Youngest, Oldest NBA Rosters For 2019/20

The Suns currently have the NBA’s youngest roster, according to the NBA’s official roster survey. The league’s data shows that the average age of a Suns player this season is just 24.49 years. On the other end of the spectrum, the Rockets have the league’s oldest roster, with an average age of 30.24.

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Houston also has the NBA’s oldest roster in terms of years of experience — the average Rocket has played in the NBA for 8.93 seasons. The Celtics beat out Phoenix for the league’s least experienced roster, at an average of 2.73 seasons per player.

The NBA’s full roster survey, which includes every player on a standard contract (ie. not two-way players), is packed with interesting data, including the official heights and weights for every player, as well as each player sorted by jersey number and by home country. It’s worth checking out in full, but here are the rest of the league’s findings on the youngest and oldest NBA rosters:

Youngest rosters by average age:

  1. Phoenix Suns (24.49)
  2. Chicago Bulls (24.83)
  3. Golden State Warriors (24.87)
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves (24.91)
  5. New York Knicks (24.98)

Least experienced rosters by average seasons of NBA experience:

  1. Boston Celtics (2.73)
  2. Phoenix Suns (2.80)
  3. Chicago Bulls (3.07)
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves (3.40)
  5. Indiana Pacers (3.53)

Oldest rosters by average age:

  1. Houston Rockets (30.24)
  2. Los Angeles Lakers (29.07)
  3. Milwaukee Bucks (28.73)
  4. Dallas Mavericks (27.40)
  5. Utah Jazz (27.08)

Most experienced rosters by average seasons of NBA experience:

  1. Houston Rockets (8.93)
  2. Los Angeles Lakers (8.07)
  3. Milwaukee Bucks (7.07)
  4. San Antonio Spurs (5.67)
  5. Portland Trail Blazers (5.57)
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10 thoughts on “Youngest, Oldest NBA Rosters For 2019/20

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Now that Golden State is out of the mix in the West, that leaves another opening for a playoff team. The top 4 teams are obviously the Clippers, Rockets, Nuggets, and Jazz. Then the Spurs and Lakers look like safe bets to make the final 8 as well. That leaves Dallas and Portland as the most likely candidates to fill the last two spots with New Orleans, Minnesota, and Phoenix as dark horses.

    • macdaddy96

      Still living in your fantasy world I see. Can’t wait for your poor rockets to fizzle out just like every year.

    • Strike Four

      You wrote all that 4 games into the season. Like a dimwit.

      Oops you are a Rockets fan, so that’s already implied all of your takes and posts are complete trash.

      You are going to cry soooo hard when the Slash bros come back after the ASG and work everyone to grab a playoff spot and then ONCE AGAIN, eliminate you fake good team for the millionth time LOL AT U

      • adlund09

        First off, read what you write before you send it, you come off as a giant idiot who can’t write complete sentences. Second, ACL tears take about 9-12 months to come back. Let’s assume Klay comes back in 9, that’d be about mid April, with Curry out until at least January. Which neither is around the all star break. They won’t be climbing out of that hole. But, by all means, keep being delusional.

      • brewcrew08

        Strike four do you read what you post or no? GS (even if Curry comes back around the break) are fried. Who’s going to win them games the next 40ish games? Russell? Green even if he were healthy might get you 10 a game and after that there’s no one. By the time curry gets back GS will be lucky to be only 15 games under .500 in the west.

    • brewcrew08

      Rockets are 3-3 and can’t give up less than 120 a game. Can’t even beat the Nets or Heat. Top 4 in the was are LAC, LAL, Denver and Utah in my opinion. Rockets/POR fall in at 5-6 then spurs/Mavericks round it out I think.

  2. UpUpnHeaHea

    If you subtract Vince Carter from the Hawks wonder what the average of the team would be ??

    • slund24

      Does Kordell Stewart have a brother? I would assume thats who he is talking about.

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