Joe Johnson To Work Out For Sixers; Other Teams Interested

Before playing in Sunday’s BIG3 championship game, Joe Johnson will work out for the Sixers tomorrow, tweets Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated. Johnson is also expected to get workouts with the Clippers, Bucks and Nuggets, a source tells Spears.

The Pelicans are also keeping their eyes on Johnson, Spears adds (Twitter link). Head coach Alvin Gentry and executive VP David Griffin showed up for a first-hand look last week when the BIG3 was in New Orleans.

Johnson, 38, captured MVP honors in his first BIG3 season, the league announced Tuesday. He led the league in points, (a league-record 175), assists (31) and field goals (63) and was the only player to sink four 4-point shots.

Johnson’s performance created talk of a comeback after sitting out the entire 2018/19 season. His last NBA experience involved brief appearances during the Rockets‘ 2018 playoff run after splitting the year between Utah and Houston.

Interest in Johnson has been growing throughout the summer, writes Frank Isola of The Athletic. He shares a story from Celtics TV analyst Brian Scalabrine, who said he recently asked president of basketball operations Danny Ainge, “Do you know who should be in the NBA?” and Ainge responded, “Joe Johnson.”

Scalabrine adds that Johnson does yoga every day and is keeping himself in “excellent shape.”

“Joe Johnson will play a game in the NBA next season,” he said. “I guarantee it. If he wants to – and I think he does – he’ll be playing in an NBA game.”

The Sixers have a roster spot open if they decide to add Johnson, as we track in our Roster Counts. Philadelphia has 17 players under standard contracts (14 fully guaranteed), along with both two-way slots filled. The Clippers are in the same situation, while Milwaukee is already at the league limit of 20 and Denver has three openings.

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14 thoughts on “Joe Johnson To Work Out For Sixers; Other Teams Interested

  1. phillyballers

    Want to kick sand in the eye of all the fools that gave me ish for me suggesting Joe Johnson month or so ago.

    • There was a bunch of guys two years ago that said when Joe Johnson was bought out and signed with the rockets, that would carry them over the top. Joe never got off the bench.

      He’s a year-and-a-half older and let me remind you the two dozen former all stars that try to come back in their late 30s in The Last 5 Years. They think it’s so easy to run out there shoot some J’s and contribute.

      • phillyballers

        Rockets wanted one of the best mid range players of all time to sit and shoot 3s. I trust nothing from their use of players.

        Joe will get buckets here and there and hopefully he teaches Ben Simmons that floater. Joe’s floater is like Top-5 top-10 all tine.

        • Yes good points phillyballer. In fact Joe Johnson has had an incredible career !!

          He’s also held on into his mid 30’s and been very good, like in Utah he was awesome !! How many guys still get Buckets age 34, 35. Great career.

          Thing is he’s 38 now.

        • harden-westbrook-mvps

          If he didn’t succeed in Houston he won’t come close to making any NBA roster. He’s completely washed up.

    • Call me a fool. If Joe Johnson comes back and makes a roster this year it’s going to be one of those 2.4 points 1.3 rebounds 1.2 assists per game kind of deals. Not happening, or rather not much of a contribution.

    • That’s true. He’s always had the best half-court game. Perfect for the big 3. Going against retired guys and guys his age or older helps. Plus, he’s only a year out of the league.

  2. DynamiteAdams

    Call me crazy but I feel like if Joe gets a ring with the sixers or somebody else next season he makes the HOF. He’s over 20000 career points rn but he needs a little more substance to his resume to actually get in even if its being the 15th man on a championship team.

  3. Not that Joe will make much of an impact but when the games on the line and you have the ball with 5 seconds left of the clock he’s the man. He’s easily the most clutch shooter on the 76ers if he joins. I’d pay him vets minimum just to play out the last 2 mins of every game and hit the winning shot if we need it

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