picks or different players. This move only looks good for the pelicans due to the volume of assets. The players they got are so far busts and the only pick worth anything is this years, and the pelicans are going to trade it away.

  2. JonnyLucas

    Move from 4 to 6 and still get culver or hunter (who is gonna be s the steal of the draft)… and the Bulls first next year which might only be top 8 protected (and they do stink)… Amazing moves. The pels are gonna be FUN.

  3. I wrote yesterday, unbelieveable lucky situation for pels… Both suns and Bulls want Judy, so they offer… What? At least their pick and One more asset, so NOLA Will have the rookie (Hunter?) they want PLUS another pick or a young or good player (a 2nd? Dunn? Josh? I don’t think anymore)

    • victorg

      i wonder if the Knicks strike out in FA if they would consider swapping 3 for #4 and Holiday and or like you said one of the lakers pics?
      if I am pels I want to team zion up with rj BUT I would honestly be very happy to stay at 4 and take culver.

      • imindless

        Never gonna happen. Knicks getting shafted so far this summer they will keep youth movement and try to land at least 1 max guy. Rj is a transformative prospect and actually wants to go to new york. You dont trade that.

  4. i rather trade lonzo for 6th or 7th and keep the 4th. zion 1st Garland/Culver with the 4th and Coby White/hunter with the 6th or 7th. or just draft players that you can use to bulid around Zion. somehting the pelcians never did for Davis. either way with these rookies, i would just then sign a bunch of veterans and teach these rookies up.

    I still think the Lakers won the deal as they kept kuzma, got a top 5 player still in his prime in AD and who you can bulid around after LeBron retires, open up enough cap space for piratically another max contract. they trade away an Ill ingram, josh hart ha, and injury prone lonzo and his cancer dad. and some picks. the 4th and most likly 2 picks in the 20s

    • imindless

      Agreed its not close look at the win shares in comparison. Ad to this point has a win share of 74 wins. 3 years Brandon ingram has a win share of 4.5 wins, josh hart 2 years 5.5 lonzo 3.5 wins in 2 years. Crazy to think its close!!!

      • victorg

        I mean best case is what NO picks Culver at 4 and he turns into a stud and ball turns into kidd .. I don’t think hart is going to be much more then a role bench player and those late round picks wont amount to much probably… and ingram is the wild card I suppose.

        • They already have JRUE that is a real allstar, One of the best 2way players…
          Or they trade Lonzo or why they take a PG ? No sense.
          They have to move down for Hunter or Reddish

          • victorg

            I was thinking Culver was a wing like a SF ish but I have seen reports he may be a PG.

  5. Baileyg3rd

    Boston Celtics fan here, everyone sleeping on ROTY to be Cam Reddish from Duke! Mark my words he’ll destroy the NBA …….

      • Baileyg3rd

        It was Zion and Barrett show! Wait until he gets his own SHOW! #BostonCeltics

        • Boston has quite a bit of talent. Tatum shoots a lot and they have brown at the wing also. Where would reddish play and how would he get shots?

          I don’t think they’ll draft cam reddish.

          Celtics have a lot of questions right now … Center, power forward, and point guard. Horford Marcus Morris Kyrie Irving could be on the go.

          • Baileyg3rd

            I know we have no chance of getting Reddish. I also know he’s a BEAST ZION is Dunk city ok Barrett is nice jump shot wist but Reddish is All around skill.. Just wait

            • You probably right, I hear Celtics will now keep all their first-rounders instead of package to trade up.

              I hope reddish turns out to be a great player. All depends on him. Ball is in his court now to take it to the next level.

              • i see the celtics trading for a PG or drafting guards. brown, smart, tatum, hayward and even morris who is a FA all play the 2 and 3. very hard for reddish to find min.

        • hiflew

          If he can’t outshine Zion and Barrett, what are the odds he outshines actual NBA players?


    Griffen is a great front-office guy and made the best deal he could but let’s not assume anything else other than the Pelicans should be an entertaining team to watch. If the Lakers are competitive then those picks will likely be late first round.

    I don’t think this draft is nearly as bad as people make it out and what it really means is that they don’t see an obvious star beyond the top 3. Seeing as how they said the same thing about the 2011 draft that saw Kemba, Butler, Klay, Kawhi, Tobias and IT all drafted from #9 to #60 shows they often can be wrong. I think I’d rather pick the #4 in this year’s draft simply because it’s been proven this year that:

    a) teams you THINK will be bad and should thus have a high draft position doesn’t always happen Look at the Brooklyn pick the Cavs got from the Celtics. No one expected the Nets to win more games than the Lakers with 42 wins. Most thought they would be one of the worst teams last year and a likely #1 overall lottery winner.

    b) Even being one of the worst teams in a season doesn’t guarantee you a #1-#3 pick. The Cavs and Suns pick no higher than #5.

  7. GoldenJabs

    I would not be surprised if Ainge puts a package together for that #4 pick.

    • Tatum, Brown, smart and picks for the #4 could work…

      If not, what package can he propose?

      • fruitsaladyummyyummy

        Brown, the 14th pick, 20th and 22nd picks, plus another 1st or 2 more 1sts for the 4th pick.

        Youre only as good as your roster. Pelicans have a chance to fill sf with brown, hart sg, ball pg, zion pf, and could chase a center with the 14th 20th or 22nd pick. and fill out the roster with cheap young talent other 3 or 4 1sts.

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        You are legit crazy. Stop it. Tatum, Brown, Smart AND picks for the #4. Considering what the Pels just got for AD im not sure how you can see that as logical.

  8. hiflew

    I think Kris Dunn would be an excellent buy low candidate for the Wizards. He may not ever be much, but he still has pretty much the same potential he had as the #5 pick and he probably wouldn’t cost more than a low second rounder. Washington would be a great landing spot since he would get the full year of starting with Wall out and it wouldn’t be THAT expensive for the Wizards. Maybe just a second rounder. I’d take that gamble.

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