Charania’s Latest: Holiday, Zion, Nuggets, Knicks

Earlier today, we passed along Shams Charania’s report of Dewayne Dedmon wanting out of Sacramento. The big man hasn’t played in eight of the last 10 games for the Kings and both sides believe that the situation is unsalvagable.

Charania also passed along other tidbits from around the league in his latest piece on The Athletic. Here are the highlights:

  • One of Jrue Holiday‘s priorities is being in a winning situation, a source tells Charania, and that’s not something the Pelicans are currently providing him. Rival teams believe that Holiday is the type of piece who would help lift a team to a new level. The Nuggets and Heat are believed to be possible destinations should David Griffin trade the point guard, Charania notes.
  • Zion Williamson is expected to begin contract drills and practices within the next week or two and the Pelicans want the No. 1 overall pick to continue to get leaner prior to his return. The franchise has focused on refining his eating habits as well. Charania adds the Pelicans “fully anticipate” Williamson playing this season.
  • The Nuggets are open to dealing Juan Hernangomez and Malik Beasley, though both players have high asking prices. Some rival executives expect the team to move both Hernangomez and Beasley, as each restricted free agent is expected to garner a lucrative deal in free agency.
  • The Heat have not closed the door on Dion Waiters playing for the team again. Pat Riley recently met with Waiters and James Johnson, making it clear to each that Miami would like to reintegrate both players into team activities.
  • Rival teams believe Dennis Smith Jr. would prefer a trade from the Knicks and several clubs have inquired about the point guard.
  • We’ve seen several G-League call ups this season and James Palmer Jr., who is playing for the Agua Caliente Clippers, could be next, Charania writes.
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31 thoughts on “Charania’s Latest: Holiday, Zion, Nuggets, Knicks

  1. DSJ-? Inquiries-? I would be shocked if anyone offers anything beyond a 2nd for the guy, and, at that price point, why bother. I don’t like the player (never have), but he is signed through next year, makes very little and has more upside than anyone they’re likely to draft with a typical 2nd.

    • SheaGoodbye

      It’s the Knicks though, so they will do exactly the opposite. Actually, they already have by wasting minutes on a PG with no future (Payton) instead of DSJ or Frank, as flawed as they may be.

      Then again, the Knicks are awful at developing talent, so it probably wouldn’t matter either way.

    • Tazza

      Sixers will take DSJ and give you back Bolden and a second round pick. Their second round pick from the Mavs I believe is expected to be top 10 in the second round which is better than any other second

      • No upside to the deal from the Knicks’ standpoint. Maybe DSJ for Z. Smith, with the Knicks getting back their own 2nd rounders in 2020 and 2021. I’m not sure why Philly wants another lead guard that can’t shoot, but I’ll leave that to them.

        • Tazza

          Upside would be a young player in Bolden, and a high second. If you get a high second maybe first 5 selections it’s almost like having an extra first.
          Plus Sixers maybe do it just to have a back up PG cause Burke has been good but is complaining. And DSJ has upside if he gets his numbers up he could add value as a trade piece

          • The odds of a package of Bolden and a single 2nd yielding a significant rotation player for the Knicks (which is the only upside that matters) are so much less than DSJ himself becoming one that it’s not worth considering. Z. Smith (unlike Bolden) is at least a high end athlete, and with two shots at drafting in the 2nd round over 2 years, the odds level or favor the Knicks. Since the Sixers are getting a guy who can play now, the upside has to favor the Knicks for them to rationally make the deal.

      • david

        have you seen the mavs record? it wont be top 10 in 2nd round lol it will be high 40s

  2. stevep-4

    Pels send Favors and Holiday to OKC for Chris Paul, bringing him back to NO to finish his career and mentor Lonzo…

      • Chucktoad1

        At least 3 of the clippers picks! Jrue Holiday would bring in a pretty good haul. They do own 15 1sts over the next 6. Holiday isn’t going to a rebuilding team though

  3. SheaGoodbye

    With the various barriers in place potentially preventing significant trades from going down this season, I think it’s more likely we see Jrue/Redick/Favors traded during the offseason at the earliest. And while I feel like there’s a chance the Pelicans could hold onto them, particularly the latter two, if I am a serious contender I make a big push for a very good two-way player like Jrue. I don’t think the Pelicans could pass up a strong offer.

    With that said, I do hope a deal goes down during the season, as my fantasy teams would not be too happy with a shutdown.

  4. GabeOfThrones

    The Pelicans should be working with all of their players to refine their eating habits. It’s kind of a ridiculous narrative that Zion is some kind of slob. I doubt he’s just slamming Big Macs and playing Madden all day. The guy’s a beast. Up there with Lebron and Giannis in terms of freak athletic ability. Can’t wait to see him play, and can’t wait to daydream about him coming to the Knicks some day (never gonna happen)

    • Adam37

      He’s a kid fresh out of college…most young guys coming into the league need some support in this area

      • stevep-4

        But he would be giving up lucrative Taco Bell, HotPockets, and McDonalds endorsements

  5. hiflew

    So they are working on teaching Zion how to walk, how to run, and now how to eat. That seems like a good investment for their millions of dollars.

  6. Tazza

    Jrue Holiday to the Nuggets for Gary Harris, Micheal Porter Jr and a protected first round pick.

    Nuggets get a leader, a great defender and a guy who will give you about 20-5-5. Pelicans get back Harris who fits most teams systems, ha can play on or off the ball and is a decent defender. Porter would be a huge pick up and having Zion, Ingram and Porter would be great for the forward positions. Then they also pick up a first rounder.

    • SheaGoodbye

      While I think Jrue is a great fit for the Nuggets, I’m not sure they’d want to give up quite that much, especially since Harris has been a big part of their defensive identity. Ideally, they would want to keep Harris as part of any deal.

      Maybe something like Porter Jr, Beasley and the first for starters, plus maybe another pick. Of course, this would assume that the Pelicans would be intent on signing Beasley in restricted free agency.

      • SheaGoodbye

        Wait, what was I thinking? If Harris stays, where would Jrue play lol.

        Either way, I’m not sure they would be willing to give up that much, but it’s also close enough to strongly consider.

      • Tazza

        Harris is needed for salary matching and because they play the same position. And yes it is a lot to give up but the nuggets have a lot of pieces. They’ll still have Morris Beasley Grant Plumblee Bol Hernagomez and more for bench options. But running it back with the same team from last year won’t win much for the Nuggets, they need the upgrade

    • IslandFlava

      MPJ ain’t going anywhere, anytime soon. The point of getting rid of Beasley & Juancho is to give more PT to MPJ. Jrue ain’t worthy to give up a future star.

      • Tazza

        I really really rate Porter Jr. I have for years and years but I don’t think the coach really rates him and I I question his fit with Murray and Jokic. Holiday would fit that system perfectly as he can play on the ball pr off the ball and he would be a leader. I think Beasley if they can resign him without overpaying would suit a sixth man role as a bench shooter.

    • Tazza

      Just cause Jrue ain’t throwing up Bradley Beal numbers doesn’t make him a good player. Have to remember he pretty much locked up Dame Dolla in the playoffs last last year to get the Pelicans into the second round. He’s an elite defender at the guard position which in the West is great. Gives your team someone to guard Harden, Curry, Leonard, LBJ, Doncic, Booker and the rest.

      Not only is he an elite defender but he’s a great leader, and some who gives you about 20 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds. He shoots 35% from deep which is respectable. For a PG or SG he isn’t someone who needs the ball in his hands to be good, which would mean Jokic can keep directing play which is good. But when Jokic is being rested Holiday can facilitate. Jamal Murray is a good shooter but has never averaged over 5 assists so having Holiday relieves pressure on Murray and allows him to play his natural game.

  7. x%sure

    Riley told Dion Waiters & James Johnson to integrated onto the team?– Riley should tell everyone that personally, not through media articles like this. Heck he should tell himself. They did not quit on Riley; they were quit upon overall.

    Sounds like they’re being blamed, not integrated. Anyway face facts– a guaranteed salary and union backing.

    • SheaGoodbye

      Waiters put himself in this position so he should get absolutely zero sympathy. Johnson is a whole other story.

      • Jason Lancaster

        We’ve never heard Waiters side of the story. We’ve heard leaks that almost certainly came from Miami’s front office.

        I’m not saying Waiters is the victim, but it’s hard to believe he’s completely in the wrong here. He was obviously a player they really liked a couple of years ago.

        Either Miami’s front office was foolish to sign Waiters, or they managed to bungle the relationship. Either way, it’s not a good look for Riley and company.

        • SheaGoodbye

          True. I can’t say I exactly trust Riley and co.

          At the same time, Waiters has complained about a lack of playing time multiple times in the past. His more recent episodes don’t really bother me to be honest; it was only the first one.

      • x%sure

        Whoever’s right or wrong, Riley has to manage the situation, sympathies or not. If there’s to be a winner, it’s the CBA.

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