Teams Inquired On Myles Turner Before, After Draft

Teams contacted the Pacers both before and after last month’s draft to inquire about center Myles Turner, sources tell Ian Begley of However, it’s not clear if any of those talks gained any real traction, Begley notes.

Around the time of the draft, J. Michael of The Indianapolis Star reported that no one on Indiana’s roster was truly untouchable, but suggested that the club had no plans to trade Turner. About a week later, ESPN’s Zach Lowe wrote that the Pacers rejected trade offers for the veteran center at the draft.

According to Begley, multiple teams that had conversations with the Pacers about Turner were left with the impression that it would take an “incredibly significant offer” to acquire him.

The Pacers appear to have a mini-logjam at the five, with first-round pick Goga Bitadze joining Turner and rising young center Domantas Sabonis on the depth chart. However, the club is committed to playing Turner and Sabonis alongside one another going forward.

It would be in Indiana’s best interest if the two young big men can co-exist and thrive on the court together. Turner is entering the first year of a four-year contract with a total base value of $72MM. Sabonis, meanwhile, is eligible for a rookie scale extension this offseason, so he’ll get much more expensive beginning in 2020/21.

If the duo produces mixed results this season and the Pacers look like a more dangerous team with one or the other on the floor, it could force the front office to make some tough decisions related to Sabonis’ potential restricted free agency and long-term future. For now though, it seems safe to say that neither player – especially Turner – is going anywhere.

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13 thoughts on “Teams Inquired On Myles Turner Before, After Draft

  1. padam

    Wouldn’t say there’s a logjam at the 5 when Sabonis primarily plays the 4. While he could play the 5 in small ball, he’s not the rim protector in the paint, either. I’d be surprised to see the Pacers move Turner, especially with that contract.

  2. I think Oladipo is a great player who can score and play defense, but does anyone else think he is overrated? He had one year where he scored over 20 PPG and is a two time all star?

    Devin Booker has done this his entire career and isn’t an All Star. People talk so highly about Dipo, but Zach Levine has better offensive seasons than Oladip in both per game and percentage statistics.

    So what gives? Orlando and OKC didn’t want him that badly apparently.

    • Fuss

      Dipo was all defensive first team before he went down. The guys you’re comparing him to range from bad to comically bad defenders.

    • Tazza

      Oli is a top 5 guard in terms of defense right up there with Butler Holiday and stuff. That plus the fact he gets over 20 points per game is why he’s rated so highly. Booker is good but he had Ayton Oubre and stuff last year and the Suns still sucked.

  3. hoosierhysteria

    Turner should go unless he stops chucking 3’s early in shot clock. Looks like low IQ…coach has to reign him in. With VO and brogdon…get his butt underneath to rebound!

  4. Tazza

    I think Turner has more potential as a Tim protecting centre who can also shot the 3 and score in the paint. Therefore is a better piece long term than Sabonis so he should be the player they ship around. As for who you get back maybe Brandon Ingram for Sabonis, maybe Sexton for Sabonis, maybe DeJonte Murray

    • IslandFlava

      Sabonis is clearly the better player. He is much better in his moves, passing, rebounding… a much complete player. Turner can block & get the odd open look, but isn’t a consistent scorer (as you need your 5 to be) & is a poor rebounder. I would get rid of Turner & keep & build around Sabonis.

    • hoosierhysteria

      Stay in your lane Philly ballers. Go rebound shots for Simmons….who can’t figure out which hand to shoot with and won’t shoot at all in close games

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