Pistons Interested In Frank Ntilikina?

The Pistons may have some interest in Knicks point guard Frank Ntilikina, according to Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press (Twitter link).

He’s the type of young talent on a cheap contract that could benefit from a change of scenery, Ellis notes.

The Knicks have a logjam at the point but the Pistons, who hope to go deeper in the postseason, have three veteran point guards so they’re not desperately seeking alternatives at the moment.

Reggie Jackson, who is making $18.1MM this season and is on an expiring contract, is the starter. Derrick Rose, who signed a two-year free agent deal, is projected to lead the second unit. The Pistons also added another point guard, Tim Frazier, via free agency this summer.

It’s feasible the Pistons could trade for Ntilikina and give him a one-season look to see if he’d fit their long-term plans once Jackson hits free agency.

Ntilikina is making $4.85MM this season and the team holds a $6.177MM option on his contract for next season. The deadline for exercising that option is the last day of this month. It’s unlikely New York will do so, which would push Ntilikina into free agency next summer.

Despite a strong showing in the FIBA World Cup, Ntilikina has an uncertain future in New York. The Knicks drafted RJ Barrett and also have Elfrid Payton and Dennis Smith Jr. vying for minutes at the point. They shopped Ntilikina throughout the summer but couldn’t find a suitable deal.

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23 thoughts on “Pistons Interested In Frank Ntilikina?

  1. Pistons should go for Dennis Smith Jr.
    Dennis has kinda fallen off the radar and lots of people don’t rate him as much as they did.
    He still averages about 15 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds and a steal. He’s not the most efficient shooter but he’s proved he can shot and he can work on it. I think if he was to play and develop alongside someone like Luke Kennard who is a good shooter it would take pressure off him to be a shooter.
    DSJ has 2 years left on his deal and isn’t likely to start this season as a starter on a weak Knicks team. I know it’s abit difficult trying to make a trade but I think Reggie Jackson plus Thon Maker and a second for DSJ and Bobby Portis would get it done.

    The Knicks take pressure of Barrett to score and facilitate and it gives more minutes to Randle and Robinson. Maker and the pick are nice additions too. The Pistons get rid of Reggie’s expiring deal but gets its future PG. Bobby Portis gives the team a good stretch 4/5. He could also be a good insurance for if Drummond gets to expensive in his extension talks that you trade Drummond and have Portis who can step up and start at C. Would allow the team to talk about possible Drummond trades like him for DeRozen or Hayward or something.

    • Why the hell would the Knicks do that? The Knicks don’t need an expiring contract – the entire team is an expiring contract other than rookie contracts and Randle. As for DSJ, they didn’t move Porzingus for just draft picks. Peyton won’t be a Knick for the entire year.

      The team is built for deadline ‘deals for picks.’ Load up, trade up.

      • No they traded Porzingod for the picks and to clear for free agency and try get Durant but they failed. Having Reggie helps the team, he takes pressure of Barrett cause he can score and he can facilitate.
        Plus as of right now the Knicks only have 1 player on a 1 year deal, Marcus Morris. They are hardly set up for deadline deals. They have most there team on 2 years deals to clear more for that offseason then to go after free agents again.
        With Morris and Jackson’s deals on the books you would clear about 35 mil which means you could chase a good free agent this coming off season or retain the two on 1 year extensions.

        Payton will be a Knick the whole year you watch

        • Shango1

          I agree the Knicks went “all-in” to clear cap for two max free agents – but failed. However, the picture you paint on the contract is not entirely true. While the Knicks did sign a bunch of two year contracts only Randle has a player guarantee for the second year. So the team holds the option to either pick up the second year or let the player walk.
          Reggie Jackson is a good player but he is not the answer. The Knicks are better off giving Ntilikina another shot especially after the promise he showed this summer at the world championships.

    • metsie1

      Knicks would have no interest in Thon Maker. On top of that, DSJ has a minor back injury. I have not seen anything that they don’t want him.

      • Why not have some interest tho. By getting rid of Portis for Maker the team can give Robinson and Randle more minutes. It can give scrap minutes to Maker who you still might be able to develop as a strech 5 than blocks shots.
        A centre duo of Robinson and Maker could be nice for the Knicks. Robinson starts and gets a double double and blocks and off the bench you have the better shooter in Maker who also can block shots. Both players are young and can develop nicely together

    • andremets

      You want to unload Reggie Jackson for Bobby Portis? Sure no problem. I’ll even throw in DSJ. Just give me two unprotected 1st round picks and done.

  2. metsie1

    Nice that there is a rumor. However, no speculation or someone/anyone says the Knicks are looking for ….what? I guess I have to speculate it’s a future 2nd round pick?

    • Jason Lancaster

      He didn’t attend media day, so my guess is that he’s done with the Knicks and vice versa. That means they’d take anything but a longer contract back, IMHO.

  3. Jason Lancaster

    A defensive team first PG with upside on a cheap contract?

    OF COURSE the Knicks don’t want him. LOL

    Maybe they can trade him for a power forward…

  4. Archie M.

    Young Euro with upside, historically would work in teams like the Spurs or Mavs.

  5. At the same time tho there is a lot of really good young PGs about to come through the draft this year.
    The likes of RJ Hampton, LaMelo Ball, Cole Anthony, Killian Hayes, Nico Mannion and Theo Maledon.

    That probably makes Ntilikinas value worse.. why pay someone 6 mil if he won’t contribute a lot, if we want our future PG we will get him in the draft…

    And if you think about the bad teams this year The Grizzlies, Cavs, Suns even the Hornets. They all look like they have the PG they want and even other bad teams like the hawks and Bulls look like they have a set PG.

    This would be a great year for competing teams to trade up in the draft for a PG (Lakers, TWolves, Mavs, Raptors, Heat). In terms of fit, Cole Anthony would be solid for the Lakers, Hampton for the Mavs, Melo to the Knicks all look nice. Nick Mannion looks like a solid PG that might go unnoticed. He’s got good size, a really good shot, is strong mentally and is a nice passer but lacks explosiveness and physicality.

  6. Ntilikina is a poor mans Michael Cooper. I’d take a pick for him and close the Phil Jackson era.

  7. I value Frank’s skill set, but Fiz doesn’t, and he’s the guy who has to decide whether Frank will get the role and minutes any young player needs to develop. Unless Fiz has done a 180 on him, that’s not happening. In which case, there’s no reason to keep him if there’s a real asset to be had. DSJ doesn’t defend or move the ball, so he’s a better fit in Fiz World. Anyway, it’s Frank or DSJ on the roster and getting the starter minutes at PG so we can see if we have a starter. Not a musical chair rotation with the 2 and Payton so we find out nothing (again).

    • Stoop Down Low

      Ntilikina might be their best PG, and if the Knicks org doesn’t realize it, then then they’re the issue. Unselfish to a fault, great defender, he can pass and rebound. Scoring will come and improve every year with playing time and the increased confidence he’s showing now. Knicks have plenty of ball dominant players, they don’t need a ball dominant PG as well. Knicks are trying to shed their rep as a hapless crew in the front office, but moving on from Frank just as he’s hitting his stride is the height of foolishness.

      • SheaGoodbye

        At the very least, the Knicks should give Frank some minutes in order to showcase him for a potential trade, although his strong performance at the FIBA World Cup could be enough to generate interest.

        Regardless, I agree with you. Why they would rather gives minutes to a guy like Payton, who at this point in his career seems destined to be a backup at best, is beyond me. Knicks always gonna Knicks.

        • ColossusOfClout

          Strong performance in the WC? I watched a couple of games and he was terrible.

  8. Ntilikina isn’t a PG. Predominately dribbles with his right hand – weak left hand, thus everything is mostly right side and too easy to guard. Can’t shoot, either. Doesn’t have the mental state to take over.

    The kid can play defense, but that’s as much as he can (and probably will) offer.

  9. heisenberg58

    Why would the Pistons, who already have 3 veteran PGs and are looking to make the playoffs, give a young, up and coming PG “a look see.”? The Knicks need to give Frank more time. He’s going to be a player in a year or two. Knicks aren’t gong anywhere anyhow. Stupid trade.

    • diller1340

      Pistons would look to start Rose at pg and Reggie Jackson at sg. And then could use another pg off the bench. Also Frank is only 21 and from France which happens to be where pistons 1st pick 18 year old Sekou Doumboya is from and they would like to pair those two up

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