Gordon, McCollum Withdraw From U.S. World Cup Team

Two more potential Team USA players have decided not to participate in the 2019 World Cup. Rockets guard Eric Gordon is withdrawing from the team, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic, and Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum is joining him, according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link).

With James Harden and Anthony Davis pulling out of the competition earlier this week, Team USA is now left with 16 players in training camp who will compete for 12 spots. The withdrawing players all said they want to focus on the upcoming season rather than the tournament, which will be held in China from August 31 to September 15. NBA training camps open in late September.

One of those remaining players, Kyle Lowry, had a surgical procedure on his thumb this week, and may not be physically ready to participate. His potential absence, plus the withdrawal of the four stars, should create more opportunity for members of the select team, who will be scrimmaging with the 16 players left in camp.

The players will gather for camp from August 5-8, and exhibition games will follow later in the month.

Canada’s World Cup team also lost an NBA player this week when Tristan Thompson elected not to participate, Charania tweets. In addition, Ben Simmons confirmed that he won’t be taking the court for Australia.

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9 thoughts on “Gordon, McCollum Withdraw From U.S. World Cup Team

  1. The Philly 76ers should trade Joel Embid for Devin Booker and Cam Johnson. In turn the Suns should then trade DeAndre Ayton to the Boston Celtics for Jaylen Brown and Romeo Langford.

    Philly gets a shooter at the 2 which moves everyone is the rotation down a spot and have Horford at Centre. This gives Ben Simmons move of an open lane to run and more shooters spacing. Zaire Smith, Cam Johnson form a good punch off the bench. Plus they secure their future with Simmons, Booker, Richardson, Harris and Horford all on long deals.

    The Suns get an absolute star for their franchise which has been rebuilding for years and years. It runs a line up of Rubio, Brown, Bridges, Oubre and Embid. This team has really really good defence and still has good young depth to grow with Langford, Jerome, Kaminsky, Saric and others.

    The Boston Celtics trade Jaylen Brown who’s deal is about to expire and would demand quite a lot of money and Langford for a star in the making in Ayton who fills their need of a young centre who can do it in both ends of the floor. They start with a line up of Walker, Smart, Tatum, Haywood and Ayton with Edwards, Kanter, Ojeleye, and Williams.

    • jeremy

      Off topic and how does any of this make any of them better. Wait a Min a young very talented center for two avg players? How this make any Sense.

      • 76ers get better because Embid and Simmons game is to opposite each other’s Embid and paint dominate player and Simmons a terrific playmaker and slasher. Simmons needs shooters and spacing. Suns get a star player to build around because building around Booker has been a failure so far. The emphasise really good defenders and two way players around Embid. The Celtics get a terrific young centre to build with giving them a good 1 3 5 to build around. Celtics get a lot better, 6ers get a clear look at the future and the suns get a more successful rebuild

        • D$!LLKU$H-og

          Embiid is about 6 years older than Ayton and is also injury prone. He is a top 10 player in the league right now but in 2 or 3 years they could be about even. Ayton gets the David Robinson comparison and is a double double machine already. Still PHX probably would make those moves.

    • bpflyers1

      Dream on! Embiid for Booker and Cam Johnson. As a Sixers fan, if I’m getting rid of one of my two young stars, Simmons would go because he has no jump shot. Both Embiid and Horford can shoot the three, so opposing defenses will have to respect them. Sixers just need one more shooter off the bench. Pressure is on Coach Brown to make it work.

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