Suns Sign Point Guard Ricky Rubio

JULY 8, 9:33pm: The Suns have officially signed Rubio, according to a team press release.

JUNE 30, 5:37pm: In a shocking development, the Suns have stolen presumed Pacers target Ricky Rubio. Phoenix will sign him to a three-year, $51MM deal, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets.

Multiple reports this week indicated that Rubio was expected to join the Pacers once free agency began, with one story calling it a “virtual done deal.” Indiana saw point guard Darren Collison retire and it left them extremely thin at the position. However, the team was able to add Malcolm Brogdon via sign-and-trade.

As for the Suns, they haven’t had stability at the point guard spot since they traded Eric Bledsoe away. Rubio and newcomer Dario Saric, who came to the team in a draft night trade, will add veteran presence to a team looking to make the postseason.

A former fifth overall pick, Rubio averaged 12.7 PPG, 6.1 APG, and 3.6 RPG in 68 games (27.9 MPG) for the Jazz last season. He’s not a great shooter, but Phoenix will lean on him for his play-making, passing, and defense.

The Suns will need to make an additional roster move to fit Rubio in under the cap, if they plan to keep Kelly Oubre‘s cap hold on their books, notes ESPN’s Bobby Marks.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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31 thoughts on “Suns Sign Point Guard Ricky Rubio

    • chorn47

      so happy pacers didn’t sign him. they need more shooting than he can give them

    • formerlyz

      Damn lol. Touch screen… hilarious timing too, considering the comment. *I’m

      • kenneth cole

        Man I’ve predicted every single free agent move! Look at my humblebrag?

        Is NBA all you got? Lol

        • formerlyz

          I would ask why you always have to be like that, but it’s the internet, so obviously the answer is the same as it always is. Toxicity is on a different level nowadays

  1. You know what, this is a pretty good move for the Suns. He’s definitely an upgrade over what I thought they’d be able to accomplish at the one. Veteran guy, been around the block, can start on a winning team, not a selfish player at all.

  2. MiserablePadreFan

    Great signing. Suns will be #3 seed next year to shock the world. It’ll be a Cinderella story of the ages and they’ll likely make a movie about it

    • sportznut1000

      a nothern california guy, ive always been a huge warriors fan but have rooted for the kings as well. the kings finally get their breakout season only to see the rest of the west improve as well. you have pelicans fans saying to watch out for their team. suns fans saying the same thing. mavs and lakers seem like logical choices to jump back in the playoffs with their additions (mavs getting a healthy porzingis) i mean, only 8 teams make the playoffs. its going to be a great battle, i dont think the kings will realistically be able to make the playoffs in this conference. especially if clippers can add kawhi

    • jeremy

      Did you forget about the jazz who upgraded, blazers, nuggets, rockets, even don’t count out the warriors and the Lakers

    • dunkerdutt

      The Suns make the playoffs when $arver is no longer managing partner of the organization. He runs the organization like Sterling did in LA…into the ground.

  3. digitalian

    Booker and Ayton are going to love playing with Rubio. The question is can anyone on the Suns play D?

      • x%sure

        Maybe Saric too, at least compared to existing Suns. Observe the newbies, wavers, and move your feet & eyes instead.

  4. KnicksFanCavsFan

    A bit of an overpay but he’s a good PG and a good fit for the team.

  5. Jason kapono

    Like Rubio, just don’t see the combination of moves this offseason adding to their win total by more than +2 or +3 compared to just running it back.

  6. D-NBA

    Monty Williams wants to play an inside out offense between Booker and Ayton. Rubio won’t take away the opportunity for Cam,Jackson, or Bridges to step up and be the third option. One of those three should emerge as the third piece.

  7. Not a bad fit. Glad to see they didn’t desperately try to cut salary to overpay DLo

  8. Great fit, and it justifies their draft day moves, or at least explains them. Whether or not Saric and Johnson turn out to be worth #6, or Jerome worth a trade up, they at least now have the type of players they need at PG and PF to complement the talent they have at C and on the wings. Suns’ collective basketball IQ and ball movement skills have skyrocketed since draft day.

    • gogoblue

      Hornets have agreed to deal with him already as Kemba’s replacement. That’s quite a downgrade, but whatever.

  9. atlas bunts

    Wise move, Indiana. Now get Beverley & resign Bojan.
    Maybe talk to N.O. Abt Jrue 4 Sabonis….

    • fantasysportsadvice

      Bojan is gone. Beverley is unneeded. Holiday wouldn’t have a real role in Indiana.

  10. hoosierhysteria

    Thank you Suns for stealing Rubio! It feels good to be a victim today!

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