Bucks Re-Sign Khris Middleton

JULY 11: Middleton’s new deal with the Bucks is now official, the team confirmed today in a press release.

“Khris is a critical piece of our core,” GM Jon Horst said in a statement. “As an All-Star, Khris was an integral part of us winning 60 games and advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals. He has also established himself as a leader on our team both on the court and in the community. We’re thrilled Khris is staying in Milwaukee and look forward to even more success together.”

JUNE 30: Free agent Khris Middleton will re-sign with the Bucks on a five-year, $178MM contract, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link). The deal is expected to include a player option in the final season.

Middleton, 27, is coming off a season where he averaged 18.3 points, six rebounds and 4.3 assists per game, shooting 44% from the field and 38% from 3-point range. He was a key contributor to the Bucks’ success last season, helping the team reach the Eastern Conference Finals.

Middleton was eligible to receive a maximum salary of $189,903,600 on a five-year contract, so the Bucks will get a slight discount below that rate. Milwaukee is still paying him more than he could have received from any other team — a rival suitor’s offer would have maxed out at around $141MM over four years.

Milwaukee is also expected to re-sign center Brook Lopez to a four-year, $52MM deal, as reported by Wojnarowski. The team will bring back veteran guard George Hill as well, agreeing to re-sign him to a three-year, $29MM deal after waiving him to avoid a $17MM guarantee for 2019/20.

While the Bucks did well to lock up most of their key free agents, Malcolm Brogdon won’t be back. The Bucks have reportedly agreed to a sign-and-trade to send Brogdon to the Pacers, who will pay him $85MM over four years. Milwaukee will get back multiple draft picks, including a first-rounder, in exchange for Brogdon.

The Bucks are on track to stay out of the tax with Brogdon out of the picture. The team could use its $4.8MM room exception to add another rotation piece.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images. Luke Adams contributed to this post.

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23 thoughts on “Bucks Re-Sign Khris Middleton

  1. Loren Polonsky

    Overpay but they had to do it. Now let’s get Brogdan (and maybe Hill?), too!

    • Casor_Greener

      Yep. That’s why teams like the Bucks never build sustainable winners. Overpaying clowns like this guy and then watch Giannis bolt

      • papasmurph

        I’m kind of under the impression that Giannis would bolt if they didn’t keep Middleton. That’s my understanding of why they are willing to overpay him. That and the fact that they aren’t a draw for big FAs being a small market so this is their best chance of getting any kind of quality player to stay

        • x%sure

          You’re right, thumbs up. Just, did it require that much money when they’re competing against 4/140s.

          • papasmurph

            I’m not sure what it would have required if lower than what it is reported at.

            It’s interesting you say the 4/140 since, by my math, his 5/178 is about the same (35MM and some change per year). I’m not sure if you are thinking the extra year is a bit too much (which it probably is, considering he will be 32 going on 33 that last year).

            Regardless, my hunch is that Bucks gave him what they thought that had to. They are more aware of the market than you or I. I also would venture to guess that this deal has been pretty much sealed since a couple weeks ago when KM bought a big mansion in the area, for whatever that’s worth.

            • x%sure

              Yes that 5th year… The NBA used to have 6 year deals but they put a stop to that. Players just did not last at a prime level or stay motivated.

    • davidkaner

      At least you get him. Pistons scores big draft night getting him & 2nd round & gave up on him. Pistons suck ass! He’s better than the alternative.

    • brewcrew08

      Slightly above average player? Compare his numbers to butler and Thompson. Middleton is one of the better 3 and D guys in the league and was a well deserved all star last year. How many “slightly above average” players are all stars?

      • brewcrew08

        Not to mention Middleton would’ve gotten a 4/141M offer if he hit free agency. How is 5/178M any different? Especially with the 5th year being a player option

    • brewcrew08

      Regretting signing an all star who’s 27 and entering his prime. Makes sense

  2. Loren Polonsky

    Essentially everyone is an overpay today. Geez. I like Rudy Gay, but $32 million for two is also not a value play. The Bucks had to keep Middleton. They have great chemistry and he does a lot of things on the wing.

  3. Had to overpay. If they have their best season in recent memory and then let guys like Middleton or Lopez walk then Giannis may think the team isn’t committed to winning and look elsewhere when he’s a FA

  4. BlackBeltJones

    Sure it’s an overpay. But seriously, what big contract isn’t an overpay?

  5. formerlyz

    Only an overpay if you dont think last year was for real. He was nearly as effective as Klay Thompson was a few years ago. That being said, I would have trepidations at that price as well, if Giannis wasnt already there, but with Klay Thompson being injured, I could have seen multiple teams in on Middleton. He and Brogdon also should have been their top priorities

  6. Danthemilwfan

    He gave back 2 mil a year lol. Had to pay him. We were a young team that cracked under the pressure against a less talented team who had plenty of guys with playoff experience. This year will be different.

    • x%sure

      He probably just gave that back to get the 5th year option which he won’t even use. Why is that a thing, he will be 32 and opt in.
      4/142 would have worked.
      Whatever, better than the wheels coming off.

  7. Parkside

    I know he is a good player but not at that much money but good for him congrats on new deal

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