Celtics Sign Max Strus To Two-Way Contract

JULY 19: The Celtics have officially signed Strus to his two-way deal, per RealGM’s log of NBA transactions. The team is expected to fill its other two-way contract slot with second-round pick Tremont Waters.

JUNE 21: Max Strus of DePaul will sign a two-way deal with the Celtics, tweets Jeremy Woo of Sports Illustrated.

The 6’6″ guard averaged 20.1 points per game as a sophomore and shot .363 from 3-point range. He was a second-team choice to the All-Big East Team.

P.J. Dozier held one of Boston’s two-way contracts for all of last season, while Walt Lemon filled the other slot at the start of the year before being replaced by R.J. Hunter. Both Dozier and Hunter are free agents.

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13 thoughts on “Celtics Sign Max Strus To Two-Way Contract

  1. mcmillankmm

    Would have been nice to get Tacko on a two-way, not sure why they agreed to the two-way with Strus the day after the draft…

  2. Is this part of Plan A?!? Much like his drafting it looks like Ainge is just throwing things against the wall and hoping something sticks.

    • x%sure

      So you want future knowledge with your draft picks, and you think two-way contracts can be plan As. Is this your first day following pro sports?

      • It’s called sarcasm bro’ referring to Ainge and the FO moving the goal posts and claiming that at their last presser that whatever they did after losing out on AD, watching Kyrie, Hordford, and Morris go, and trading Baynes was Plan A.

  3. king beas

    Outside of the nets trade which now is years ago. Ainge has struck out quite a bit. Tatum and brown were the right choices and he couldn’t have predicted Kyrie wouldn’t stay but The the kemba and Hayward contracts will prevent them from signing other players in the future as extensions are due soon for Tatum and brown

    • Brackish Hippo

      No doubt this is a big year for Brown and Tatum. Maybe they can become those very players that deserve big money.

    • Wally-the-green-monster

      I’d include the pick swap with Philly on the list of major wins. Tatum plus the Sac pick for Fultz… not even close.

  4. Baileyg3rd

    That’s it I can be silent NO MORE! This is One of the Worst signing yet! Just Tell Us your Rebuilding da Team Danny !!! Will understand! Tacko Fall Tacko Fall Tacko Fall Tacko Fall Tacko Fall !!! WHO give a Rat A$$ ABOUT Stus Green Wanna make it again Theis for that matter! Sign Lord Help me I am a BOSTON CELTICS FAN!!!

        • x%sure

          But you have no idea about Stus. The Celts do have Tacko, and if either were pushed into the Celtic lineup, THAT would be rebuilding. How about giving Fall some PT.

          • Baileyg3rd

            I would pick Demetris Nichols a Sharpshooter from the Italia league. He shot 57.3 percent from three! The so call Nba is a Three point or wanna be three POINT shooting league. Plus he’s played in the so call Nba before. He has several Championship title from Overseas. Who was the so call Nba rookie of year? A European player! It’s obvious what the so call Nba trying to do! So why import another Sharpshooter from Overseas, so we don’t have witness these non shooter on this TEAM!

  5. dlevin11

    Strus played well in the Summer League.
    Hit a bunch of clutch three pointers too. A 6’6” guard with three point skills are always in demand.

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