Cavaliers Notes: Love, Beilein, Altman

The frustrations in Cleveland are becoming too much for Kevin Love to hide, writes Chris Fedor of The Cavaliers lost by 47 points last night in Philadelphia, a day after a report that players are unhappy with first-year coach John Beilein. Fedor notes that at one point in the game Love wandered off by himself for a while during a timeout after rookie Darius Garland opted to shoot a fadeaway rather than pass the ball to him in the post.

“Just complete and utter frustration,” Love admitted after the game. “I think that’s natural. I really want to compete. I think most guys want to compete. Just really, really frustrated. I don’t know. Getting myself going is just … I don’t know what else I can do.”

Saturday marked the 12th loss in 13 games for the Cavs and the second straight in which a member of the organization commented on Love’s body language. He committed to the team last year by agreeing to a four-year extension after LeBron James left, but finds himself in an unfamiliar role as part of a rebuilding project after making four straight trips to the NBA Finals. A report surfaced Friday that Cleveland is ready to listen to trade offers involving Love.

“I’m really trying to be engaged,” he said. “I’m trying to be a good teammate. I don’t think any of these guys would say that I’m not a good teammate. It’s tough.”

 There’s more Cavaliers news to pass along:
  • Beilein received some encouragement last night from Sixers coach Brett Brown, who understands rebuilding as well as anyone, Fedor adds. Overseeing “the Process,” Brown won a combined 47 games during his first three seasons in Philadelphia, but now has his team in title contention. He promised to text Beilein advice on how to handle the constant losing
  • The Cavaliers can make Beilein’s job a lot easier by getting rid of the veterans who refuse to give him a chance, contends Jason Lloyd of The Athletic. Beilein claims he has changed his college style to adapt to the NBA, but Lloyd notes that he’s really coaching two teams at once — a young core set for the future and seven veterans who are in the final year of their contracts. Lloyd believes general manager Koby Altman already knows which players need to be traded.
  • Frank Urbina of HoopsHype lists the Jazz, Nets, Suns and Celtics as four possible landing spots for Love.
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9 thoughts on “Cavaliers Notes: Love, Beilein, Altman

  1. Jason Lancaster

    College coaches struggle in the NBA because the power dynamics are completely different. In college, players need minutes or their careers end. They do whatever the coach tells them or they transfer. It’s basic intimidation.

    In the NBA, coaches get fired if they don’t give minutes to the best players. NBA players know this, so as long as they’re the best at their position, they can’t be intimidated. NBA coaches need to develop repoire and mutual respect with a player to coach them.

    Most college coaches don’t know how to build a mutually respectful relationship with a player, and most never played in the pros, which doesn’t help…and it’s not a new trend.

    Cleveland blundered hiring Beilein. Trading away all the vets is only going to make things worse.

    • LordBanana

      Agreed, what are they gonna do, never have vets on this team in the future? If he can’t handle coaching adults he doesn’t belong in the NBA.

  2. Natergater77

    I don’t think it’s about never having vets. It’s about giving him a chance to grow into the role. Was he the best hire for the job? Probably not, but now they need to help him succeed. His success is theirs

  3. IslandFlava

    I don’t know, but I think the problem is with the young ones, Garland so far is struggling, Sexton is not that good, KPJ neither, Osman is not delivering neither, Zizic hasn’t got the chance yet, so the vets are better at the moment & if they wanna win a ball game every now & then they should get at least 15-20 shots a game for K-Love instead of all the rocks the young ones throw.
    I know a rebuild is based in young ones, but they have to be good to start off, otherwise they are building a young mediocre team that will never compete. They must pick better in the draft & maybe trade all the young players for 1 or 2 better young players.

  4. x%sure

    League-wide, there are coaches who are told by the FO that its the kids who matter. They have to blow this off to succeed. In reality the kids are not that great and will not drive wins. “Development” only goes so far.

    Love wants to distance himself from the Beilein comments which he probably never said explicitly. He may have chuckled with a cynical noise to someone who knows that’s just how he is and would dismiss it. But Charania had a story to write and Vardon, a new employer.

    • Sabre78

      bet love wishes lebron was still there. It shows how important LBJ was that kyrie left still made finals and with lebron gone they struggle to win 20 games. Id like to see them turn it around but prob wont till they get better talent evaluators on that team cause there picks so far have seen very under performing.

      • x%sure

        Supposedly GM Altman signed an extension. Don’t know why one was offered. Writer Lloyd is right, the Cavs have two teams that the coach has to unite.

  5. phillyballers

    Portland, Phx, Dallas, Toronto. All have trades that could line-up. Expiring contracts or 2 yr deals or a young prospect or a pick.

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