NBA Sends Memo To Teams About New Tampering Rules

In an attempt to curb tampering around the NBA, the league has sent out a memo to teams about new regulations that are set to be implemented, Shams Charania of The Vertical (Twitter links).

The memo proposes increasing the maximum fine for any players and/or teams found to be in violation of he league’s tampering policy. Under the new rules, teams could face up to $10MM in fines, an increase from $5MM. Also, unauthorized agreements would result in a fine of up to $6MM for teams and $250K for players, Charania adds.

The memo also calls for stricter enforcement on player-to-player tampering, a requirement that NBA owners submit proof no tampering occurred when signing new players, and audits of five random teams annually, per Charania (Twitter link).

The NBA Board of Governors will vote to pass the new rules on September 20.

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