Latest On Knicks’ Potential Front Office Search

The Knicks are planning to make a run at top Raptors executive Masai Ujiri and Marc Stein of The New York Times reports (via his latest newsletter) that there are many around the league who believe Ujiri can be lured to New York.

Even though the Knicks have been laughable on the court, the prestige of the franchise and of winning it all in the arguably the greatest city in the world carries weight with top executives in the NBA. Entering Madison Square Garden’s latest rehabilitation project and coming out with a championship remains a unique and coveted prize.

Regardless of whom New York lands, the franchise’s next architect will face his share of challenges. It’s not certain if owner James Dolan is finally ready to give his top executive something that resembles “real autonomy,” Stein writes. Even Phil Jackson, who was relieved of his duties before his contract was up, didn’t get nearly enough freedom to make internal moves that could have impacted the culture. Stein adds that Dolan has given zero indication that he will sell the team.

In addition to Ujiri, Stein mentions R.C. Buford (Spurs), Bob Myers (Warriors) and Donnie Nelson (Mavericks) as names to keep an eye on when it comes to a potential top executive search in New York.

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26 thoughts on “Latest On Knicks’ Potential Front Office Search

  1. LordBanana

    Ridiculous to think about Buford Myers or Nelson going to work for Dolan

    • CursedRangers

      Yeah I laughed out loud when I read about Donnie Nelson. The guy would drink himself to death working for Dolan after spending so many years alongside Cuban.

      Nelson has a team that is set up to make a serious run at championships for years to come. Would take an insane amount of cash to pull him from the current situation he is in.

  2. Rocket32

    If Dolan insists on continuing to get in the way he can bring in whoever he wants, it won’t matter. He has no clue what he’s doing. The losing will continue until he sells or fully steps back and let someone who does have enough control and freedom to run the show.

    Yes, a top executive is going to come over just to be sabotaged by clueless Dolan. We’ll see about that.

  3. snotrocket

    What, in your opinion, would qualify New York as the greatest city in the world?

    • Jason Lancaster

      Amazing food, world recognized arts and entertainment, global economic hub, incredible history, and did I mention the food?

      I love New York, and while I haven’t seen every city in the world, I’ve been to Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, LA, Houston, Atlanta, and a few other very large cities. New York stands up to all of them.

      • Theone23

        New York City is vastly overrated in my opinion. Loud, busy, dirty and smelly. It does have its perks, sure, but so does every other major city. Seems to me like the only people that claim NYC to be the best city in the world, are New Yorkers themselves. NYC pales in comparison to truly great cities in this world, like Toronto.

          • SuperSinker

            Ya I’ve spent time in both spots and NY is just phenomenal. No disrespect to Toronto but NYC is different

  4. GabeOfThrones

    Dolan is an idiot, and makes terrible front office hires, but he wants to win. Knicks need a competent front office. Mills has been near the top of this atrocity since the Isaiah Thomas days. Isaiah Thomas was a great player. Phil Jackson was a great coach. They were both horrible GMs. Glen Grunwald was the last competent GM they had, and they were competitive, at least. Pay Jerry West to hire a new front office regime, and enjoy your court-side seats and terrible band, Jimmy!

    • emac22

      Zeke and Phil were not bad.

      The team has a really bad owner, president and some of the dumbest fans on the planet. When you add the the agenda driven media that follows the team it’s like living with cannibals.

  5. richard dangler

    I’m Available. The NBA formula is pretty simple, create as much cap space as possible to land a big fish. If you fail to land said big fish then take on bad contracts from other teams and accumulate draft picks. You need as many spins of that draft wheel as possible because Without a generational talent you’re not winning a Championship. You’re welcome.

    • Jason Lancaster

      There’s a lot is truth here, but I’d like to point out that the distance between a good pick and a bad one isn’t very large. Great organizations always seem to find good picks at the back of the draft, and it’s because they invest in people.

      Dolan is never going to want to invest in anyone. As long as he owns the Knicks, they will underachieve.

  6. dynasty in boston

    No decent FO executive is going to work for Dolan. That family has been and will always be carpetbaggers of the worst kind.

    Until he sells the franchise, enjoy the ping pong balls.

  7. Natergater77

    Buford is not leaving the Spurs
    Donnie Nelson has perfect relationship with owner and coach
    Meyers knows this injury year will end and GS will compete again(well before NY)

    That leaves Ujiri who will weigh that Brooklyn is well ahead of Knicks and opt to stay Raptor

    Truth is the Knicks are now the Clippers of the 90s. Once their (Sterling) Dolan is gone they can have a new renaissance

  8. hinglemccringleberry

    Phil Jackson won 11 ships . Only people from New York think it was his fault. Phil found the perfect piece to build around and that was porzingis. Lord knows what kind of restraints he had from ownership.

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