2019/20 Over/Unders: Southwest Division

The 2019/20 NBA regular season will get underway in just four days, which means it’s time to get serious about predictions for the upcoming campaign.

With the help of the lines from a handful of sports betting sites, including Bovada and BetOnline, we’re running through the predicted win totals for each of the NBA’s 30 teams, by division. In a series of team-by-team polls, you’ll get the chance to weigh in on whether you think those forecasts are too optimistic or too pessimistic.

Having already looked at the other five divisions, we’re moving onto the Southwest today…

Houston Rockets

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San Antonio Spurs

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Dallas Mavericks

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New Orleans Pelicans

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Memphis Grizzlies

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Previous voting results:


  • Philadelphia 76ers (54.5 wins): Over (54.9%)
  • Boston Celtics (49.5 wins): Under (57.0%)
  • Toronto Raptors (46.5 wins): Under (59.1%)
  • Brooklyn Nets (43.5 wins): Over (58.3%)
  • New York Knicks (27.5 wins): Under (54.9%)


  • Milwaukee Bucks (57.5 wins): Over (63.5%)
  • Indiana Pacers (46.5 wins): Over (56.6%)
  • Detroit Pistons (37.5 wins): Over (69.8%)
  • Chicago Bulls (33.5 wins): Under (56.2%)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers (24.5 wins): Under (70.0%)


  • Miami Heat (43.5 wins): Over (61.8%)
  • Orlando Magic (41.5 wins): Over (52.0%)
  • Atlanta Hawks (33.5 wins): Over (60.2%)
  • Washington Wizards (26.5 wins): Under (65.5%)
  • Charlotte Hornets (23.5 wins): Under (71.2%)


  • Denver Nuggets (53.5 wins): Over (51.8%)
  • Utah Jazz (53.5 wins): Under (50.8%)
  • Portland Trail Blazers (46.5 wins): Over (78.7%)
  • Minnesota Timberwolves (35.5 wins): Under (57.5%)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder (32.5 wins): Under (55.1%)


  • Los Angeles Clippers (54.5 wins): Over (53.9%)
  • Los Angeles Lakers (51.5 wins): Over (50.3%)
  • Golden State Warriors (48.5 wins): Over (54.3%)
  • Sacramento Kings (38.5 wins): Over (66.2%)
  • Phoenix Suns (29.5 wins): Under (61.8%)
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6 thoughts on “2019/20 Over/Unders: Southwest Division

  1. hiflew

    How are people seeing the Pelicans as that good? They lost Anthony Davis. Zion might be as great as or even better than him eventually, but not this season. So it has to be a downward turn there. Next they added a bunch of non-Lebron” Lakers that squandered LA’s record last year.

    They may be great in 2022-23, but this season I don’t see them getting to 30 wins, let alone 40.

    • Luke Adams

      As someone who likes the Pelicans a lot this season, this would be my case:

      They weren’t really a true 33-win roster last season — they won 48 the year before, and I think without the AD drama last year they probably finish around .500.

      Replacing AD with Zion is obviously a downgrade, but if he looks anywhere near as good as he has in the preseason, it might not be as massive a downgrade as it should be.

      All the other pieces they added are way better than the ones they lost, in my opinion (I’m not particularly high on Randle or Payton, and most of the other departing guys were only borderline rotation players at best).

    • Chris

      Lol i mean I think people are just voting based upon roster. Never mind the fact that is all these teams are winning so much then who is losing? Suns and Grizzlies can only take so many of the Ls out West

      • SheaGoodbye

        To be fair to people, how many fans are going to take the time to actually calculate and cross-reference wins/losses for the entire league? This is basically a super loose exercise in guesswork.

    • SheaGoodbye

      Injuries will likely dictate who wins and who loses out West this season imo.

      And with Zion already set to miss significant time, well, sorry Pels. Assuming health, I think the team will make big strides in the second half, but I think a slow first half will be enough to do them in regardless.

  2. x%sure

    Under MEM, HOU
    Over SAS, NOP
    ZWill may not play many games, but will be good. Ingram, Favors, NAW, Holiday, Redick, Jah, all underrated now, should get to 40.

    No reason to expect a Spurs decline & they get underrated.

    Morant will likely miss time too & MEM lost their stalwarts.

    HOU is risky but a title contender.

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