Warriors Trade For 41st Pick

12:01pm: The Hawks have announced the deal, tweets Chris Vivlamore of The Journal-Constitution.

8:18am: The Warriors have obtained the 41st pick in tonight’s draft from the Hawks, tweets ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Golden State paid $1.3MM for the pick and included a 2024 second-rounder in the deal.

It’s the second trade in two days for Atlanta, which sent the 44th selection to the Heat on Wednesday. GM Travis Schlenk said earlier this week that he wanted to unload some of the team’s three second-rounders in exchange for future assets.

The Hawks still have four selections tonight, holding picks No. 8, 10 and 17 in the first round, along with the 35th pick. The Warriors are slotted at No. 28, 41 and 58. The three picks will cost Golden State a total of about $3.8MM against the cap and will provide a low-cost way to fill out the roster, notes ESPN’s Bobby Marks (Twitter link).

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22 thoughts on “Warriors Trade For 41st Pick

  1. Jason Lancaster

    That’s two easily bought second rounders the Laker’s didn’t buy. I wonder if they couldn’t come to terms because they’re trying to offload players in the same transaction, or they just couldn’t come to terms over price.

    Either way, the clock is ticking.

  2. Connorsoxfan

    Who’s available in the 2024 draft that Schlenk already wants LOL

    • jmoney26

      or maybe it’s because they already have 11 guys on the roster under contract that are at least partially guaranteed and don’t have the roster space to add 6 more rookies……..Hence selling off their last 2 picks for some cash and future assets.

      • Connorsoxfan

        I understand that… just funny because both trades he made were for 2024 picks. And a little surprising because a lot of times these trades are for straight up cash or a random future unprotected pick.

  3. Gary

    Number 41 pick Warriors pay 1.3 + future second-rounder.

    Number 44 pick Heat pay 1.88 + future second round pick.

    When you look at the business sense of both teams I can how things work out the way they do.

    • formerlyz

      Or the answer is close to my opinion about the bias against the Heat, and the unwillingness around the league to make deals with Pat Riley

      • formerlyz

        Or it could be the relationship between Atlanta’s front office and the GS front office

        Or it could be a division thing for some reason

    • DeLuxury

      They sold to the highest bidder (MIA) and that set the price for the picks. If some other team wanted to pay that much they would have, but GSW was apparently the next highest bidder. Good job ATL for getting their paper and future picks

    • stretch123

      500k is chump change for NBA teams… maybe Riley wanted 44th pick because he has another objective in mind

    • hiflew

      It also probably has something to do with the max amount of money teams are allowed to either send or receive. Teams are only allowed to receive around $5.2 million per season and send out that same amount. That 1.3 might have been the maximum they were allowed to sell the pick for. Or it could have been the max GS was allowed to send.

      • hiflew

        To answer my own suppositions, it was that Atlanta couldn’t receive any more cash than the 1.3 million.

  4. InvalidUserID

    Warriors need bodies badly. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them trying to get more picks, if anyone else is selling.

      • Gary

        Not lately. Jacob Evans looks like a bust and Jordan Bell is an under sized power forward can’t really shoot from outside. He is a little bounce but his game is very raw.

        • Dodgethis

          Bell was drafted to fill a role. But a team that drafts curry and Thompson and green without having a top pick, that s a good drafting team. But, I would bet Jerry west was the reason for the excellent drafting. The logo has basketball knowledge second to none.

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