Lakers Sign Avery Bradley

11:09pm: The Lakers have officially signed Bradley, the team announced tonight (via Twitter).

12:00pm: Once he clears waivers later today after being released by the Grizzlies, veteran guard Avery Bradley intends to sign a two-year, $9.7MM contract with the Lakers, agent Bill Duffy tells ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link).

Los Angeles still has its full $4.8MM room exception available, so Bradley will slot into that exception now that the club has used all of its cap room. The second year of his new deal will be a player option, Wojnarowski notes.

Bradley, 28, has bounced around the league since spending the first seven seasons of his NBA career in Boston. The Celtics traded him to the Pistons during the 2017 offseason, but he was subsequently flipped to the Clippers and then the Grizzlies.

Despite the constant movement, Bradley finished strong in 2018/19, averaging 16.1 PPG, 4.0 APG, and 3.1 RPG with a .463/.384/.920 shooting line in 14 games (31.6 MPG) for Memphis. The combo guard is also considered a strong perimeter defender.

However, his $12.96MM salary for 2019/20 was only partially guaranteed for $2MM, and the rebuilding Grizzlies decided to create some extra cap flexibility by releasing him on Saturday and avoiding that guarantee. As cap guru Albert Nahmad observes (via Twitter), Memphis will also get to set off $1.66MM of that $2MM as a result of Bradley’s new deal with Los Angeles.

Bradley will slot into a Lakers backcourt that features Rajon Rondo and Quinn Cook at the point, with Danny Green, Troy Daniels, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope among those who could see time at the two. Alex Caruso will also be in the mix.

By my count, the Lakers now have 13 players lined up for their regular-season roster, plus unsigned second-rounder Talen Horton-Tucker, who figures to occupy one of the final two roster spots. If the club adds a 15th man via free agency, he’ll have to sign a minimum-salary contract. Zach Norvell Jr. and a second two-way player will also factor into the equation.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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52 thoughts on “Lakers Sign Avery Bradley

  1. acarneglia

    Lakers still need PG depth unless they plan on using Bradley or Lebron

    • goldenmisfit

      Point guard depth? They also have Rondo and cook who are bold point guards not too bad. They are very solid on the bench at all five positions

    • mcmillankmm

      Would think between Rondo and Cook as true PGs, Bradley who can play some point, and LeBron…they should be all set

    • goldenmisfit

      How many point guards do you think a team needs? They have already said they’re going to run out LeBron at the point they also have rondo and cook those are two natural point guards Bradley can also be a point I don’t know how many more you need

      • jkoms57

        They’re thin at SF.

        Bron playing point.

        Kuzma more of a 4 but he’ll likely start the 3.

        Dudley too washed up.. KCP too small ..
        need to bring back Lance or something.

  2. Jmac2020

    They need sf depth badly, so far on paper they only have bron. I hope iggy gets bought out so they can pick him up to complete bench. I think lakers are extremely deep with ample shooting and mobile bigs. While the clips may be viewed as favorites all there players lack court vision and big bodies inside.

    • cakirby

      This signing should heavily imply they intend to slot Green and KCP into some minutes at the 3 too.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      He’s a decent SG. they need outside shooting. being a Rich Payl client doesn’t hurt either.

      • formerlyz

        I think it’s more that they need the defense on the wing, and he was the most obvious 3 and D wing left at the time

  3. Dionis89

    The Lakers have the best team in the league by far. LeBron and Davis are top 5, Cousins will be 70-80 percent of himself at the center position which is far from bad. Kuzma is likely jumping his averages up in points if LeBron decides to play point guard behind Rondo.

    Green,Daniels,Bradley,Kuzma,LeBron,Davis,and Dudley can all knock down 3’s.

    • Senioreditor

      By far???? I’m a long time Laker fan and there’s no way they’re the best bar far. They old and could breakdown any time. Let’s pump the brakes before we crown them anything especially since they’ve missed the playoffs 6 straight seasons.

      • goldenmisfit

        Lakers are old? Are you serious? The only player on the roster who is over the age of 33 is LeBron everyone else is 33 or under. Anthony is 26 cousins is 28 Kuzma is 23 Green is 29 Bradley is 28 I could go on but I think I made my point.

        • Senioreditor

          Rondo – 33, McGee – 31.5, LeBron – 34.5, Green – 32, Dudley – 33 and if they sign Igy or Korver that’ll be 6 (30+) players. They’re old so get over yourself.

            • slund24

              who has an older roster in the NBA? It has to be one of the oldest. Compare the Lakers players ages vs Clippers or other teams in the West

  4. Ron_Karate

    ‘Melo for the minimum will put them over the top. If he won’t, get Korver.

  5. InvalidUserID

    Lakers signing everybody. When does the “buying championships” narrative start?

  6. Thronson5

    So now that they’ve used up all their cap space can they still sign Korver to a minimum contract if he’s bought out? The nba cap space always confuses me so I’m sorry in advance lol

    • Luke Adams

      Yes, teams can sign minimum salary contracts no matter what their cap situation is (well, unless they’ve hard-capped themselves and are right up against that hard cap).

      • phenomenalajs

        I thought minimum salary players are allowed to complete your roster regardless of your cap situation, even if you are “hard” capped. It’s possible you could be forced to take rookies on minimum salary if you are hard-capped instead of signing players for the veterans’ minimum, but I couldn’t see teams being prevented from carrying a complete roster. I think there are penalties for not completing your roster.

        • Luke Adams

          They do have to complete their roster. If they can’t do that without surpassing the hard cap, then they have to shed salary to do it (which is essentially what the Warriors have been doing for the last week).

          • phenomenalajs

            What’s the minimum any player without service time on a standard (non-2-way) contract can make for a year? $887,500? I’d think it’d be easier to fill your roster with those players than to get out of or around current commitments. Of course, you are compromising your depth. Veterans would be out of the question if there are no exceptions to the hard cap.

            • Luke Adams

              $898,310 this year. The problem with those guys is that if you sign them as free agents, they still count the same as a veteran’s minimum contract for tax purposes ($1,620,564).

              A team’s draft picks who sign for the minimum only count for $898,310 toward the tax/apron, which is why Alen Smailagic and Eric Paschall will be pretty crucial for the Warriors sneaking under the hard cap.

        • goldenmisfit

          Regardless of your salary situation you can sign players to minimum contracts which it seems what a lot of guys are willing to do to be part of this Laker squad.

    • goldenmisfit

      As long as it is a minimum contract and there is an empty roster spot which in the Lakers case there is they can sign Korver to a minimum deal.

  7. formerlyz

    Was definitely an obvious fit when he was getting cut by Memphis. Definitely a big move for them, in my opinion. I could see him starting over Rondo at the PG spot. Regardless, he gives them an option there, as a combo guard that still defends, and he can shoot. I’ve been a big fan of him for a long time. I could see them adding maybe 1 more guy, but their roster is pretty solid for what they had available to them.

  8. formerlyz

    Reports are the Lakers are starting LeBron at PG, which I actually speculated on in one of the previous articles. I could see that making some sense based on their roster. At least, it gives a clearer indication of Kuzma’s position likely being at the 4. LeBron, Bradley, Green, Kuzma, Davis or LeBron, Green, KCP, Kuzma, Davis?

    • cesc

      What about a LBJ, Green, Kuzma, AD & DMC… That would be an awesome super big line up with great shooting in all 5 positions.

      • goldenmisfit

        From what I have heard Bradley will come off the bench the reason LeBron is going to the point is because they want all on the same floor Cosme, AD and cousins. Three of the best rebounders in the business which will take less pressure on their defense because they will get second and third chances under the rim.

  9. Archie M.

    Picking up Avery Bradley is a solid response to the Clippers’ acquisition of Patrick Beverley. This “Battle for LA” keeps getting better and better.

    • hinglemccringleberry

      Your right. I’m just glad the lakers are in a battle of some sort. KL prolly lookin like bro, foreal? Lakers got the right players.

  10. hinglemccringleberry

    I think Rob was smart. These guys will bring a lot draft pics if he sells at the deadline.

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