Pacific Notes: Moore, Suns, Cousins, Warriors

Ben Moore‘s NBA track record is about as limited as possible for a player who has technically appeared in the league. The young forward played a total of nine minutes in two games for the Pacers during the 2017/18 season, recording one assist, one rebound, and four personal fouls. However, according to Emiliano Carchia of Sportando (Twitter link), the Suns are intrigued enough by Moore to bring him in for workouts this week.

As Carchia explains, Moore “opened eyes” with his performance for the USA Basketball Select Team that suited up against Team USA’s World Cup squad in Los Angeles last week. The Select Team upset the varsity club more than once during their scrimmages.

Moore, who spent last season in the G League, averaged 12.8 PPG and 8.7 RPG on .556/.368/.783 shooting in 47 games for the Austin Spurs and Fort Wayne Mad Ants. It remains to be seen whether he’ll get a chance to attend camp with an NBA team this season.

Here’s more from around the Pacific:

  • During a recent appearance on Glenn Clark Radio, Suns assistant coach Steve Blake said that Ricky Rubio will help his new teammates “have fun” on the court this season and added that the Suns “definitely expect a lot” from newly-acquired forward Dario Saric. Duane Rankin of The Arizona Republic has the details and the rest of Blake’s quotes.
  • With the NBA investigating allegations that Lakers center DeMarcus Cousins threatened his ex-girlfriend, legal expert Michael McCann of Sports Illustrated takes a deep dive into the situation, exploring what factors the league will consider and how the investigation will proceed.
  • It’s officially the end of an era for the Warriors. According to Anthony Slater of The Athletic (Twitter link), the team began to fully shift its business operations from its Oakland facility to San Francisco’s Chase Center this week.
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10 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Moore, Suns, Cousins, Warriors

  1. snotrocket

    The Dubs new arena is unbelievable. They have an entire second full size practice court underground.

    • Dodgethis

      Yeah so amazing about 500 parking spots for 18000 people. Public transit is marred by the homeless crisis in the city. Until the parking lot gets built, myself and everyone I know are staying away. The warriors fan base and roaracle environment are over. Only rich sjw’s will be at the games.

      • xtraflamy

        weird that you complain about rich folks in the same breath as you complain about poor folks.

      • JonnyLucas

        I’m sure the warriors will miss you tons this year as they struggle to fill the seats… oh, wait… every single season ticket available was sold.

        • sleepyfloyd

          Just because seats are sold doesn’t mean every seat will be full, that’s the corporate bs part of it

      • southbeachbully


        What does “SJW” stand for? I’m trying to give you the benefit that it doesn’t mean something slightly racist.

        Any who, let’s not be revisionists. The GSW average ticket price went from $220 in 2015-16 to $322 in 2018-19. It was the highest average ticket price among all NBA teams. They were already pricing tickets for the wealthy and elite.

        • x%sure

          “Social Justice Warrior” usage is not racist, but mostly against it and its use. What to call a Liberal who is not liberal about it. I would prefer “arch-liberal” (like “arch-conservative”, a conservative who is not conservative about it) but nobody is doing that. Instead we have the awkward SJW.

          Anyway I have no doubt they did not allocate enough of the project for parking spaces. Big-idea people don’t want to bother with that.

  2. talking baseball

    Not so much the parking and transit issues. It’s that the everyday average diehard Warriors fan can’t afford tickets to Chase Center because of price and the fact that all the rich snobs that don’t know shit about basketball will be attending games because it’s new and that’s the place to be seen. It happened when Pac Bell opened 20 years ago. It was so sad to see that the fans that went to The Stick and supported the Giants threw thick and thin get screwed and couldn’t afford a ticket. I’m a 57 year fan of the Giants and I’ve only been to two games at Oracle Park in 20 years.Now the true Warriors fans will be sitting at home watching it on TV, while all the “A” listers sit in the new arena and look at there phones !!
    F ing Sad for sure.

  3. southbeachbully

    I’ll never defend a man who beats a woman but Cousin’s should get the benefit of a doubt until proven otherwise. That being said what kind of piece of dog poo of a woman is one who won’t allow her son to attend his father’s wedding? I could careless what the relationship is between the mother and father but you do NOT interfere with the relationship with the child, especially for a father that I’m sure is paying his fair share of child support. Unless there’s been reports of child abuse there’s no reason to deny him attending his father’s wedding day. No reason other than trying to stick it to Cousins because she can. And the fact she had a recording device ready to tape him shows she was waiting to nab him. Now again, I would never condone hitting a woman or even making verbal threats but it doesn’t mean he had intentions of actually doing it. I’ve never threatned to shoot a woman I was involved with but I probably have said somethings I had no intentions of actually doing. Saying you might “slap the poo poo out of one” isn’t a “real” threat the cops can do anything about.

    I did shake the “sugar” out of one because she hit me in the head with one of those old fashioned phones with the cords. Those hurt like hell.

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