Chris Paul Likely To Start Season In OKC

The Thunder haven’t found any success in their attempts to trade Chris Paul, and he appears destined to be on their roster when the season begins in October, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Moving Paul has seemed like the next logical step since a trade that brought him from Houston in exchange for Russell Westbrook was agreed upon last week. The deal become official last night, but it appears any potential market for Paul has dried up.

The Thunder have been working with the nine-time All-Star and his representatives to find an acceptable deal, but both sides now see benefits to having him spend the season in Oklahoma City, Wojnarowski adds. Because the trade happened so far into free agency, few contenders have the flexibility to take on Paul, who will make $124MM over the next three years. OKC may re-examine its options once most of the newly signed free agents become eligible to be traded on December 15, or after next season is complete.

GM Sam Presti would be happy to have Paul for the entire season, Woj relays, and Paul views the Thunder as a playoff contender with Danilo GallinariSteven AdamsDennis Schroder and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander already in place. Woj adds that the Thunder don’t believe they should have to give up any draft considerations to move Paul’s contract. They acquired two first-rounders and two pick swaps in the deal with Houston.

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46 thoughts on “Chris Paul Likely To Start Season In OKC

  1. natelowda2

    send him to golden state. he can run the back up team. then when curry hurts his ankle or knee throughout the season. he can start.

        • jkoms57

          Only scenario that makes sense is a young team on the rise.

          Atlanta or Minnesota could use a veteran, he’d be a better fit in Minny but could have more value to an Eastern contender.

          Thunder are arguably similar situation so no real reason to force a trade out.

  2. johnstodder

    Good. I think CP3 will surprise people with what he can do with this team. Not like they’re a finals contender, but I think they’ll put on a good show for the Thunder fans, and maybe grab a 7th seed, which would be a huge achievement in the West.

    I realize Paul has alienated some teammates, but having watched him in his prime, I hope the more recent bad headlines don’t cause people to forget how exceptional he was in New Orleans and LA.

  3. hiflew

    CP3 will be a fantastic mentor to SGA. SGA can play beside him while still learning from him. Then after two years, the Thunder can decide to either continue for another year with the pair OR have a $50 million expiring contract that will have a lot of value.

    I said basically the same thing yesterday when talking about a potential Paul to Atlanta trade with Trae Young subbed for SGA, but it can work exactly the same if h stays in OKC.

  4. This is the best course of action for OKC. They can get under the tax line with him on the team before year’s end, so why not let him play so as to give him a chance to alleviate fears that he’s diminished or the like. Of course, him playing could also confirm those fears. But, short of a serious injury, there’s not much lower his trade value can go.

  5. JonnyLucas

    They should keep him. He’ll probably put up good numbers on this team. And their fans deserve something. If CP3 doesn’t like it, let him retire (fingers crossed Thunder fans)!

  6. goldenmisfit

    This is Chris Paul basically saying “I will not take a penny less just so I can go to a contender“ and this will be the tagline when Chris Paul’s career is over “was a phenomenal player but was not willing to sacrifice to get a championship“

    • Strike Four

      Phenomenal player but one of the worst dudes ever.

      He shimmied on Curry then lost to him. That’s an immediate downgrade to second tier status.

    • LordBanana

      He is still under contract for many years. It is nonsense to expect him to basically tear up the contract he signed a year ago just because he was traded.

      OKC aren’t even a bad team, SMH, should every good player not on a top 10 team tear up their contract and sign with a “contender”

  7. KnicksFanCavsFan

    Can we all agree that Paul is still a top PG in the NBA that can help any team? Keep in mind dude averaged 8 assists and 2.5 steals per game, both ranked 3rd in each category. He might be overpaid but who isn’t in the NBA? I also think we hate this guy for the wrong reasons. Him being a floor general that holds people accountable isn’t exactly a bad thing. I mean can we blame him for confronting Harden about his lack of ball movement and unwillingness to engage in plays where he’s off the ball? Are we really holding it against him for confronting D’Antoni for enabling Harden to play a severe ISO form of basketball?

    I think Paul would do excellent alongside great HI IQ players and solid vets who don’t need to be reprimanded for not doing there jobs. Obviously, the Lakers, GSW would make sense although a trade can’t happen at the moment. I also think that he and Pop could do well in San Antonio. I think Paul just wants to play the game the right way. He’s just a little to aggressive with how he relates that to other younger stars.

    • jorge78

      San Antonio doesn’t do big contracts for declining former stars.
      Wise they are…..

    • kylewait89

      No one is saying he hasn’t been good the last few years. The bet is that a guy his size, at his age will have diminishing returns year by year. He is still an all time great but he’s 34. Time won’t be kind to him. That being said, he should do well in OKC.

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      Well said KFCF. I also think they could pull off a 7th or 8th seed with CP3. Gallo can drop 20 a night. Adams still a double double machine. SGA and Schroeder can ball. Roberson gonna play good D and miss free throws. Really not too shabby.

  8. dakjamie414

    If anyone would decline a 48 million dollar option year please stand up for a championship?

  9. Strike Four

    It’s going to be so funny watching Steph eliminate this team in the first round.

    • Jamie Kasper

      If OKC makes it, they’re a 7-8 seed, and the Warriors are a 6-8 seed this year

    • kenleyfornia2

      OKC is an 8 seed at absolute best and the Warriors are too depleted to be a 1 seed. You are so delusional.

      • Strike Four

        I didn’t say what round, god!!!

        Also GSW going into playoffs with Steph, D-Lo, Dray and Klay? Ummm who’s delusional again? So quick to write them off but the Warriors are NOT the Raptors, they are going to the long haul. Only delusional fool here s you.

        • Strike Four

          I did say what round, but also, GSW are going to win 50+ games this year, so yeah, I stand by my OG post, and that anyone writing them off is the true delusional one. The only 2 teams in the west that might win more are Utah and Clippers.

  10. afsooner02

    It’s stupid for the thunder to part with draft picks to unload cp3. No Miami, you’re not getting your picks back. Once Paul proves he’s still a baller, teams will come calling in Dec. even if they don’t, whatever, we will eat salary and watch CP3 play in okc.

    • padam

      It’s stupid on paper until you see how much they’re paying in luxury taxes.

      • afsooner02

        Their estimated bill right now is less than 12 million….all they have to do is shed about 4-5 million more in salary and it becomes 0.

        Yeah what a gigantic sum…..

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        There’s many more contracts that will expire out be traded soon. I’m pretty sure they aren’t over the cap right now. They can keep him.

        • D$!LLKU$H-og

          They could send Pat Patterson to ATL with a cpl 2nds if they have to. I think that gets them below the tax.

  11. Skip, Tampa

    Guess we’ll see how far that smack flies in December. Presti is just doing his snake oil salesmen thing. When he drop ships Adams and Gallinari at the first good offer, then Paul will left high and dry wondering what happened.
    Just for the record Presti did offer the Heat 2 draft picks. Just not the 2 they wanted.
    Personally think the Heat are better off without that contract.

    • x%sure

      Agree but it will be February at the ealiest that the vets can be traded. In the meantime OKC should be above average and a worthy project for CP3 to engage with. No need for CP3/Adams/Gallinari trade talk– let it roll– just move Roberson for a F. They are thin there, deep at G & C.
      There’s no reason not to look forward to seeing OKC this year.

      Mike Conley drew value with 2 years left and CP3 could do the same… or at least not cost two firsts.

  12. Strike Four

    Green, KCP, Bradley, McGee, Rondo and Cook add up to CP3’s money???

  13. Tazza

    Chris Paul and a protected first round pick for Dragic and Winslow.

    Heat get Paul as a vet leader and a second star next to Butler, plus a pick. Thunder get out of Paul’s deal for a expiring contact and a young player in Winslow.

    1. Paul. Nunn
    2. Herro. Waiters
    3. Butler. Okpala
    4. Olynyk. Johnson
    5. Adebayor. Leonard

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      Heat are too close to the tax apron for that trade. Dragic ($19MM), Waiters ($12MM) and Olynyk ($12.5MM) would work. OKC would need to send either Roberson to another team or make it a 3 team trade with maybe Olynyk going to ATL for Alex Len ($5MM) for example.

  14. Tazza

    As for The Raptors, they need to restart and go young without Leonard there.

    Trade Kyle Lowry and Norman Powell for Andrew Wiggins, Jeff Teague and Josh Okogie and 2 second rounders.

    Timberwolves get a primary ball handler and leader in Lowry to lead Culver, Covington, Bell and KAT. If Lowry doesn’t go well then he’s expandable on his expiring deal something Wiggins isn’t. Plus they get a role player in Powell. Raptors get a Homecoming in Wiggins who was a former number 1 pick who can develop well next to Siakim. Jeff Teague is a downgrade from Lowry but both have similar expiring deals, and it’ll allow FVV more minutes. They also get another good young player in Okogie and some picks.

    1. Teague. FVV
    2. Okogie
    3. Wiggins. Angnoby
    4. Siakim. Hollis-Jefferson
    5. Gasol. Boucher

  15. alonsoball

    Traded to the Lakers in February for Kuzma + Salary fillers (KCP, etc)

  16. mgrap84

    Problem is no one wants to take on a 34 year old with that contract, or should i say no contending team will. The best thing for him is a buyout and i just don’t see that happening. I don’t see a contending team taking on his contract. If he were lets say 29-30 maybe they would but i don’t see it at 34.

  17. hoosierhysteria

    CP3 deserves to be in oil-Beria. Buy yourself a lid…lose some weight and earn your money. Presti not giving up picks to move him. CP3 has peeed in every body’s garden….enjoy the tomatoes buddy. Ever heard a teammate say: he is a great guy and I love playing with him?

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