NBA Sends Memo To Teams About New Tampering Rules

In an attempt to curb tampering around the NBA, the league has sent out a memo to teams about new regulations that are set to be implemented, Shams Charania of The Vertical (Twitter links).

The memo proposes increasing the maximum fine for any players and/or teams found to be in violation of he league’s tampering policy. Under the new rules, teams could face up to $10MM in fines, an increase from $5MM. Also, unauthorized agreements would result in a fine of up to $6MM for teams and $250K for players, Charania adds.

The memo also calls for stricter enforcement on player-to-player tampering, a requirement that NBA owners submit proof no tampering occurred when signing new players, and audits of five random teams annually, per Charania (Twitter link).

The NBA Board of Governors will vote to pass the new rules on September 20.

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15 thoughts on “NBA Sends Memo To Teams About New Tampering Rules

  1. This feels a little misguided. The cause of tampering should be what they’re interested in. Friends wanting to play together? No issue. Players leaving teams with lukewarm fan support and terrible management? Ok, now we’re talking. Should there be stricter audits on ownership bids? Should there be a relocation of perpetually screwed teams like Charlotte?

    • Charlotte is screwed because of current management, bad signings, draft picks, etc.

  2. goldenmisfit

    This tampering crap in the NBA is absolutely ridiculous. MLB, NFL and NHL trades happen all the time and we know other players facilitate trades and there is never a word about tampering mentioned. But for some odd reason the NBA feels the need to have these absolutely ridiculous tampering rules and it really makes no sense.

    • sidewinder11

      I’m an avid MLB fan and I’ve never heard the word “tampering” associated with any trade or signing. Players do not have any say in trades unless they have a no-trade clause. Even then, the players and their agents have no role in trade negations expect to give a yes/no on waiving their NTC. The presence of super teams in the NBA has created a culture where tampering is a major issue and the NBA is right to attempt a crack down

    • Reflect

      There’s factors that make it a bigger problem in NBA. For one, MLB and NFL are effectively an open market, so all the tampering in the world doesn’t matter unless a team is willing to pay up. And that team probably would get the player regardless.

      Second, a single transaction in the NBA can change the entire league. If Giannis is “tampered” over to the Knicks, they are suddenly a legit contender. If Mike Trout is tampered with and ends up in Boston, that team still doesn’t even make the playoffs.

    • This is more geared towards all the free agent contracts announced before free agency even began. Technically, the players were still with their current teams, therefore how a contract was negotiated before the FA decide was questioned.

      As for AD, that’s one where I can see serious tampering rules put into place. It’s difficult for teams to get value back when players narrow down their choices/options while still employed with that team.

  3. crazylarry

    The entire league has become a circus with coach BRON BRON at the front. Teams signing players the minute free agency opens, the All Star Game, the draft, the tanking they can have all of it.

  4. Jason Lancaster

    These rules will be just as ineffective as the old rules. As long as agents can rep more than one player, and agents are allowed to talk to front office personnel during the season, there will be problems.

    Agents can rep a Lakers bench player, use that as an excuse to call or meet with someone in the Lakers front office, and then talk about whatever they want. Agents at the same agency can collaborate, as can front office personnel with other teams during “trade” calls.


  5. John Kidd

    The NBA should take 2 draft picks one first and one second and give those draft picks to the worst team in the league for that year.

  6. paladin

    Interesting. Lets see if they actually attempt to enforce any aspect of this. Requiring owners to submit ”proof of no tampering” when signing players? Audits of 5 teams?. So are there special No tampering Forms to fill out? I support trying to limit tampering but not sure if this style of double secret probation is going to work….Seems it can be selective but something is better than nothing so lets see….

  7. Buckman

    I thought this last free agency period was generally touted positively as keeping the league in the news even after the draft and the playoffs had ended. This is window dressing that will unenforceable except in the most blatant cases. The NBA will not do anything that damages its profile especially in the off season.

  8. rap4life

    About time
    The NBA is the only major league that is soooooo dependent on 1 or 2 superstar players that dictate the title fortunes of a franchise.

  9. Dodgethis

    This is because the authoritarian left wing NBA feels the need to control every aspect of everything that happens in the league. MLB is as free a market as a sports league has, little regulation, and beyond the draft players are in control. NFL is like the NBA. Absurd salary caps and systems in place to retain control.

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