Knicks President Steve Mills On ‘Hot Seat’

After the firing of head coach David Fizdale on Friday, Knicks team president Steve Mills‘ days in his current role appear to be numbered, Frank Isola of The Athletic writes.

The Knicks’ recent whiffs, which include trading Kristaps Porzingis, failing to land a top tier free agent in the summer, and the dismissal of Fizdale — which came at Mills’ recommendation — falls squarely on the president, Isola writes. New York is currently undergoing an overhaul and that likely means Mills will be reassigned within the organization or let go altogether, sources tell the longtime Knicks scribe.

Should Mills be relieved of his duties as team president, the Knicks are likely to pursue current Raptors president Masai Ujiri. We relayed earlier this week that New York intends to pursue Ujiri, with a report suggesting there is real belief he may accept the role.

New York currently wields a 4-18 record, the worst in the NBA. Interim head coach Mike Miller is likely to finish the season as Knicks coach since any major hire would likely be made over the summer. However, given the team’s standing, most of the roster and front office are essentially auditioning for roles elsewhere for the remainder of 2019/20.

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18 thoughts on “Knicks President Steve Mills On ‘Hot Seat’

  1. 4Quarters

    Finally some heat is coming Mills’ way.

    Easy to go at Dolan, but the Pres of Basketball Ops with autonomy needs to be front & center too.

    Mills is a snake. Unfortunate that Perry is going to get swept up in the tidal wave, but any staff associated with Mills needs to go. Clean slate.

  2. phils phanatic

    again the rumors or ujiri leaving the Raptors to come to this dumpster fire?they need to move on

  3. marshmallowman

    none of this matters. the team will never be good until the owner is removed

  4. mikey

    I don’t even know why they decided to let him make the basketball decisions. If you look at his background, almost all his portfolio was on the business side of things. Then they just decided to make him GM. And heck, why not president of basketball operations. Just not smart. If you look at the season before he was brought on to do basketball stuff, was the last time they were good. He is just a curse to the team. Either reassign him out of the basketball side of things, or let him go altogether.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Dolan wanted a yes man.

      “Can I tell who coaches who to play, and at what position? Can I kick people out of the arena for any reason I want? Can I charge personal expenses to the Knicks?”

      “Of course Mr Dolan.”

      “You’ve got the job.”

      Note: These are all things that have happened.

    • natsfan3437

      Gave THJ the contract in the first place. Good on him for trading away a franchise player to make up for his mistake.

    • LordBanana

      And they could have gotten way more if they didn’t insist on opening cap space for guys like Portis.

  5. Skip, Tampa

    If Dolan was smart and that’s not a given, he hire a high power CEO to oversee Basketball, Hockey and MSG. Let them clean house and rebuild.
    He could then sit back and swim in the money pool. While doing dumb interviews just for kicks.
    Time to put Big Bad Paul and his Blue Ox to work clearing out the dead wood in this organization.

    • spinach

      The other assets are being run well, no need to mess with them.

      He can fix things easily. Hire some old time respected guy, a Jerry West type (either him, Donnie Walsh again, Fratello, Sloan.. someone not weird and fickle like Phil Jackson or Larry Brown) to be overseer/ senior advisor and clean house a bit, let that guy spend big to hire Ujiri or someone else good over the summer to be GM, and go from there. Long term contract for that guy so he has at least a handle to build team at his pace.

  6. padam

    Mills is where it should’ve started. Perry wasn’t the answer. His book of work could’ve described that to anyone without basketball knowledge.

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