Grizzlies Exploring Trade Market For Iguodala; No Buyout Planned Before Season

Once they officially acquire Andre Iguodala from the Warriors after the July moratorium ends, the Grizzlies won’t buy him out right away, reports ESPN’s Tim MacMahon.

According to MacMahon, Memphis is actively exploring the potential trade market for the veteran forward, with the Rockets and Mavericks among the interested teams. The Grizzlies don’t intend to give Iguodala a buyout before the season begins, MacMahon adds.

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The fact that the Grizzlies will receive a lightly-protected future first-round pick from Golden State in their deal for Iguodala doesn’t suggest that he has significant value, but that trade was a necessity for the Warriors, who had to clear salary to accommodate D’Angelo Russell‘s new maximum-salary deal under a hard cap of $138.9MM.

With no similar cap crunch of their own, the Grizzlies will have far more leverage in their own trade discussions involving Iguodala. They shouldn’t expect a huge return, given his age (35) and his cap charge ($17.2MM), but there’s reason to believe that the former Finals MVP would appeal to contending teams. According to MacMahon, he has drawn “significant interest.”

Whether they use cap room or remain an over-the-cap team and retain their $21MM+ trade exception, the Mavericks would have the ability to acquire Iguodala without sending out any salary. The capped-out Rockets would have to get more creative, particularly if they don’t want to part with one of their current starters in a trade.

While MacMahon doesn’t mention the Lakers as a team with trade interest in Iguodala, they’d also have the cap room necessary to make a play for him if Kawhi Leonard decides to sign elsewhere. As MacMahon notes, Rob Pelinka was Iguodala’s agent before he became the Lakers’ general manager.

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27 thoughts on “Grizzlies Exploring Trade Market For Iguodala; No Buyout Planned Before Season

  1. hopper15

    I never saw a buyout happening before the season. Iguodala was going to have to surrender a ton of that 18 mil and he worked hard to get that third year included in his deal.

    He negotiated that 3/48 deal without an Agent.

  2. hiflew

    If the Rockets are serious about getting rid of Capela, their might be a package deal there. I’m not suggesting a 1 for 1 deal by any means, but I think something could work out.

    The Mavs could probably get him for simply Tim Hardaway and a future 1st, if they have any future 1sts left to trade.

    • They can’t send 1st because are closed by KP-trade, and Thj has a negative value, not positive.
      They could send 2nds and Finney… But… Why they would Need Iggy? I think they can help Rockets to take him

    • natsfan3437

      The mavs can’t send a future first till 2025 but they might do Courtney Lee and two seconds

  3. Why not a simple

    Capela to mavs
    Kleber or Finney or ? To Memphis
    Iggy to Rockets

    Obiouvsly with picks to fill

    • Dark Vader

      Why not a simple blow me! If Houston is to send Capela they are getting a better return than 35 year old Iggy, that trade stinks of desperation. I’m gonna say Houston can do better, and they sure the hell aren’t giving the Mavs anything that good for free. Send them KP then talk.

  4. Grant

    The Rockets aren’t shopping Capela, Gordon or Tucker. They only kicked the tires on those guys to open up space for butler and he is gone

    • Dark Vader

      No they would trade any or all for the right deal, but 35 year old Iggy alone wouldn’t get you one of them. Not even close.

  5. greg1

    I don’t think the Rockets are looking to get rid of Capela, they were looking to get rid of him IF it would allow them to land Butler.

    If Iggy is the headliner of the package coming back for Clint, Rockets are not moving him.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      Spot on. Capela’s on a good contract through ‘23. The Rockets aren’t going to give that up for one year of Iguodala, who’s 10 years older.

  6. antsmith7

    Lakers first move if they don’t get Kawhi should be trade for Iguodala.

      • D$!LLKU$H-og

        Iggy can be traded into the Lakers cap space for a future 2nd or two. That’s only if they have the room for his $17MM.

        • Dark Vader

          Dude I have no clue what you do for a living but it’s not GM of a basketball team unless fantasy land has a team. Mavs would give a better return than that and Houston will offer a first for him. Maybe LA should ask to trade nothing for him and get a future 1st rounder with him.

    • Dark Vader

      Gonna take more than Iggy, Wiggins still has value to the right team. Iggy and some 1sts maybe.

  7. Knicks should pay attention. A player can be desirable (Iggy) but absorbing his contract with sending back a bad one might not be. The overpay 1/1 contracts the Knicks are entering into won’t necessarily be trade assets unless the team that wants them has an extra expiring contract around. Even then, I’m not sure any of them can fetch a 1st even in that case.

  8. Archie M.

    Best landing spots for Iggy where he can be of value & chase another ring at the same time are Philly & L.A.

    • Dark Vader

      Na, Houston would be a great spot for him. The one difference between the Houston team that had GS beat 2 years ago and the Houston team that was just a little behind GS last season was the loss of a good 3D player (Ariza). Iggy gives Houston that ago with a better bench now as long as Faried is back and that puts them right in the mix and slightly better then any other team this season. GS might jump back to the top with KT comes back though.

    • Dark Vader

      Lakers aren’t winning a title with Bron, sorry not happening. Even with Davis, if they would have added KL that’s a different story but they didn’t and Bron never won a title he wasn’t carried to in the finals by a team mate i.e. Kyrie and D Wade. Bron never really has been a closer and Davis isn’t DWade of Kyrie that year he beat GS.

  9. david

    I would like iggy with the mavs. But we have one spot left and looking at, morris, delon wright and devin harris is still a free agent

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