Vince Carter Re-Signs With Hawks

SEPTEMBER 20: Carter’s signing is official, tweets Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated.

AUGUST 5: Vince Carter, the oldest player in the NBA, has agreed to return to the Hawks, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweets.

Carter, 42, will be playing for a record 22nd season. It’s expected to his last, Wojnarowski adds.

Carter will surpass Dirk NowitzkiRobert Parish, Kevin Willis and Kevin Garnett, who each played 21 seasons. Carter had already established the record for most seasons by a wing player. Kobe Bryant played 20 seasons.

Carter’s return to Atlanta was not a surprise. The team had held a roster spot open for him in anticipation a deal would eventually get done. The Hawks will now have 14 players with guaranteed contracts.

Other than Carter, the Hawks have the league’s youngest roster that includes rookies Cam Reddish, De’Andre Hunter and Bruno Fernando and last season’s Rookie of the Year finalist, Trae Young.

Carter proved that he was still an effective and durable player last season in Atlanta, appearing in 76 games, including nine starts. He averaged 7.4 PPG and shot 38.9% beyond the arc in 17.5 MPG. The future Hall of Famer began his career in 1998 with Toronto. The Hawks became the eighth team to acquire his services prior to last season.

Carter will add depth at the wing positions while also serving a mentorship role.

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20 thoughts on “Vince Carter Re-Signs With Hawks

  1. phenomenalajs

    Good for him! He’ll get to join the four decade NBA club. Actually, I think he’ll be the only member. I’m counting the ’90’s, ’00’s, ’10’s, and ’20’s as the four decades. I’m not buying the BS that he’d have to play in 2021. We’re not going for the “third decade of the 21st century.” Anything that fits “202_” will do.
    As a Nets’ fan, it would’ve been nice to see him finish there. I also could’ve seen him finish where he started in Toronto. Going back home to Orlando would’ve worked, but I understand him returning to Atlanta to help Trae Young continue to develop.

    • jump shot

      Absolutely… 2020 is a new decade! Congrats to Vince. Incredible that he’s still playing, but he’s always taken care of his body. In his early days (and I’d imagine still now), on road trips you’d only see him when he got on the bus for shoot around or to go to the game. Never saw or heard about him “hanging out”, even in the NYs, DCs, ATL, Miami, Houston, LA… probly why he’s still in great shape today. Hall-of-Famer, imo.

    • Dodgethis

      I hate to rain logic on this parade (not really I love it) but, decades work like centuries. The decade is 2011-2020. 2021-2030…

      • jump shot

        So, the year 2000 was what century and decade??? If you played ONE season in the nba and it was the ‘99-00 season, you technically played in 2 centuries and decades, imo.

      • x%sure

        And the next millenial was “celebrated” (nervously) in 2000. 2001 received no unusual notice.
        2000-2999. 2010-2019. There’s no need for frivolous complications.

      • phenomenalajs

        Wrong. A decade is any period of ten years. I’d limit that to “named” periods of ten years. The “Twenties” works fine. It’s just as valid as a “named decade” as the “third decade of the 21st century” is.

    • IslandFlava

      Why would you wanna go to Toronto when you can play in Atlanta? Better team, city, food, weather… Georgia wins hands down!

  2. jorge78

    Going by Basketball Reference,
    the NBA has some of the wackiest nicknames ever!

  3. Archie M.

    I hope the Raptors or the Nets trade for VC during the deadline. Would make his final season a little bit more meaningful. And wishful thinking, I hope VC joins the Slam Dunk contest and win it! That would make his final season perfect. After all, he became a superstar mainly because of his unbelievable in-game dunks and incredible highlight plays.

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