Western Notes: Pelicans, Bzdelik, PG13, Lillard, More

After being let go by the Rockets this spring, veteran assistant coach Jeff Bzdelik is generating significant interest from one of Houston’s division rivals. According to Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter link), The Pelicans have offered a spot on Alvin Gentry‘s coaching staff to Bzdelik, who is weighing his options after leaving Houston.

While nothing has been finalized yet, David Aldridge of The Athletic suggests (via Twitter) that Bzdelik and the Pelicans are “close” to a deal. The longtime NBA and college coach, who previously had a stint as Denver’s head coach is one of the most highly-regarded defensive coordinators in the league, as both Stein and Aldridge note.

If the Pelicans finalize an agreement with Bzdelik, he could step into the role vacated by former assistant Darren Erman, who recently left the club’s coaching staff.

Here’s more from around the Western Conference:

  • Shortly after word broke that the Thunder had agreed to trade Paul George to the Clippers, Shams Charania of Stadium (video link) said that George had “a little bit of buyer’s remorse” after agreeing to a long-term extension in Oklahoma City last summer. Bill Simmons of The Ringer used the same phrase (“buyer’s remorse”) on a recent podcast when describing what he had heard about PG13 over the last couple months.
  • At the press conference to announce Damian Lillard‘s new super-max extension on Saturday, Trail Blazers president of basketball operations Neil Olshey called the move a “no-brainer,” while Lillard explained why his top priority has always been winning a championship in Portland. “In the end, I know that if it gets done, it will feel much better to know that I did it in a solid way,” Lillard said, per ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “I didn’t have to go and play with the best players just to get it done. For me, this is the way I want to do it. And I know that if it doesn’t happen I can live with it because I know the route that I chose.”
  • While Jerami Grant is unlikely to start over Paul Millsap, the Nuggets will continue to be “judicious” with Millsap’s playing time moving forward, giving Grant plenty of opportunities in Denver, writes Nick Kosmider of The Athletic. In his analysis of the Nuggets’ latest acquisition, Kosmider suggests that Grant projects as an ideal floor spacer next to Nikola Jokic.
  • In a court brief filed last week in response to sexual assault allegations by former sportscaster Kelli Tennant, new Kings head coach Luke Walton claimed that those allegations aren’t backed up by facts and are designed to attract media attraction. Stefanie Dazio of The Associated Press has the full story.
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22 thoughts on “Western Notes: Pelicans, Bzdelik, PG13, Lillard, More

  1. goldenmisfit

    George pushes his way out of Indiana then agrees to a big contract with Oklahoma City instead of joining as he has said many times “the team I grew up rooting for and always dreamed of playing for“ and then has buyers remorse. Just a little glimpse into the future of the Los Angeles Clippers. This on top of all the drama that has been caused by Kawhi Leonard I don’t get why everyone thinks it’s a slamdunk this team is going to be the best in the league you got the two biggest head cases on one team good luck clippers. Looking at this from an unbiased point of you the best roster from top to bottom right now has got to be the Lakers they are not only first line deep they are three lines deep really have not seen this deep of a roster since Welp the Miami Heat when they went to four consecutive NBA finals.

    • Senioreditor

      Let’s wait until the Lakers complete their roster. If they add Korver or Igy you may be right?

    • I give no fox

      Your unbiased point of view needs corrective lenses. There is no way the lakers are the deepest team in the league. The only guy they signed that had any league wide interest is Danny Green. If Bradley, rondo, and cousins can stay healthy and return to their form of 3-4 years ago, maybe you can make the argument. But not today. Lakers are probably going to be a very good team, but that’s because of lebron and AD. When those guys are off the court, the lakers will struggle

    • How is Kawhi a head case? The only “drama” he caused was how long he took to choose a team…which was insignificant since he made his decision when the moratorium ended.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan


      What “drama” has Kawhi caused? He’s a FA and he took his time to make an incredibly important decisions. It literally took all of what, 5 days once July 1st came around? It’s the media and the news thirsty fans that MAKE it seem like there was drama. It’s the 50 different talking heads from major TV channels, to print media to blog “reporters” who are just hungry to report, and re-report, and bring on every imaginable special guest to dissect every iota of a transaction for a check or a click or to be first that’s the problem. Kuddos to Kawhi for doing what’s best for him in his own time. It paid off well.

      When I’m facing a tough choice or can’t figure out my emotions I stop….I pause…and I figure it out on my on time, not someone else. This is nothing compared to MLB offseason where months go by and it’s May and major stars still haven’t signed. It’s the sports fanatics problem, not the player making a life choice that took a whole whopping 5 days to come to.

    • Natergater77

      So done with jaded Laker fans or any fan talking about PG doing wrong.

      Take this scenario – you start a new job and love it, so much so you agree to do more for the company after a year there. At the end of your 2nd year someone you respect reaches out and says “Hey come join my company and I’ll give you more opportunities to succeed” and so you change companies.

      How is that different from these guys. 90% of you aren’t loyal to your job. Teams aren’t loyal to players, look what BOS did to get Kyrie. But they did it because they felt it was best for the organization. That’s just as fair.

      Point being don’t judge someone for doing what’s best for them and don’t get angry when they don’t pick your team.

      PS- Lakers will be 5th seed they are only as good as AD and Lebron’s health.

    • tatumszn2018

      Got to give props to Lillard. His “realness” makes folks look past coming up short in the playoffs or complaining about not making all star teams.

    • Based on what? By all accounts, all of the star players that have passed through OKC love the place (PG, KD, Harden, and eventually Westbrook). The fan base is loyal and ownership doesn’t seem to mind spending so neither of those should be issues. They haven’t had significant cap space in forever so its not like stars are passing on OKC the way stars have been passing on signing with the Knicks.

      KD didn’t think he could win with Russ/didn’t want to play with him and same could probably be said for PG (and he wanted to go to LA). Not wanting to play with Russ and not wanting to play in OKC are two different things.

      • californiatribesman

        Try again. Seattle got snaked out of their team by David Stern & Howard Schultz, who tried to force the city to build a privately owned replacement for the Key Arena with public money. OKC owners don’t really care about putting together a championship team: if they did, they would’ve paid the luxury tax and kept the nucleus of Harden/Ibaka/Durant/Westbrook when they had it. Instead, they traded a potential dynasty to pocket an extra $50M. Fan support? Go back and revisit those same “fans” who vandalized Durant’s home, businesses, and burned his jersey when he decided to leave. Bottom line: OKC doesn’t deserve a team, and never did.

        • afsooner02

          Key arena sucks and Seattle fans didnt support the Sonics when they had them. Sorry to burst that fantasy bubble you had

  2. x%sure

    “Buyers remorse”… George might regret getting recruited by Russ but then he turned around and got recruited by dead-eye Kow-eye who has no particular interest in people unless they are doing for him.

    • goldenmisfit

      This sounds really familiar I think the same problems are going to happen with the clippers. I really laughed some people believe the clippers are the odds on favorite when they have the two biggest head cases in the league on the same team. This is just Griffin-Paul version 2.0! Will really find it humorous when everything implodes by the trade deadline of year too.

  3. implant

    Of course he had buyers remorse. He grew up wanting to be a Laker and his agent who also is Russell and Randle’s agent didn’t want him going to LA. On a lighter note George is the leader in the clubhouse for forcing himself off two teams he had a signed contract with. Guys like Leonard, Davis and Kyrie have done work to do

  4. Z-A 2

    Didn’t we all say he messed up? I mean everyone here, even the ridiculous trolls thought it was a bad deal for him.

    • x%sure

      HR was surprised… They ran a most unusual “what-if” article… What if he did go to the Lakers.

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