Warriors Waive Shaun Livingston

JULY 10: The Warriors have issued a press release to announce that Livingston has officially been waived and thanking him for “immense contributions” to the franchise. Assuming he goes unclaimed, as expected, he’ll clear waivers on Friday.

JULY 9: The Warriors have waived veteran guard Shaun Livingston, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via Twitter). The move was a necessary one for the hard-capped Dubs, who needed to remove Livingston’s $7.7MM salary from their books before it became fully guaranteed.

Livingston had a $2MM partial guarantee, which the Warriors will stretch across three seasons at a rate of $666K per year. Golden State likely explored moving the 33-year-old in a trade to avoid eating that dead money, but would have had to attach an asset to him to find a taker.

According to Wojnarowski, Livingston is determined to continue his playing career after being cut by Golden State. He’ll clear waivers later this week and will likely be prioritizing contending teams as he seeks a new NBA home.

A member of the Warriors teams that have reached the NBA Finals in each of the last five years, Livingston played a regular rotation role in Golden State, averaging between 15.1 and 19.5 minutes per game in each season since 2014/15. He recorded 4.0 PPG, 1.8 APG, and 1.8 RPG in 64 games in 2018/19.

Here are a few more notes on the Warriors’ contracts and cap situation:

  • Second-round pick Eric Paschall received a three-year, guaranteed minimum-salary contract, per ESPN’s Bobby Marks (Twitter link). The Warriors used the mid-level exception to give him that third year.
  • The Warriors also used their mid-level exception to sign Willie Cauley-Stein, who got a two-year, $4.4MM deal with a second-year player option, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic. That contract is worth a little more than the minimum.
  • While the Warriors still have some MLE money leftover, they’re unlikely to be able to use it this year. According to Marks (Twitter link), after waiving and stretching Livingston, the team projects to be just $219K below the $138.9MM hard cap once all its moves are complete.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images. Luke Adams contributed to this post.

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41 thoughts on “Warriors Waive Shaun Livingston

  1. jeremyn

    Come back to the Heat Shaun… the only team that gave you a chance when everyone else thought you were done for good.

      • jeremyn

        Then you have a short term memory lol… he blew out his knee and most thought his career was over. The heat took a flyer on him and he showed he could still play.. even very limited so with the Heat… he re built himself and became the ultimate 6th man he is today.

        • Bransonreynolds

          That’s a pretty reimagined memory. Played 4 games for the heat and got traded for a team clearing space, bounced around a few other teams and kept getting waived as well. Multiple teams gave him chances but he was still rebuilding his game.

        • D$!LLKU$H-og

          The Nets rebuilt his value. Then he left the Nets for the Warriors in 2014. He was a better PG than D-Will for us. Unfortunately, we could only offer a minimal raise and he signed I think 3 years $15MM with the Dubs.

    • formerlyz

      They make sense as well, although they do have Garrett Temple. But I could see them needing the defense at the guard spots, and he does have the history with them

      • jkoms57

        Kyrie and Dinwiddie.. absolutely no need for Livingston besides sporatic depth.

        Could see Heat after they trade for Westbrook.

        • sleepyfloyd

          I don’t think anyone here said as a starter…..captain obvious

  2. formerlyz

    Most obvious teams off the top of my head for Livingston are Houston, Portland, and the Lakers

    Today marks a true new beginning for GS. The day they signed Shaun Livingston 5 years ago, I picked them to win the championship that year. I didnt know they’d be what they were, but man that was a hell of a signing. He fit their need at the time more than perfectly. As a basketball fan in general, it was awesome to see him play at that level, knowing what he went through just to get back. Obviously his career will continue, but that was an amazing group of guys that fit each other perfectly, and he can always say he was part of something special

    • arc89

      He is going to retire. His movement was way down last year. His shot was not there like it used to be. A few spurts of energy but most of the time hurt. Its time to say goodbye and on to the next chapter.

      • jump shot

        Nah…. too much money. He’ll play until no team will give him his vet minimum.

        • DougieJones

          Warriors roster set? Looks pretty good. Definitely make the playoffs.

          • D$!LLKU$H-og

            I guess they’re going with the rook Poole to back up DLo and Curry.

  3. Redmobb7

    San Antonio Spurs would be a great fit with dejounte Murray coming back from injury, Shaun would give them depth

    • x%sure

      Spurs have 7 quality guards at least. They need frontcourters, esp if MarcusM bolts.

  4. Jason Lancaster

    Wonder of cauley-stein wishes he had the Sacramento qualifying offer now?

      • Z-A

        Bc no KD, Klay, Boogie, Iggy, Cook, and Livingston

        They basically lost a playoff team.

        Also, he ring chased taking that min deal… and the league is now reset. He could have gone to the Celtics easily gotten more $.

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      He’s the starting C for a team with Steph, Klay (half the year), Draymond and DLo and he’s wishing he stayed in the s-hole Sacramento? SAC signed Dedmon and Holmes within the first 24 hrs of FA, basically saying hit the road. He knows he’ll get minutes and playoff experience. Next summer, with a crappy crop of FA’s he’ll make up for it.

  5. xdrta

    Is there any way to find out what else the Warriors have used their MLE on? According to Marks they have $1.7M left, so they must have use some on another contract.

      • xdrta

        Thanks. I thought they would use it on Smailagic to get a third year, but it’s only reported as a two year contract. Doesn’t seem like they would need to use it for that.

        • Luke Adams

          Where’d you see Smailagic as a two-year deal? I hadn’t seen any terms on that one yet.

          • xdrta

            Aah, it looks like I had bad information. Early Bird Rights now showing 2 yrs guaranteed, a 3rd & 4th yr, non-guaranteed. If that’s accurate, then they must have used the MLE. It also leaves about $1.7M as Marks said.

  6. Archie M.

    Would be great if he went back to the Clippers. The Bucks would also seem to be a good fit for Livingston. Utah, too.

  7. Tazza

    Would be good at Portland backing up Lillard and McCollum and not expected to be a force on offence just a defensive player and a leader. Simmons and Trent Jr will step up this year but he could be a good vet mentor. Portland should also offer something to JaMychal Green and Luc Mbah a Moute

  8. Z-A

    His game is around the paint. Not a fit for a lot of teams. He is like TJ McConnell with height and length. They shoot from the same spots.

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