Draymond Green Signs Four-Year Extension With Warriors

8:55pm: The deal is official, according to a tweet from the Warriors.

10:14am: The Warriors and Draymond Green have agreed to a four-year, maximum extension worth nearly $100MM, tweets ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Green, who was set to hit free agency next summer, will remain with Golden State.

Green’s new deal, which starts during the 2020/21 season, brings his total contract to $118M over five years. The three-time All-Star will make $22.2MM, $24MM, $25.8MM and $27.6MM over the course of the extension, Wojnarowski notes (Twitter link).

It’s a bit surprising for Green to agree to these terms since he would have been eligible for a five-year, $204MM deal next summer from the Warriors — or four years and $151MM from other teams. He could have qualified for an even more lucrative deal with Golden State if he had earned All-NBA honors or won the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2020.

However, the defensive specialist elected for the long-term security, especially after seeing former and current teammates Thompson and Kevin Durant sustain career-altering injuries just before hitting free agency. Green’s new deal starts at 120% of this year’s $18,539,130 salary.

After signing Klay Thompson to a five-year maximum deal earlier this summer and Stephen Curry also on a long-term pact, the Warriors have kept the core of their recent championship teams intact.

Green, 29, had a down year by his standards in 2018/19, averaging 7.4 PPG, 7.3 RPG and 6.9 APG for the Warriors in 66 games. Green’s 7.4 PPG was his lowest total since his sophomore campaign in 2013/14.

However, the former Defensive Player of the Year remained an effective player for Golden State, helping the organization reach its fifth NBA Finals in as many seasons. He continued his trademark strong postseason play, averaging 13.3 PPG, 10.1 RPG and 8.5 APG in 22 contests.

When Thompson returns from a torn ACL, the Warriors’ core figures to contend for a fourth championship in six seasons. Golden State offset the loss of Durant by acquiring D’Angelo Russell from the Nets in a sign-and-trade.

With Green off the board for 2020, an already weak free agency class has taken a hit. Barring extensions, Anthony Davis and DeMar DeRozan figure to headline next summer’s free agency class.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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89 thoughts on “Draymond Green Signs Four-Year Extension With Warriors

    • KD was always a temporary mercenary.

      He never gave any indication he wanted to stay long-term, even though they welcomed him in with open arms and would have gladly counted him as a core player going forward and signing extensions to stay.

      Durant is more of a free spirit who likes change. He’s single wants to try new things. I’m all for it.. enjoy your life.. be you.

  1. KnicksFanCavsFan

    Green is a good all-around player. absolute glue guy for the GSW but would any other team give him $25 mil per?

    next year’s FA class is so weak right now.

    • highplainsdriftr

      ‘next year’s FA class is so weak right now.’ lmao. Bad news for a Kincks and Cavs fan. Don’t worry. NBA media will start obsessing about Giannis in 2 years, and the Knicks and Cavs can not sign him too.

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        Geez my guy. I wasn’t thinking about either team signing him. I was just making an observation.

    • In his final and most expensive year of that contract he’ll still be making 2.5 million dollars less than the Knicks will pay Bobby Portis and Taj Gibson next year? Would you trade Portis and Gibson for Draymond Green? If he has a healthy and productive season Draymond easily would’ve gotten a 30 million dollar per year offer somewhere.

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        can we first come to an agreement that im a fan of those teams not their GM? I don’t necessarily agree with every move they make so stop throwing their ineptness back at me when I’m talking about NBA in general. to answer your question, no and it’s a silly way to look at things. i can probably find two players thst collectively earn as much as Curry but iur doesn’t mean i could trade for him.

        Better question is, if any of the NBA teams could afford him, how many would sign him to that contract if they could? not many because they don’t have the other players GAW has to compensate for hos lack of offense. he’s a super glue guy who probably has more value to the GSW than any other team. great defender and high iq guy when it comes to situational recognition tho.

        • Those aren’t just two guys with matching salary on a team you root for. They’re two guys who play similar positions to Draymond and are recent free agent signings by a team that could conceivably clear enough space to offer Draymond a contract next summer if he were a free agent. It was meant to show the current value of players at Draymond’s position by teams with money to spend. The most recent market proved fruitful for forwards/bigs like Gibson, Randle, Portis, Barnes, Bogdonovic, Horford, Millsap, Ariza and Young. I think most everyone can agree Draymond is better than everyone on that list. There won’t be as many teams with 25+ mil in cap space next year but, as you pointed out, there won’t be nearly as many very good players either. It’s supply and demand. Perhaps the closest comparable current player to Draymond is Al Horford. But I’d argue Draymond is significantly better, holds significantly more value to the Warriors and their fans than Horford does to the Sixers, is 4 years younger than Horford and just signed for less money than Horford did.

    • Bench guys are getting 17 million. Bazemore, Evan Turner, scrubs get 13 14 or 15 million.

      Guy like Draymond is worth 25 no problem. Especially on that team they need his grit, defense, rebounding, all the dirty work that the scorers leave to Green.

      • Z-A

        You listed starter to 6th men. Mozgov and Biyombo are the real scrubs that got money.

    • Strike Four

      “Green is a good all-around player.

      absolute glue guy for the GSW

      but would any other team give him $25 mil per?

      next year’s FA class is so weak right now.”

      How can you contradict yourself so cluelessly? If the FA class is “weak now” then that means Draymond would have gotten a lot of money!! Dumbest comment ever.

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        no that’s not how the market works. first off, my take was that he’s worth more to GSW than to any other teams because what he does meshes well with the other all-stars on ther team which are more offensive minded. i don’t think most other teams would offer him anywhere near $25 mil.

        if you disagree then fine, that’s your opinion.

        also, i said the class of 2020 is even weaker without him. that’s not a contradiction to anything i said.

        • So it’s your opinion that Draymond wouldn’t have been offered anywhere near 25 mil per year despite the FACT that lesser and older players received that kind of money this year?

          • KnicksFanCavsFan

            It depends on who you consider lesser player. usually defense oriented players with little shooting ability get paid big dollars unless your talking about a shot blocker who rebounds and shoots a high % like a Drummond or Dwight Howard type.

            I know where his value lies but a 7/7/7 guy isn’t worth a max to me. And it has to be the right team. Dray fully would not be as effective without multiple scorers on his team. Prove me different. Could you see him being as effective on a tean like Charlotte?

            • x%sure

              Can’t prove either way for that kind of hypothetical. Draymond probably wonders the same.

              I just don’t think scoring a lot is harder than what he actually does, and that he can just switch intention. . . and has to, to give D’lo some court space centrally and some assists. I suspect also for his signature that he was given a green light in this transition year.

              He doesn’t have to worry abput Durant’s mood anymore.

  2. So the big 3 will be together for another 4 years of championship seasons. Solid move my guess is laker/clipper fans will be crying all day long.

    • wakejeff

      You’re dreaming, my friend. The Warriors have a lot less depth than they did when Curry, Klay, and Green won their title, plus they’re older now.

      • Kjb716818

        Agree,the Ws sold out for KD…but this is a great signing.

        Green can take over playoff series and theyll need him. Honestly, kd leaving was a huge blessing. Dlo will work or he wont, either way someone will trade if he Doesn’t.. that said i think hes going to stay with the team and in the system. Big opportunity for him.

        Ws are likable again. They do need depth, no lie. Im not sure they’ve got a bunch of unknowns who will be the next draymond… but this signing shows that good organizations breed loyalty because theyre loyal to their guys

        Just hoping they stick to signing good team players, like ig and steer cleasr of divas like kd.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          KD leaving was a huge blessing? Here’s a juicy fact. The GSW are only 1-1 in the Finals with a without a healthy KD and the 1 win came against a Cavs team sanz Kyrie and Love so don’t dismiss what he meant for that team. he was the 1 player they had that most teams simply don’t have an answer for.

          • Its better than the LeBron record who is 1-5 in his last 6 finals so you are saying Lebron stinks? Lets not forget the 2 loses GSW experience in the championship they were not even close to 100% even without KD. If Thompson wasn’t injured last championship no doubt it goes 7 games and with Cousins they win another championship.

            • KnicksFanCavsFan

              where in the world did i say anyone stunk? don’t bother to reply if you’re not staying on topic. my comments were directly toward the guy that said “good riddance ” to KD and called him a diva. i offering out that he was significantly responsible for winning the last two titles for GSW abd that without him they were 1-1 vs the Cavs and the 1 loss was without Kyrie and Love. facts.

            • KnicksFanCavsFan

              So basically what you’re saying is that if they had all 5 of their all-star players healthy they would’ve beaten Toronto’s 1 all-star and supporting? Wow…you just completey shut me up. Hahaha Do GSW fans NOT understand that most teams can’t match up vs 5 or 4 1/2 all-stars and to BRAG about winning isn’t that impressive? Most teams can’t boast even 3 all-star let alone 4 or 5.

          • Lol “only 1-1 is Finals appearances” having also appeared in the last two NBA finals without Durant. Blow it up, no NBA team would aspire to be that bad.

            • KnicksFanCavsFan

              No idea what you’re saying. They had KD for 2 of the 3 rings they have. Only 1 without him. Yet that poster acted as if not having a gratuity KD was a good thing.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          KD leaving was a huge blessing? Here’s a juicy fact. The GSW are only 1-1 in the Finals without a healthy KD and the 1 win came against a Cavs team sanz Kyrie and Love so don’t dismiss what he meant for that team. he was the 1 player they had that most teams simply don’t have an answer for.

          • x%sure

            GSW is 2-0 with KD, 1-2 without. (I guess 2-2 without if you include the 70s.) But they had to be desrable enough for Durant to want to join.

            • KnicksFanCavsFan

              I said they are 1-1 WITHOUT a healthy KD. Meaning a tak without KD. That would be the first two hook ups. methe i just should’ve said without Kad.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          “Steer clear of divas like KD”?

          Wow.. what a disrespectful piece of poo you are. KD came in and locked down two chips for you as a finals MVP. Keep in mind yall went to him to join you not the other way around. you guys lost to a Cavs a healthy Cavs team. Nikki guarantees you would’ve won 2 more vs the field afterwards. I would say Green is more of a headache than KD was. All KD wanted to do was ball. there was no drama until Green called him a b**** during a game and told him they didn’t need him. the media ran with the narrative and to his fault, he’s got thin skin. but he also risked his health to help this year and you say “good riddance”? geez.

          • I keep hearing a healthy Cavs team but you miss that GSW in those 2 loses were injured. Wait what is that I hear it doesn’t matter. Injuries only matter to you if its a cavs team not GSW team

            • Injuries don’t matter one iota. I immediately dismiss anyone that says anybody beat anybody who was hurt.

              All teams have injuries. Some play through some are too tough to play through.

              Part of every major sport. Talking injuries is absolutely pointless.

              Kevin Love’s shoulder or Kyrie with a sore knee.. please same thing is Chris Paul or any of the other teams that one year that were missing their point guard.

              This year the BETTER TEAM won I don’t care about any injuries.

              When a guy goes down you have to have someone come off the bench

              WHO CAN TAKE HIS PLACE..

              if not your team isn’t as good. Bottom line.

              • The point is don’t bash a team as losers if they had injuries preventing them from winning. the knicksfancavs fan is a troll that just loves to bash the warriors and cry about how the cavs only lost because of injuries or KD. Facts is they lost. I was pointing out to him that warriors fans could say the same thing. The better team doesn’t always win. The hot team down the stretch or the team with the lucky bounce. That is why they play the game. Nobody in 20 years will remember a injury but a championship YES

                • Knicks fan Cavs fan is cool… he usually makes a ton of sense.

                  I see what you’re saying and you’re right. Scoreboard baby.

            • KnicksFanCavsFan

              You really aren’t trying to compare playing with the loss of Bogut and perhaps playing hurt with simply not having Kyrie nor Love at all for almost the entire series are you? I swear you GSW fans want to make excuses without accepting facts.

              1st match up. No Kyrie for all except the 1st game. No Love for the entire series. They win.

              2nd match up. Cavs at full strength. Gsw minus Bogut and Dray for 1 game because he amounted too many techs for mostly “nut related assaults ” They lose.

              3rd matchup. Everyone healthy. Gsw with KD. They win.

              4th matchup same as 3rd. They win.

              And when I say healthy I mean you played because almost all teams are playing with some nagging injuries.

              Where’s the lie? With KD healthy they are 2-0. Without Odin the roster or injured like vs Toronto 1-2.

              Facts. And I only stated it because Kjb said ” KD leaving was a blessing”.

                • Good takes and I always appreciate what you have to say.

                  I guess I’m just drawing the line on injury talk. I’m done with it. Who won is the question.

                  And I’m starting with that now because the Warriors injuries this year. Hey, the best team won I don’t care who was injured or not.

                  If you don’t have a guy to take the injured guy’s spot then you’re not the better team.

                  And Kevin Love is always hurt the guy’s always going down you got to know that when you sign them up.

                  • KnicksFanCavsFan

                    @gary my comment was towards @arc89 not you. As for Kevin Love, Kelly Olnyck, then wht Boston, literally ripped his arm out of its socket. That’s not an injury related to a pre-existing or degenerative condition. It’s like saying Giancarlo Stanton was injury prone because he took a fastball to the face. Yes, both have a history of ailments but someone yanking your shoulder out the socket or taking a pitch to the face is not something related to your general health. You can’t train your body to avoid or sustain those freakish occurrence.

                    link to youtu.be

                    • You are so lame knickfancavsfan. Cry everyday about the cavs were injured. They still lost 3 times to GSW. Even without KD you can’t claim they would have not won. So since you think the warriors are no good without KD put up your prediction? Where do they fall in the west? Show some class and make a bold prediction or leave this board.

      • they actually have the most depth they have had in the last 2 years. The last 2 years it was starting 5 and a bunch of nobodies. Only player missing on the bench is Iggy but now they have 6 new bench players.

      • Strike Four

        There’s no way you can look me in the eye and tell me the aging, broke-down bench of last season hasnt been improved tenfold by getting younger, more athletic and more dynamic. You are dreaming if you think the Warriors aren’t coasting to the title this year. Only team with 4 superstars and the bench is much better than last year = good bye West Conference.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          So show me the replacements for KD, Klay (will miss most of the season you iterate they will coast thru, plus you have zero idea of whether he’ll be 100% the player he was prior), Iggy, Boogie, Livingston, Cook and Bell? I’ll wait. And yes, you have DR but we have to see how he fits in that system.

          • KFCF you are the one with the proclaim that warriors are not good. Why are you chickening out on a prediction? Don’t ask me who the bench is if you can look it up yourself. Now big man make you prediction or are you afraid to show you don’t have the knowledge you claim.

            • KnicksFanCavsFan

              Please show me where I said the GSW “weren’t good”? I’ll wait…

              • You were claiming GSW are nothing without KD. They won before him and will win after him. You also missed more injuries on GSW loss to Cavs. Bogut was out 3 games not 1 and his backup was out too. No center on the team. Curry was still coming back from a injury playing hurt. So as much as you want to say GSW won their first title because of injuries GSW lost 2 series because of injuries. It happens get over it and your constant crying about it is getting old.

                • KnicksFanCavsFan

                  Never have you seen me say they were “nothing” without KD. The fact that they made it to two consecutive finals without out him indicates such. The fact they won 73 games in a season indicates such. I see now you are mental midget if that’s what you drew from MY words. Now, Bogut is a good role player but to even try and compare NOT HAVING YOUR 2ND AND 3RD scoring options for an entire series, aside from Kyrie playing injured in game 1, to players playing hurt is not even comparable. I would not even bring that series up if i didn’t have to hear from GSW fans who insist to act like there should be an asterisk next to the Cavs 2015-16 team that won the title because Dray was suspended for 1 game. if you can’t see the hypocrisy in that then you are indeed the mental midget i think you are. Healthy or playing hurt you still had 3 ALL-STAR. Curry, Klay and Dray vs LBJ and bench players.

                  5 or 6 games without Kyrie and Love is far worse than Bogut missing a couple of games and Dray being suspended for 1 game.

          • I generally agree the roster is quite a bit worse than it was last year, but let’s not throw Bell, Cook, Livingston or even Cousins into that conversation. Generally speaking those guys were all bad last year. There’s clearly no replacement for KD and I think Russell is a pretty bad replacement for a half season of Klay and Iguodala’s departure will hurt quite a bit too. I’m not predicting a championship this year for the Warriors.

            But Cauley-Stein, Burks, Robinson3, Spellman, an improved Evans and the rookie class should be more than adequate replacements for that lower tier of departures you mentioned only because it’s a pretty low bar.

            • Livingston was not very good last year. half the season out with a injury. Many games he played had 0 impact on the game. He gave everything he had in the finals is the only time he looked like his old self.
              Bell was another player that under performed last year. rarely made a difference off the bench and missed defensive assignments.
              Cook offense was down a little but his defense was not good. Couldn’t guard more talented players. As for Cousins he was hurt most of the year. If his movement side to side comes back this year he will be a factor again.

    • amk3510

      You think were crying because they gave Draymond and Dlo near the max? LMAO

      • save those tears for the playoffs because you will need them. So what will your excuses be at that time?

        • amk3510

          Sorry but your fantasy land projections for the 2020 playoffs have no meaning here in the real world. Come back to earth where its still summer 2019

          • It’s going to be a great year in the NBA especially out west !!

            Can’t wait to see who comes out in the end. Going to be a crapshoot, any one of six teams could come out of the West. Seriously.

            Who will stay healthy and who will have home-court ? Going to be awesome.

  3. x%sure

    Warriors made out like bandits. Green may even calm down a bit with a LT contract.

    With Durant gone & Klay out, and D’lo preferring central attacks, expect Draymond to refocus on wing 3pt shooting instead of distribution. He made 39% on 3s in 2016, his only effective year for that. His assist numbers are remarkable for an effective 4, but GSW features two 1s now.

    I’m surprised he signed now for less instead of later for more, but I suppose it’s all play money at this point, like with CJ McCollum.

    Again, additional riches are not the incentive to player actions that the CBA writers think it is.

  4. amk3510

    Draymond for 100 million? Yikes. You can say whatever you want about “beyond the numbers, he is the glue guy,” its an overpay for what he does. Its not a big deal in terms of the overpay since any decent player makes a ton now but with their cap sitaution it absolutely is a big deal.

    • It’s absolutely not a big deal with regard to the cap. They are over the cap with the other 3 stars anyway, the only thing this impacts is the owner paying luxury tax. If he doesn’t care why should anyone else.

      • amk3510

        With rumors of Dlo being 1 and done it absolutely is a big deal. Dlo could be traded for an expiring contract and gave them room down the line. Now that isn’t an option

        • It never was. Curry and Klay between them will account for almost $90M for two players. Cap room will be nonexistent for years to come.

          • Why is that a problem? If you already have the all stars you don’t need to sign more.

              • That’s true but the Warriors came away with a 23 year-old All-Star point guard that scores over 20 points a game and plays a key position in playoff basketball. Call Handler score shooter. Gives Curry a break. Going to be a great year for the Warriors if clay can come back February or March. And as mentioned above the salary cap means nothing. You either have Russell locked up for three years or you trade him for a star who’s locked up for three years. Win win. Pay the luxury tax and like it.

                • KnicksFanCavsFan

                  @gary it’s not as simple as saying DR will replace KDs points. KD helped spread the floor and was a matchup nightmare. He was also a good passer, rebounder and good defender vs bigs. Klay wasn’t as ball dominant as DRussell is. It will be interesting to see how they co-host. I know Curry is an excellent unselfish player but you really do need him to get into rhythm of the game. No hate. Just have to see. The GSW are a small team right now and I’m not sure how much offense you can count on from Green and Looney. Also, can’t assume Green will become a good 3pt shooter. Knowing his work ethic I’m sure he’s spent plenty of time working on his shot just so teams would sag off of him when he was at the line and they dared him. Certainly I’m not suggesting they WON’T make the playoffs but to have the audacity to say they’ll “run throw the WC like sometime suggested”? Nope. Don’t see it.

                  Clippers challenged the GSW without Harris now they add two of they two way guys in Kawhi and George? And then you have LBJ, AD, Luz and others in LA? It’s going to be a dog fight.

        • So you’d rather have roughly 20 million dollars in cap space than BOTH draymond and Russell? Russell might be dealt in the next year but it won’t be and never would’ve been for expiring contracts. If he was signed as a trade piece it was so they can continue operating above the cap without having to overpay Livingston and iguodala to do so beyond this year.

    • Strike Four

      If you watched a GSW game for once you would see there’s no player like Draymond ever, he’s unique and he’s absolutely vital to the teams success. They literally lost a title due to him getting suspended for a game. He’s worth $50M a year.

      • amk3510

        They lost the 2016 finals because they were a worse team than the Cavs without KD. Drayman played 6/7 games that series so the idea they lost it because of him missing ONE game is more Warrior homerism. Also you can point at Curry and Thompson dissapearing in game 7 as to why they lost. You know who the real vital player is to GSW success? Kevin Durant. He leaves behind a crater in that team. All the fans who still think GSW is a top team out west are going to hop off that bandwagon so fast. At least you have a new arena to look forward to

        • You do realize that was a 7 game series where ONE GAME literally would’ve flipped the series, right?

          • KnicksFanCavsFan

            you do realize the Cavs beat the GSW with Dray on the floor 3 out of 6 of ther games right? there’s no automatic that they would’ve won.

            but here’s the problem i have with GSW fans. y’all keep on harping on not having Dray for that 1 game WHICH IS HIS FAULT (because those techs ste cumulative) and Bogut in 2015-16 matchup but say nothing about beating the Cavs in 2014-15 when Kyrie and Love were out. Why? Seems selective.

    • x%sure

      Draymond’s not just a glue guy, he commands the court as much as an allNBA player is expected to.

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        Yes but he can do so because of his teammates as well. If you put Green on the Cavs do you think he could step up and be a solid 20 ppg shooter? He has an incredible IQ. He literally fills in the gaps of WHAT’S LACKING, aside from outside shooting. Put him on a team without 3 prolific scorers and he’s simply not as good of a player offensively. Having 3 or 4 guys carrying the offense allows him to freelance because the defense is spread thin. So many of his assists come from just seeing the defense and finding wide open guys on cuts to the basket. That’s because the defense is scheming on stopping 3 guys that can give you 40 on any given nite. On a team with no 20 pkg scorer he’s no better than a Anthony Mason with a better IQ and passing skills. And I mean that with no disrespect. He has his moments where he amazes me (7th game of that 2014_15 matchup vs Cavsv where he scored 30 or so. But for the most part, he’s not that kind of guy. But I’d want him on my team if they were chip contenders. He’s a high IQ guy on XS and O’s. I wonder if he’ll go into coaching when his career is over?

        • x%sure

          D’lo got his max, is better paid than Dray, and isn’t as valuable. If Draymond put his mind to it he could score a lot. But like you said he fills vacuums, and since he came in with the Splash Bros, he was not going to be the gunner or the pretty face.

          I hope he does not coach, he would have the team doing dirty deeds!

  5. washington_bonercats

    Definitely signed now to help with future cap and to have the building blocks in place for another run. Got paid and helped the team! You can’t tell me a 5 man of Steph, D-Lo, Klay at the 3 when he’s healthy, Draymond, and WCS can’t make a push

  6. julio1221

    This dude obtain that money performing 7 pts for game this team really sucks as draymond sucks too

    • Curry Klay and other guys add up to a 120 points. Why would you want Draymond Green shooting the ball in the first place?

      I don’t care if he scored three points a game LOL he runs the point distribution passer most of the time.

      If he shoots and someone else is open it would be a bad thing LOL.

  7. hoosierhysteria

    Green is smart. He knows his market value. H knows where he wants to be…new arena..good coach…good teammates…
    He is not a 3point shooter…steph will handle that.

    • He was in a three-point shooting slump for two and a half years. He did pick it up in the playoffs so there’s hope he’ll hit them when he’s open. You’re right though.

      • ChapmansVacuum

        Looney was a 3pt shooting guard with a good handle till he came to GSW and they have already talked about wanting to put the ball in his hands more for 3s and drives this year. Watch his old videos dudes got some moves.

        Im down with rolling into playoff games with Death Lineup 3.0 Curry @ 1 Russell @ 2 Klay @ 3 Green @ the 4 and a new more spacing driven Looney @ the 5 unless they really want to go bigger with WCS. For all the comparisons players built more like Paschall get to Green, if Looney shows more skills with the ball in his hand, which he has previously, then they have two offensive spacers that can guard all 5 positions.

        Cant wait till next summer when they can give Andre 5.2 MLE to do his swan song season with the new look team. Hope he’s got at least one more in him.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          Looney the PF with a career .192 3pt % on 26 attempts his entire career? ummmm… yeah no.

  8. DG originally refused the extension (he’s been eligible for over a year), as Thompson and others did, and which has been the custom for guys with pre-2016 max contracts. They want a “refreshed” max deal.

    I guess he looked around and realized that an off year (by him or just the team) and GS would have to consider letting him walk vs giving him that kind of max or even this kind of contract (as it runs through his age 34 season).

  9. x%sure

    I’m thinking this contract makes Draymond a trade target. If GSW can’t trade D’lo and they feel a need for inside scoring. . . well crazier things have happened.

    • It could happen, but I’d be very surprised and I think a lot of things would have to change before that happened. The Warriors have always modeled themselves after the Spurs and I assume they view the core of Curry, Thompson and Green the same way the Spurs viewed Duncan, Ginobili and Parker. Plus Curry and Green’s games have always been incredibly symbiotic on both ends of the floor and the merging of their unique skill sets has been what their entire offensive and defensive systems have been built around. That could certainly all change but I highly doubt that factored into the extension decision for the Warriors in the way it seems like it may have in the Russell deal.

      • ChapmansVacuum

        C,K,D all retire as GSW. They will probably take somewhat team friendly deals in there mid to late 30s so they can be surrounded by good players and not play quite so many minutes. I think they try to get as many titles as they can from those 3 and stick with them till they retire. The fanbase would rather have the team treat its homegrown stars right who brought B ball back to the bay right even if the teams a little worse in there final years. In the end the team will move on when they do and they can go to the HoF wearing the only jersey they ever put on! The next few years will be fun while we see how well the kids can play with the big boys.

  10. upandcomerballplayer1087

    Does anyone else think that it was kinda funny how talking about draymond and his extension turned into talking about people without jobs?? Definitely not saying that people in poverty is funny but how it turned in to that was funny. If anyone thinks I am being offensive I am sorry and did not mean to be

    • You’re right and I should have known speaking in that way would ruffle feathers. Sorry to offend anyone.

    • Luke Adams

      As clever as the original “Green New Deal” comment was, I’ve removed that thread, since it went down a very off-topic path.

  11. crazylarry

    Nobody in the NBA would of paid Green the $151,000,000. Especially with his averages being down

    • goldenmisfit

      You just showed you have no idea what you’re talking about. He is an elite offender that on any night can go off there is a reason he was eligible for a maximum contract.

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