Marcus Morris Showcasing Leadership Qualities With Knicks

Marcus Morris joined the Knicks this offseason after opting to leave the Spurs at the altar. Morris chose New York despite the fact that the team had signed several forwards during the summer. The roster jam, as well as the young nature of the team, had many questioning the 30-year-old’s fit. It turns out Morris’ fit is as a leader.

“I can’t rave about his leadership enough,” Fizdale said (via Greg Joyce of The New York Post). “I think he’s an excellent leader. I’ve been around some great basketball leaders and he is an excellent leader. One of the best I’ve been around. All these guys respect him. His way of going about it is very selfless. He always owns his own stuff first before he tells someone else what to do.”

Morris signed a one-year, $15MM contract with the Knicks and he’s arguably been the most consistent player on the team so far this season. In 15 games with the club, he’s averaging 18.8 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.1 steals while shooting 46.4% from behind the arc.

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10 thoughts on “Marcus Morris Showcasing Leadership Qualities With Knicks

  1. IslandFlava

    Selfless leadership? Funny for a guy that is a roll player at best is chugging 15 shots a night, the most of the team, his leadership includes trying to injure opposing stars (Embiid) before getting himself almost beaten to pulp! Guy is a D-bag not a leader! That role should played by one of the only 2 good players in the team RJ or JR, most surely not by him.

  2. Reflect

    It’s easy to focus on leadership when you don’t have to focus on winning.

  3. x%sure

    Somebody had to do it; the Knicks especially need it; MMorris is willing and reasonably able. It’s not optimal but all they need is a playoff spot in the EC and everyone looks good.

    46% from 3 but 37% from 2!
    The long shot should not count for 50% more points than the short one. The game has been distorted… players are choosing to step on each other…

  4. brewpackbuckbadg

    18.8 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.1 steals

    Are those just numbers on a bad team like so many other players have gotten in the past. Someone has to put up stats even on a bad team.

  5. Theone23

    Best way to lead is by example, and no better way for the young players to learn how to be an NBA pro than watching a terrible Marcus Morris chuck up 20+ shots a game. What a dumpster fire the Knicks are

    • Except he hasn’t been terrible. Might look horrific when his 3P% regresses back to normal but for now he’s living it up. He’s hailed as a leader because his good fortune is inspiring… to the rest of the dumpster fire that dresses in Knicks jerseys each game.

      Also keep in mind that Morris is playing for his next contract this season. Perhaps the Knicks should only sign guys to one year deals, ever.

  6. Morris has played well. In addition to his distance shooting, he’s done a good job defending 3’s. But he’s still out of position at the 3, and that’s not a positive offensively, and he’s the one PF type that the Knicks signed that they might be able to move for a significant asset (1st). A real FO would begin exploring the market in that regard as soon as Dec 15 passes. Of course, a real FO wouldn’t have spent 60 mm of cap space on PFs in one off season. This FO is also approaching lame duck status and might see no benefit (to themselves) to dealing a guy that’s playing well.

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