Atlantic Notes: Walker, Embiid, Kanter

Celtics point guard Kemba Walker will return to the court tonight less than a week after he collided head-to-head with teammate Semi Ojeleye and had to be taken off the court in a stretcher.

“It was a scary moment for myself,” Walker said (via Tim Bontemps of “When I was in the moment, it was pretty tough to be in, obviously. I know it was scary for everybody…It was tough, but thank God I’m OK.”

Here’s more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Brian Windhorst of (video link) hears that scouts around the league aren’t worried about Joel Embiid. Embiid has struggled this season (by his standards) with a new-look roster around him on the Sixers.
  • Enes Kanter says he is “disappointed that former Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving won’t be making a return to the court in Boston today, as Justin Leger of NBC Sports Boston relays. “We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, and now he’s hurt and not playing? I’m really disappointed. But there’s two games, of course, and he’s going to come back. And… we’re going to welcome him somehow,” Kanter said.
  • Former Celtics guard Tony Allen said he’s long been a fan of Marcus Smart‘s game and applauds Smart’s improvement from behind the arc, Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald passes along. “I won’t say he’s my protégé, really, but he’s become that 3-and-D player everyone wants,” Allen said. “With what he does defensively, he’s also become a shooter. He’s really transitioned to the new game.”
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28 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Walker, Embiid, Kanter

  1. kawg

    Embiid is taking nearly 40% of his shots from over 16 ft. When you’re the best offensive center since Shaq, that may not be the best game plan.

    • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

      Embiid can be a bit of a Balloon Head by taking all those three point shots
      I have no idea as to what he is doing sometimes, I blame him and the coach!

      • x%sure

        Embiid cannot do Hakim’s Dream-shake game because he might get dizzy. (Vucevic made it something last year.)

  2. Tazza

    Think it’s really obvious that Simmons and Embids games don’t exactly go well together.

    Simmons is an elite passer, driver and slasher and has been working hard this offseason to add a deep jumper.
    Embid is just naturally a beast. He’s arguably the best low post scorer, can shoot from further out and is a really good defender but also has question marks about his health.

    I think eventually the Sixers will have to choose which player they build around. I think currently it would be easier for them to build around Simmons because it would be easy to move Richardson, Harris and Horford down a position to play slightly smaller and swap out Embid for an elite shooter. But what would you want back for Embid and which elite scorer could you get?

    I think Devin Booker would be a great addition but his Suns team is doing well finally and would they wanted Embid having just drafted Ayton? Another player could be RJ Barrett but he’s still really young and developing. McCollum could be another player but he’s older and a good fit with Lillard plus you’d want a pick or two aswell.

    • x%sure

      Philly could take their pick ftom the Knicks’ roster, but it’s like they put it together with that trade in mind!
      RookieBarrett +centerRobinson +Randle is an almost exact match. Barrett isn’t a shooter yet but he is playing out of position. He’s good, but Philly would not do it… yet.

      Both Embiid and Simmons both have one major flaw. I would take Barrett 19 and his 41% over Simmons 23.

      • Tazza

        Yeah they wouldn’t make a move on Barrett yet but if Barrett can reach his potential then they might down the track.
        I like his fit as someone who can ball handle, can shoot, can score in a few ways, is really smart and all that. Maybe Barrett, Robinson and Morris if he signs a deal for about 2/3 years.
        Robinson would be nice as a back up centre with high energy and shot blocking and learning of Horford would make him even better defending in space.
        I think the Knicks would rather give up Morris than Randle because Randle is a better and younger player plus that way they can play Knox at the 3 Randle 4 and Embid 5 which could be a good fit. Plus Morris off the Philly bench would be nice as a combo forward who can score well and defend well. Plus Morris has played with Horford on the Celtics that could be good for chemistry.

        From the Knicks stand point Embid would be a great young star to build around plus having him, Randle and Knox is a good fit. They might be a better destination for FA with Embid there. Then in the backcourt they have options with Payton, DSJ, Ntilikina, Ellington, Bullock, Trier plus they probably draft a guard end of this year.

      • Tazza

        Morris is also from Philly so that’s another incentive for him to come home and win a title for his hometown

        • x%sure

          Good motivation for Morris, and he is looking better than Randle this year. But I think Philly would have the choice by giving up Embiid.

          Probably tho the Knicks are not free to trade Barrett, even for Embiid, because they already traded away Porzingus and Embiid’s health. I value Barrett + Robinson (and Dotson) on rookie contracts more but most would not.
          lol It would look like dooming Embiid if the Knicks got him!

        • Tazza

          Yeah I couldn’t see the Sixers giving up Embid this year after getting they team they have now. I can also see the Knicks wanting to keep Barrett and Robinson for now.
          But ultimately I think the Knicks are overloading Barrett and he’s going to struggle. If the Sixers go out in the ECF again I see them thinking hard about a big trade. And end of the day I see the Knicks taking Embid and giving up a good haul for him.

          Sixers: RJ Barrett, Mitch Robinson and Marcus Morris (sign and trade) and a 2022 first

          Knicks: Joel Embid and Zhaire Smith plus 2 second rounders

          As a FA destination having DSJ Smith Knox and Randle appeals to young guys and for stars having Embid Randle and being NY it appeals to them.

          • IslandFlava

            The trade is way to favorable to the Knicks, you can’t trade an MVP caliber player just for a couple young guys a role player & a first, you need much more, instead you add a young guy & 2 seconds! SMH

            • dynasty in boston

              Who is “MVP caliber” on your island dude? Embred? Hahaha

          • Tazza

            I’m a Philly fan and o tho k they would possibly take that deal cause they know it won’t work long term. Barrett Robinson Morris and a future first not only is a better fit for the team but it’s got really good long term potential and gives you more depth

    • dynasty in boston

      To Tazza, back to writing novels again I see. Smh. Embred is only coming back to Earth.

  3. IslandFlava

    Embiid is not gonna be traded any time soon, or in the near future, or in the long term… As simple as you can’t trade one of the best centers in league history, you need a team to give like a superstar, an almost star player, a top rookie & like 7 first rounders, right? Absolutely outrageous to even post about it!

    • Tazza

      You’d be surprised, Irving was an all star when the Cavs traded him. OKC traded Russ, and they traded PG. The Knicks traded Porzingod away. Anything can happen.

      It’s really obvious that Simmons and Embid don’t work and won’t long term. I think eventually one will leave.

    • Thuggababyy

      “One of the best centers in league history” who just put up a big fat 0 points in 32 minutes against a team you called “below average”.

        • Thuggababyy

          And Andre Drummond’s averaging like 19 and 18. Call me when the sixers can get out of the sixers can get out of the second round

          • Tazza

            Sixers made the ECF last year and also made the playoffs. Pistons haven’t made it past the first round since 2008 over a decade ago

                • dynasty in boston

                  Celtics won. Even with Wilt throwing down 100 one night all by his lonesome, you lost. Every one of your teams is a joke.

            • Thuggababyy

              Sixers lost in the second round to the Raptors last year bud, same team who they just lost to with Embiid putting up a goose egg

    • dynasty in boston

      Wow…your name should be Maui Wowie. Embred doesn’t crack the top 100 of NBA centers who’ve ever played.

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