Bucks Sign Kyle Korver To One-Year Deal

JULY 25: The Bucks have officially signed Korver, the team announced today in a press release.

JULY 20: Veteran shooting guard Kyle Korver is signing with the Bucks, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports.

Korver will get the veteran’s minimum of $2.6MM on the one-year deal but Milwaukee will only take a $1.6MM cap hit, as Bobby Marks of ESPN tweets.

Korver was waived by the Suns on July 8. He temporarily wound up with rebuilding Phoenix after being traded by the Jazz and Grizzlies this offseason. The Suns will receive a $559K set-off on the $3.44MM they owe Korver after placing him on waivers, Marks notes. Korver had a $7.5MM contract for next season but only the portion the Suns owe was guaranteed.

Korver averaged 8.6 PPG on .416/.397/.822 shooting in 70 games (19.1 MPG) last season for the Cavaliers and Jazz. A June report indicated that the 38-year-old – who is a career 42.9% three-point shooter – was expected to play for at least one more year.

Korver will add depth at the shooting guard spot behind Khris Middleton and Sterling Brown in Milwaukee, reuniting with head coach Mike Budenholzer, whom he played for in Atlanta.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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44 thoughts on “Bucks Sign Kyle Korver To One-Year Deal

  1. Jason Lancaster

    J.R. Smith is sad today. But probably not as sad as that time he killed his buddy in a car accident.

  2. brewpackbuckbadg

    Where does Korver rank on the Bucks roster now? Do we expect him in the rotation?

    • brewcrew08

      My guess is he will get a run at SF. That’s assuming we use Matthews, Connaughton and DiVincenzo at the 2 guard.
      PG- Bledsoe, Hill
      SG, Matthews, Pat, Brown/Donte
      SF-Middleton, Korver, Brown
      PF- Giannis, Irsan, DJ
      C- López Twins

      • brewpackbuckbadg

        another article says DiV is a point but all things are fluid especially when you have Giannis (all five positions) on your team.

  3. Danthemilwfan

    Awesome move!!! We are better then last year while everyone else in the east arguable got worse!!!

        • victorg

          I mean Sixers maybe got worse that is true they lost Butler … Nets messed with the Heart of the team no telling how their season turns out yall do recall that Kyrie and the Cavs were horrible for years before Bron Returned.

          • KnicksFanCavsFan

            you cannot compare the leftovers Kyrie played with the first 3 years with the oldsters he’s joining with the Nets. it really is stupud to do so. ppl don’t consider context any more.

      • brewcrew08

        We played without Brogdon for a good 50 games the last two years and the first two rounds of the playoffs. Adding Lopez, Matthews, Korver and a 1st round plus 2 2nd rounders in my eyes is improvement.

        • victorg

          the picks don’t help this years teams … and Mathews and the other lopez sister is nothing to write home about. you subtract broggy and nico … idk man I wouldn’t say they improved.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          playing well while he was hurt doesn’t prove they’re better without him. use common sense.

    • Kjb716818

      Uhhhh huh….tho i did like the “MVP” giannis getting exposed like a little kid on the big boy court against the raptors.

      Lopez and middleton had to do the man’s work for mvp in waiting giannis.

      Well they got their truly international mvp at last…and no Nash doesnt count.

      I hope giannis stays just as soft as he is right now. Great team to whip on and build some confidence bfore the finals.

      Kind of like the old hawks….who was their coach… buden…. budenholzer……yeah………….


  4. Buckman

    We got a lot older which will likely affect D more than O. We will see if RoLo can stabilize 2nd group D.

  5. king beas

    Lakers fans probably losing their minds. They made him a part of the team weeks ago

      • the dude

        Lol theres like 80 examples of every free agent got ng to the Lakers, don’t act different

      • Kjb716818

        Nah…ya aint.

        Getting beat up in front of jack nicholson by billy crystals clippers……..

        Hahahahahaha….kobe will be coaching by all star break…right rob?

        You can still be an AD fan when he goes to chicago tho.

        Just kiddin bro…yer good.

  6. x%sure

    Korver disappoints as a 3, while Brown should be okay there. The Cavs moved him straight to the 4 when they moved him to forward. Thing is, in Cleveland, when he entered the mix for rebounds, he tended to foul, at least in the opinion of refs. I yelled at them for that, but they never seemed to hear me!
    Korver can overfocus on one thing, which is good for shooting, but not in situations with mixed factors.
    If he’s already in there boxing out as a 4, in theory he can be okay as a neutralizer. And as a 2 he gets back well.

    Giannis & Bud will like directing Korver out there, so expect a lot of PT for him somewhere. I expect PatC to get the most PT at the 2 eventually.

    Funny how Milwaukee is so high on Mathews, though for the money a good pickup.

    Bucks aren’t really improved but Horst got them over the salary pinch and I like them for the EC assuming Bud diversifies Giannis’ offense.

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      Pat C has got to be the starting SG over Matthews. I also wouldn’t be surprised if, when facing teams like Philly, they start:


    • kenneth cole

      “As a two he gets back well”

      Don’t most if not all NBA players get back on defense after a possession if they’re not nursing an injury? Korver has never been a good defender. You say a lot but it doesn’t mean much

      • x%sure

        Do you often find yourself hanging around on the periphery of knowledge, staring in, but ultimately rejecting the part where you enter?

        Korver can help or hurt in pronounced ways. Blanket judgements will miss opportunity and expose flaws. Calling him a 3 is a common error and one the Bucks might make. I could go on even more about this but I’m not sure the Cole post constitutes demand for that.

        • Kjb716818

          Oh please… do go on… lets talk about his underrated low post game…. his use as a distraction or his cutting without the ball that keeps the offense flowing.

          ….tell us wise one the ways of the korver.

          Lets start with his underrated post moves and his boom shakalakas!

            • Kjb716818

              He shoots 3s from the low post….the old fashioned way…and 1 s baby!

              Don’t get caught in Kyle korvers cork screw…. hell do the dew…? Doesnt any of this sound familiar.

              Hes a low post banger with mashed potatoes, fakes left, pivots on his white priviledge…slammma-jamma!

      • Kjb716818

        Have you watched lebron…. or harden…..or name every player complaining about a phantom call….

        No they dont all get back. 3 zus gets back because hes always at the 3 point line…. derp.

    • Kjb716818

      He said he still has some whote priviledge left though.

      Should count for some 3s…

  7. Danthemilwfan

    When broke is hitting his 3s, korver and Middleton on the floor, Giannis will be unstoppable. Play wes, korver, Lopez and Middleton on the floor with Giannis at point. That’s scary and no wall can stop us

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