Highest-Paid NBA Players By Team

Earlier today, we listed the top 50 highest-paid NBA players for the 2019/20 season. While that list presented a clear picture of the highest earners for the upcoming season, not every NBA team was represented.

Neither the Grizzlies nor the Knicks had a player in the top 50, which isn’t a huge surprise, considering neither of those teams is expected to be a championship contender during the 2019/20 season. Memphis’ current highest-paid player – Andre Iguodala – may not even be on the roster by opening night if a favorable trade or buyout can be agreed upon.

Our list of highest-paid players for 2019/20 also only provided a snapshot for the coming year. It featured veterans like Chandler Parsons and Paul Millsap, who will be well compensated for the coming season but are on expiring contracts.

This afternoon, we’re shifting our focus to the highest-paid players by team. This will allow us to check in on the clubs that weren’t represented on our initial list, as well as exploring teams’ most lucrative multiyear commitments — we’ve included each club’s highest-paid player for the 2019/20 season and its highest-paid player in total.

Let’s dive in…

Atlanta Hawks

Boston Celtics

  • 2019/20: Kemba Walker ($32,742,000)
  • Total: Kemba Walker (four years, $140,790,600)

Brooklyn Nets

  • 2019/20: Kevin Durant ($38,199,000)
  • Total: Kevin Durant (four years, $164,255,700)
    • Note: Durant’s final year is a player option.

Charlotte Hornets

Chicago Bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers

  • 2019/20: Kevin Love ($28,942,830)
  • Total: Kevin Love (four years, $120,402,172)

Dallas Mavericks

  • 2019/20: Kristaps Porzingis ($27,285,000)
  • Total: Kristaps Porzingis (five years, $158,253,000)
    • Note: Porzingis’ final year is a player option.

Denver Nuggets

Detroit Pistons

  • 2019/20: Blake Griffin ($34,449,964)
  • Total: Blake Griffin (three years, $110,217,988)
    • Note: Griffin’s final year is a player option.

Golden State Warriors

Houston Rockets

  • 2019/20: Russell Westbrook ($38,506,482)
  • Total: Russell Westbrook (four years, $171,139,920)
    • Note: Westbrook’s final year is a player option.
    • Note: James Harden has a nearly identical contract which will be worth $171,131,520 over four years (with a fourth-year player option).

Indiana Pacers

Los Angeles Clippers

  • 2019/20: Paul George ($33,005,556)
  • Total: Paul George (three years, $106,351,236)
    • Note: George’s final year is a player option.

Los Angeles Lakers

  • 2019/20: LeBron James ($37,436,858)
  • Total: LeBron James (three years, $117,658,698)

Memphis Grizzlies

Miami Heat

  • 2019/20: Jimmy Butler ($32,742,000)
  • Total: Jimmy Butler (four years, $140,790,600)
    • Note: Butler’s final year is a player option.

Milwaukee Bucks

  • 2019/20: Khris Middleton ($30,603,448)
  • Total: Khris Middleton (five years, $177,500,000)
    • Note: Middleton’s final year is a player option.

Minnesota Timberwolves

New Orleans Pelicans

  • 2019/20: Jrue Holiday ($26,231,111)
  • Total: Jrue Holiday (three years, $79,582,222)
    • Note: Holiday’s final year is a player option.

New York Knicks

  • 2019/20: Julius Randle ($18,000,000)
  • Total: Julius Randle (three years, $56,700,000)
    • Note: Randle’s final year is partially guaranteed. His total guarantee is $40,900,000.

Oklahoma City Thunder

  • 2019/20: Chris Paul ($38,506,482)
  • Total: Chris Paul (three years, $124,076,442)
    • Note: Paul’s final year is a player option.

Orlando Magic

  • 2019/20: Nikola Vucevic ($28,000,000)
  • Total: Nikola Vucevic (four years, $100,000,000)

Philadelphia 76ers

Phoenix Suns

  • 2019/20: Devin Booker ($27,285,000)
  • Total: Devin Booker (five years, $158,253,000)

Portland Trail Blazers

Sacramento Kings

  • 2019/20: Harrison Barnes ($24,147,727)
  • Total: Harrison Barnes (four years, $85,000,000)

San Antonio Spurs

  • 2019/20: DeMar DeRozan ($27,739,975)
  • Total: DeMar DeRozan (two years, $55,479,950)
    • Note: DeRozan’s final year is a player option.

Toronto Raptors

  • 2019/20: Kyle Lowry ($34,996,296)
  • Total: Kyle Lowry (one year, $34,996,296)

Utah Jazz

Washington Wizards

  • 2019/20: John Wall ($38,199,000)
  • Total: John Wall (four years, $171,131,520)
    • Note: Wall’s final year is a player option.

Information from Basketball Insiders was used in the creation of this post. Photos courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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