Community Shootaround: Dwight Howard’s Return To Hollywood

Dwight Howard, after a tumultuous recent existence in the NBA, is set to return to the place to which the origins of his decline can arguably be attributed. After being officially waived the Grizzlies on Saturday, Howard is expected to join the Lakers on a non-guaranteed deal after he clears waivers.

The eight-time All-Star has bounced around the NBA the past four years, suiting up for the Rockets, Hawks, Hornets and Wizards since the 2015/16 season. After being one of the NBA’s elite players his first eight seasons with the Magic, Howard has not made an All-Star team since 2014 and has been saddled with the worrisome reputation in regards to his style of play and demeanor.

As we detailed on Friday, Howard showed up to the Lakers’ facility a day before his scheduled meeting. He reportedly struck an emotional chord with Lakers brass, showing his awareness that he’s “hit rock bottom” in his career and is motivated to prove his doubters wrong. It was also noted that Howard showed up in great shape and is considered to be past the back injuries that have hampered him in recent years.

Howard originally joined the Lakers for the 2012/13 season as part of a blockbuster trade. He teamed with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash in hopes of forming a super-team in a chase for a title. However, injuries, an adversarial relationship with Bryant, and an uncertain future (given he was headed for free agency) clouded his tenure in L.A.

After DeMarcus Cousins recent injury, the Lakers developed a need for a veteran big man who can rebound and defend the paint. A former three-time Defensive Player of the Year, Howard certainly has the track record to fill that void. However, the question is whether or not he can stay healthy and not become a distraction.

How do you see Howard’s return to the Lakers shaking out? Can he adjust to a reduced role and prove himself as a capable NBA player? Can the 33-year-old stay healthy for a full season after suiting up for just nine games last season? Is there any chance that Howard can recapture his past All-Star form? If he makes the team, what should his role be?

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20 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Dwight Howard’s Return To Hollywood

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Why isn’t there more written about the biggest signing in the NBA this summer? Dwight will surely have a larger impact on the Lakers quest for 74 wins next season than Anthony Davis. Then he can cash in as the biggest free agent in 2020 while D12 goes to San Francisco on a max contract to join Steph and company.

  2. JonnyLucas

    I’d like to say that I’m rooting for him. Who doesn’t love a comeback? But, I never liked Dwight. I feel the same way about him as I do Carmelo. Just… meh. They never moved the needle for me. Really terrific players, but they just didn’t have “it.”

  3. bowserhound

    He has the ability to be an important bench player if he stays in his lane. If at any point he becomes unhappy with his role, the wheels will fall off quickly and he will end up in China. Unless there’s an NBA player tariff by then.

    • mcdusty49

      Exactly…if he realizes his role he could be more than just a decent pick up…he put up solid numbers last year in 25 per so hopefully he just finds his niche and does Rodman like work for LeBron, AD and company

  4. Reflect

    Why didn’t they just sign both him AND Noah? If they are low salary deals anyway, and this one is non guaranteed.

    If they are so worried about Howard’s risks then just sign both and release the worse player after a month or so.

  5. dfree123

    If the Grizzlies release Igoudala the Lakers will just cut one of their minimum salary players, most likely Troy Daniels and then sign Igoudala.

    • hinglemccringleberry

      Won’t happen. They’ll cut elsewhere but it won’t be him. They need his shooting .

  6. Yes, Daniels won’t have to be the one cut. With Cousins no longer counting against the 15-man, we will be as follows:

    1. James (F)
    2. Davis (F/C)
    3. Kuzma (F)
    4. Green (G)
    5. McGee (C)
    6. Bradley (G)
    7. Rondo (G)
    8. Howard (C)
    9. Caldwell-Pope (G)
    10. Dudley (F)
    11. Caruso (G)
    12. Daniels (G)
    13. Cook (G)
    14. Horton-Tucker (F/G)- rookie draft pick

    15. OPEN (Iggy)

    • I don’t think it’s automatic that Cousins is removed from the roster. The Lakers have to make it official in some way by a season ending injury.

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