Spurs Sign Jeff Ledbetter To Exhibit 10 Deal

Approximately three weeks after originally offering him a contract, the Spurs have signed guard Jeff Ledbetter to an Exhibit 10 deal, reports Nicola Lupo of Sportando.

Ledbetter, 31, is an Idaho product primarily known for his marksmanship from long range. He has spent the last three seasons with the Spurs’ G League affiliate, the Austin Spurs, but did leave the team early last season to play in Mexico.

In 101 career NBAGL games, Ledbetter has posted a respectable stat line of 11.0 PPG, 2.6 RPG, and 3.2 APG. He figures to become an affiliate player in Austin for the fourth straight season.

With Ledbetter under contract, the Spurs now have 20 players on their offseason roster, including two-way players Drew Eubanks and Quinndary Weatherspoon.

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5 thoughts on “Spurs Sign Jeff Ledbetter To Exhibit 10 Deal

  1. hiflew

    They have to break NBA rules and give him a yellow jersey. 1000 bonus points if you know why.

    • A yellow jersey would be the only way he would ever receive a pass in a game ?

      His teammates would only spot him in yellow and give him the ball. With that Spurs G League black Jersey on he disappears on the floor.

      • I know this because I have to wear yellow out there when I play. Sometimes bright orange.

        • hiflew

          I guess I must be the only Pearl Jam fan around here. Oh well, look up the song Yellow Ledbetter on Youtube. You might like it.

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