Celtics Trade Aron Baynes, Ty Jerome To Suns For 2020 First-Rounder

JULY 6: The trade between the Celtics and Suns is now official, Boston announced today (via Twitter).

JUNE 20: The Celtics, who obtained the No. 24 selection from the Sixers earlier tonight, have agreed to trade the pick to the Suns, who have drafted Virginia point guard Ty Jerome (per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN). The Celtics also included big man Aron Baynes in the deal, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium.

According to Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe, Boston received a future draft pick from Phoenix in exchange for the rights to draft Jerome, and both Woj and Tim Bontemps of ESPN (link) report that the Suns are sending the Celtics the Bucks’ 2020 first-round pick. All told, the Suns will obtain both Baynes and Jerome, while the Celtics, who were said to be looking to move on from Baynes, pick up a first-rounder in next year’s draft.

The Bucks, of course, are expected to be one of the better teams in the league next season, so Boston’s selection will likely fall near the end of the first round, but they were evidently willing to wait a year for the first-round pick in order to move Baynes.

ESPN’s cap guru Bobby Marks notes that Phoenix is now down to a projected $14MM in cap space after accounting for Baynes’ salary and the cap hold for Jerome, which will surely curtail the level of free agent point guard Phoenix will be able to pursue on the free agent market this summer.

As for the Celtics, salary cap expert Albert Nahmad (link) notes that by trading Baynes and both the No. 20 and No. 24 picks away, Boston now has the ability to increase its cap room to $34.8MM, if Terry Rozier‘s cap hold is renounced (h/t to Marks).

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20 thoughts on “Celtics Trade Aron Baynes, Ty Jerome To Suns For 2020 First-Rounder

  1. x%sure

    Funny, Jerome was said to be a perfect second-unit ringleader, but he may be the starter for the Suns. Good, he’s fun to watch.

    • Boston2AZ

      They’re going to sign a FA PG and Jerome will be the backup. Of course, we’re talking about the Suns, so who really knows?

  2. Stat

    So the Suns decided to trade Warren in a salary dump only to take on Baynes? They’ve had an interesting draft night

      • Stat

        I’m a suns fan who is desperately trying to remain optimistic. “Interesting” is the nicest I could put it

  3. murwin

    Because of the position he plays this is good move. We can move on from Holmes. But high energy guy. Now we just need Josh to pull his head out.

  4. thatsright

    So the Celtics traded down and lose a year in order to move All of Australia. That’s some negative trade value for a guy who was a decent role player on a reasonable 1-year deal. Thought he would be worth more than zero.

    • Jason Lancaster

      I mean, tell me how they did bad? They gave up practically nothing…the guy you draft at 24 isn’t going to be much better than the guy you draft at 30. It’s pretty much a crap shoot after the 7th pick.

      • thatsright

        Just saying I thought Baynes had more than zero trade value. I was wrong.

        • Jason Lancaster

          Fair enough. I think this is a fantastic trade for Boston. It’s not often you get to dump a contract for an incremental loss in pick value.

          Phoenix, on the other hand, got swindled. Ainge strikes again.

  5. Jason Lancaster

    Typically, when you’re desperate enough to give away a great 2nd round pick to dump a solid rotation player (TJ Warren) and clear space, you don’t usually turn HALF of that cap space to acquire a backup big man on the wrong side of 30.

    And, typically, when you agree to take on another team’s backup big man on the wrong side of 30 to help them clear cap space, YOU DON’T SEND THEM A PICK.

    This is just baffling.

    • TJECK109

      Yeah I’m more confused on how the Suns sent a 1st rounder back for a salary dump and a late first round pick. Unless their are so many protections on it that it’s not going to turn into anything

  6. Verlander2TheQuickening

    Celtics are trying to position themselves to sign Kemba Walker, aren’t they?

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