Hayward Undergoes Left Hand Surgery, Out Six Weeks

7:07pm: Hayward is expected to miss approximately six weeks after undergoing the surgery, the Celtics announced in a press release.

2:51pm: Celtics forward Gordon Hayward will undergo surgery in New York this afternoon on his broken left hand, agent Mark Bartelstein tells Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN (Twitter links). The team is waiting until after the procedure is complete to establish a timeline for Hayward’s return, Woj adds.

Hayward suffered the injury during Saturday’s win in San Antonio, as we previously relayed. At the time, Bartelstein told Wojnarowski that his client would be seeing a specialist on Monday to determine whether or not surgery was necessary.

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens suggested in the wake of the injury that surgery may give Hayward the quickest path to returning to action. While Boston has yet to formally determine or announce a recovery timetable, I’d expect the 29-year-old to miss at least a few weeks. Stephen Curry was recently ruled out for at least three months after undergoing left hand surgery, but he fractured a different part of his hand than Hayward did.

The timing is especially unfortunate for Hayward, who appeared to be rounding back into his old form after being slowed last season by the ankle injury that caused him to miss the entire 2017/18 campaign. In his first seven games for the Celtics this season, the former All-Star was averaging 20.3 PPG, 7.9 RPG, and 4.6 APG with a .564/.444/.842 shooting line.

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23 thoughts on “Hayward Undergoes Left Hand Surgery, Out Six Weeks

  1. Curtisrowe

    Honestly, the Celtics have zero chance of winning it all this year. They also have zero chance of being bad. If he doesn’t come back for a few months it won’t affect things all that much either way. Too bad for him though, he was really playing well.

    • BStevens

      Thanks for wasting 30 seconds of my day with a stupid post. Have you watched them play? Seen Hayward? Doubt it

    • BStevens

      Thank you for your post. Next time please watch the Cs and Hayward before spewing garbage

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        You know they still have 74 more games, right? The Celtics will be hard-pressed to get past Philly and/or Milwaukee in May.

        • dynasty in boston

          You clearly don’t know basketball. Bucks will be tough but Philadelphia will be lucky to make playoffs. You heard it here first. And dropping like a manhole cover

        • dynasty in boston

          We’re talking about the NBA, dude. Not pro bowling tour or whatever passes for b-ball in Houston.

          • liamtheredsoxfan

            The East is weak. Philly, Milwaukee, and Boston will easily be in the top 4 unless someone drastic happens. Philly will improve their bench over time. They still have til February to make trades and March to sign players eligible for the playoffs. They’ll be fine and they’ll go places in the playoffs. If you don’t think that they will make the playoffs you are smoking something.

  2. GMB 883

    They are saying 6 weeks. Hayward will be back in January. As for Philly and Milwaukee, Philly needs another shooter and Embiid is injury prone. He hasn’t played a full season yet. Milwaukee doesn’t have the depth on their roster. We know what the Greek Freak and Middleton can do but what about the supporting cast?

    • Bucks have better depth that you guys. Outside there starting line up they have Grant Hill a solid 6th man on both ends. Illayasova is a really good stretch 4, Robin Lopez is a starting centre playing back up. They have also have Kyle Korver who a solid veteran sharpshooting 3 and D player, DiVancenzo is a young sharpshooter also.

      The Celtics bench consist of Marcus Smart who I really like. Carson Edwards an undersized sharpshooting PG, Enes Kanter who is respectable and then some 2 rounders/late firsts who get bum minutes. Other than Smart and Brown your team can’t really defend well, a team like the bucks and Philly just need to play big ball and the Celtics are toast.

      The Cavs nearly beat you guys with TT getting 19 and 13. You beat arguably the worst team in the league the Knicks by 2 POINTS when Morris got 29 and 9.
      No way you stop Giannis, no way you stop Embid and Horford, I think you’d struggle with Sabonis on the Pacers and Griffin and Drummond on the Pistons.

      • Thuggababyy

        If Grant Hill is the bucks sixth man in 2019/20 they have some serious, serious issues!

        Also you can’t really call Korver a 3 and D …. More like a washed 3 point specialist

        • Korver is shooting at almost 49% from 3. Hardly washed if you ask me.
          Hill is averaging 10-3-3 while shooting 56% from the field and 58% from deep. Obviously those number won’t last but they are very efficient shooters, Hill is a good leader and good defender also.

      • dynasty in boston

        76ers have nothing on bench and starters who find banana peels on every street corner. The organization is a joke.

        • IslandFlava

          Man you keep confusing Philly for Boston!!! Celtics are the biggest has beens in sports. I mean if you do a ranking of the last 33 years, they are not even a top 10 franchise in the NBA, right? Sad state of affairs for a once proud organization, right?

          • dynasty in boston

            I think your satellite in Haiti crashed again. 17 championships to your…3? What time is best in East now? Pats, Sox and Bruins, no Boston professional teams are or have been as pathetic as Philadelphia’s. You’ve been smoking too much

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