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Bradley Beal hasn’t yet made a decision on his long-term future. He’s two years away from hitting the open market and even if he is leaning one way now, two seasons is a lot of time for a player to change his mind.

With all that said, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald hears from a source that if Beal decides to leave Washington in 2021, Miami is expected to receive “serious consideration.” The source wouldn’t call the Heat or any team the favorite for Beal’s services.

Miami’s interest in Beal is no secret. Miami will surely target Beal in the 2021 offseason if he makes it to the open market. There were rumblings that Miami was looking to deal for him this summer and that there were talks within the franchise about a willingness to take back John Wall and his contract in a trade for Beal. There has been no indication that Washington is looking to make any sort of trade.

Beal remains open to signing long-term with the Wizards. While he’s not inking the extension he’s currently eligible for, that has more to do with the financial incentives than his commitment to the team. Beal can sign a three-year deal worth approximately $112MM as soon as he wants — or he could wait until next summer and sign a more lucrative max extension. By waiting, Beal can sign a deal that comes in at four years and $154.6MM if he doesn’t make an All-NBA team and five years and up to $253.8MM if he does.

Washington has undergone a makeover in the front office, adding top executive talent to coincide with the promotion of GM Tommy Sheppard as the organization shifts to a data-driven, collaborative structure. It’s been reported that Beal has had questions about the future of the franchise, though all indicators since the team announced those changes this summer have been positive.

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8 thoughts on “Latest On Bradley Beal

  1. So let me lay this out. The best would take Wall and Beal and in return give up most of their roster to match salary? Then the Wiz instead of being cap strung with two great talents (when Wall is healthy) will be cap strung with a the Heats roster? I can see why the Heat would like it but in what dimension would the Wizards?

    • Most of what the Heat would be sending back would be expiring contracts, thus the incentive for the Wiz. I think they would very much like to get out from under Wall’s contract.

      • FromTheCheapSeats

        I hate to beat this horse any more, but next year’s crop of free agents has lessened the value of expiring deals. If AD and Giannis stay put in 2021, those expiring deals become

        • I give no fox

          I’m pretty sure Washington wouldn’t care about the FA crop if they traded wall and Beal. I think the point is future cap flexibility

  2. x%sure

    I was wondering, Why this article, but it’s a nice Beal/Wizards summary, and includes:
    “… [as] the organization shifts to a data-driven, collaborative structure.”

    It is interesting the changes involve hiring Sashi Brown. The Cleveland Browns did the same thing when they tried the same philosophy. Maybe the the philosophy was the problem, not Sashi.

    I will tell you, the Browns’ Dorsey/Kitchens GM/HC duo is such a relief for fans. Both are fully in charge and instinctive. Kitchens does not try to do the GM job, instead focussing on his job, which includes motivation, and addressing details & getting them fixed WITH the player(s) involved instead of wishing they were someone else. Like I said, he does his job only & thoroughly, which I think some coaches have a problem with.
    Looks good so far, results to come.

  3. I’ve never heard more conversation during a single summer of a guy who’s an All-Star player, two years away from being a free agent.

    • By all star player I mean it’s not like we’re talking about LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard.., even Anthony Davis. Not a superstar here, just an All-Star two years away from free agency.

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