Warriors Trade Andre Iguodala To Grizzlies

JULY 7: The deal is now official, according to NBA.com’s transactions log. Golden State is receiving guard Julian Washburn, who was on a two-way contract with Memphis last season, while the Grizzlies get $2MM in cash considerations in the deal, as well as Iguodala and the draft pick, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic.

JUNE 30: The Warriors have reached an agreement to trade Andre Iguodala to the Grizzlies, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via Twitter). Memphis will also receive a 2024 first-round pick (top-four protected) in the deal, according to Wojnarowski.

Moving Iguodala became a virtual necessity for Golden State once the team agreed to acquire D’Angelo Russell from the Nets in a sign-and-trade deal. The Warriors will pay Russell the maximum salary of $27MM+ in 2019/20.

After taking into account Russell’s salary, Klay Thompson‘s new max deal, and the rest of the team’s commitments, the club was in danger of surpassing the $138.9MM tax apron, which isn’t permitted — when a team acquires a player via a sign-and-trade, it becomes hard-capped at that figure, so shedding salary became a must.

It appears likely that Shaun Livingston and his partially guaranteed $7.7MM salary will be on the way out as well. ESPN’s Bobby Marks breaks down the Dubs’ financial situation more thoroughly via Twitter, but it seems safe to say that the club won’t be able to bring back several of its own free agents, including Kevon Looney.

As Chris Herrington of The Daily Memphian observes (via Twitter), the Grizzlies will be able to take on Iguodala’s $17MM+ salary using the $25MM+ trade exception they’ll create when they officially send Mike Conley to Utah. The team should still be able to retain Delon Wright without going into the tax, but bringing back Avery Bradley appears unlikely, Herrington adds. Kyle Korver seems unlikely to remain in the picture in Memphis either.

It’s not clear whether Iguodala will stick with the Grizzlies. David Aldridge of The Athletic (Twitter links) suggests that Memphis would like to have Iguodala act as a veteran mentor to the team’s young players, but cautions that he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a buyout. If the veteran swingman is bought out, he wouldn’t be eligible to re-sign with the Warriors in 2019/20.

Whether or not the Grizzlies retain Iguodala, it’s clear that the 2024 first-rounder is the prime asset in the deal. That pick will become top-one protected in 2025 if it doesn’t convey in 2024, according to Woj, who adds that it would be unprotected in 2026 if it doesn’t convey in either of the first two years.

Iguodala, who joined the Warriors in 2013, was a key part of the team’s run of success over the last several years. He won three titles with the club, earning the NBA Finals MVP in 2015.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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46 thoughts on “Warriors Trade Andre Iguodala To Grizzlies

    • jkoms57

      Someone tell me how this works?

      Trade best defender and bring in another guard who can get 25 mins max on a good day

      • They’re not done. But if they were done you’re Trading away 35 year old who can’t play full time and you have to manage his minutes and he has Nicks and bumps that limit his ability to play. But I love Andre Iguodala he’s probably one of the main reasons the Warriors have won their championships in my opinion. Without his defense and Leadership I don’t think they get it done. But you’re bringing in a twenty-two-year-old All-Star guard.

        • sleepyfloyd

          What does an extra guard do to the overall play? The warriors had enough problems stopping people last year.

      • upandcomerballplayer1087

        I’m not to worried cause they got Cauly-Stein, a solid defender, and an exceptional offensive force in the key

  1. D-NBA

    Man Iggy won’t be winning in Memphis but who knows, Morant and Jackson Jr could be special.

  2. Iggy knew he was gone earlier in the day. He was looking and asking for the magic meme saying, “I’m not going to be here” earlier this afternoon. On his Twitter.

    • We didn’t know if he was talking about Durant or himself or? It was a wait-and-see. Now we know LOL.

  3. Well they better hope Russell steps up this season because this really hurts the dubs defense

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      DLo was pretty solid on defense this year. Steph is getting better too. Not to mention a DPOY. Klay comes back after all-star break.

  4. jakethesnizake

    And here comes the mini-rebuild. Out with the elder veterans. Andre was the logical place to start.

  5. Jason Lancaster

    Man that sucks for Iggy, only I assume the grizzlies will do him a solid and give him a reasonable buyout.

  6. dame_cortez

    it appears he’s getting bought out, would be interested to be in the Lakers

    • jeremy

      Depending what happens with kawhi. Since Lakers probably would only offer the vet mill

      • joemoes

        If he signs for 10 million he’s not getting that 10 on top of his 17 million I believe. I don’t think you can be paid twice. So I think he would be a vet min

  7. claude raymond

    Obviously dubs aren’t expecting much next season. Iggy is good for only so long

    • jeremy

      They traded him for cap reasons. They needed to open cap so they could do the sign and trade. They can’t be over the cap to do it

      • claude raymond

        You’re correct. I guess I was just trying to add that even though his defense is stellar (as many post and we know to be true), it might not matter this year w klay out. And iguodala is FA after next year and his age and health would likely lead him to retire after next year.

  8. KnicksFanCavsFan

    Wow…a little shocked by this. Was he considering retirement? Was GSW upset with some of the things Iggy said in his book or with regards to the misinformation he mentioned about his leg injury a year or two ago?

    • dirtbagfreitas

      They had to cut salary to complete the Russell sign and trade. Strictly business.

  9. He gets bought out and the Warriors sign him for minimum. Would not be surprised.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      Except that’s against the rules. He can’t return back until 2020-21 season.

    • DougieJones

      It says in the article that he would not eligible to sign with the Warriors this season if he was bought out.

  10. x%sure

    Not sure who the Warriors are anymore.

    So many teams needed a makeover; not them.

    • DougieJones

      With Durant leaving and Klay injured they didn’t really have a choice.

    • Luke Adams

      They’ll technically have to get something back, but it probably won’t be anything of value (maybe a heavily protected second-round pick or a draft-and-stash guy who’s never gonna play in the NBA).

    • guest_54

      Would have been nice if the author would’ve included who/what they’re receiving in return. Or at least mention that the return isn’t known yet, if that’s still to be determined.

  11. ElMagoN9ne

    Why are they dismantling their team. Letting kd walk. Trading away AI2. Stupid moves.

  12. doubleringer

    This one is a little shocking. I think Iggy made it clear that he wanted to play one more year and finish off his career as a GSW. I guess needs of the business were important in this decision. Sorry to see him depart. GSW, no Durant, no Klay, no Iggy, probably no Looney all for 19/29. This will have a new feel, for sure. stay strong.

  13. This is one of 2 great cap space deals made this year. Rare to getting such a lightly a protected 1st for a player at 17 mm and that they might be able to move for something. Clips got an almost as lightly protected pick for merely taking on Harkless’ 11 mm, a guy who started last year and is definitely usable. S&Ts, hard cap, taxpayers (still lots of 2016 contracts around for another year). Ironically, it’s two teams that were not considered to have cap space to spare. Grizz used a TPE. Clips needed to reserve most of theirs for KL, and had to move a few pieces around to squeeze this in.

  14. Warriors get Washburn !! Didn’t work out last time either (3rd pick 86 draft.)

    Just kidding, this is his son and I hope he can find his way to a nice NBA career.

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