Pacific Notes: Cook, Kings, Suns, Clippers

The Lakers made a major splash by trading for Anthony Davis this offseason, but the team also made a number of other moves to help round out its roster in the weeks that followed. Among them was signing back-up point guard Quinn Cook to a contract, who has spent the past two seasons with Golden State in a championship atmosphere.

For Cook, his decision to sign with the Lakers went past the on-court product. He holds close relationships with several members on the team, including Davis, LeBron James and DeMarcus Cousins. He’s confident the team’s early chemistry will hold a positive impact this season, as he explained during an interview with Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype.

“We have our team group chat going and the guys are very active in it. It feels like this team has been together for a while,” Cook said. “Everyone has been really active in the group chat. Ever since I signed, I went straight to Los Angeles and I’ve been working out with Bron, Kuz, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and JaVale [McGee]. We’ve been working on a lot of stuff and I’m getting a chance to learn from the coaching staff, getting a chance to talk to Coach Vogel a lot and work out with Coach [Miles] Simon.

“Everyone has been so welcoming since day one when I signed. I know the other guys will start to trickle in; it’s still really early in the summer. As guys trickle in, we’ll keep working hard and getting ready for the season. All of the guys are really excited to get things going, man. I know this NBA season will be one of the better ones for everyone – from players to coaches to fans. If you’re a fan of basketball, this season will be amazing.”

There’s more from the Pacific Division tonight:

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10 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Cook, Kings, Suns, Clippers

    • You are absolutely right, and I believe that the biggest Factor will be health. Look for this year to have a lot of downtime maintenance, IE missed games by stars. In the end it will be a dogfight. Can’t wait to watch.

      But be warned, don’t pay big money for regular-season Star matchups. I see guys sitting out and not showing their hand like last year I was ready for a Warriors Rockets matchup and Harden sits out. Ugh.

  1. You know what’s crazy is in the west what a teams like the kings are the sons or Dallas do? They’re almost aced out of the playoffs before the year starts. So many tough teams how are you going to get in?

    Portland Utah San Antonio Houston Golden State Lakers Clippers Denver. Hopeless situation for those mentioned above.

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