Mavs Not Expected To Pursue Andre Iguodala

While the Mavericks appear to have the pieces necessary to make an attractive trade offer for Andre Iguodala, Brad Townsend of The Dallas Morning News (Twitter link) has been told that Dallas has “zero interest” in the veteran forward.

Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter links) reiterates that point, citing league sources who say that the Mavericks like Iguodala and had interest in him during the offseason, but aren’t actively pursuing a trade for the 35-year-old and don’t intend to.

As Townsend explains, Dallas’ management group “loves” the club’s current chemistry. Although Iguodala wouldn’t necessarily negatively impact that chemistry, adding a veteran like him would to disrupt the current rotation, Townsend notes. Stein, meanwhile, suggests that the Mavs are being “measured” as they consider possible trade targets, even after emerging as potential contenders.

The Grizzlies have held onto Iguodala since acquiring from Golden State in July, despite the fact that he hasn’t played a single minute for the team this season. Memphis reportedly hasn’t budged from its asking price of a first-round pick, while contenders like the Lakers, Clippers, and Rockets continue to hold out hope that Iguodala will be bought out, per Stein (Twitter link).

Houston and the L.A. clubs aren’t particularly well positioned to acquire Iguodala in a trade, but Dallas might be. A package of Courtney Lee‘s expiring contract and the Warriors’ 2020 second-round pick would likely appeal to the Grizzlies.

It’s possible Dallas is projecting a lack of interest in Iguodala to gain leverage and lower Memphis’ asking price, but for now it seems safe to assume that the Mavs aren’t the favorites for the former Finals MVP.

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17 thoughts on “Mavs Not Expected To Pursue Andre Iguodala

  1. rxbrgr

    Theyz be crazy. Go get him with Lee and don’t settle for a 2nd round exit.

    • jobbins

      true that. What is Lee contributing to the team chemistry by sitting every night? move him and a couple seconds and make a push. It would be a great learning and developmental experience for the team of young guys. Yeah Luka has done it in Europe but that’s not the NBA playoffs. Totally different

    • amk3510

      Yeah he plays defense and is a great leader but people act like he makes teams exponentially better.

    • david

      They are trading for leadership. Iggy has been in the finals past 5 years. He would be another calm presence in locker room with jj barea.

      I wouldnt mind trading lee and taking a chance on josh jackson if we cant get iggy.

  2. xdrta

    Iggy would be a huge plus for the Mavs. Tough defense, vet presence, and the smartest player in the game.

  3. DynamiteAdams

    Why do people value a 35 year old Andre Iguodala so highly? Yeah finals MVP and defense but hes not worth his contract and hardly worth a high second rounder. I don’t blame the Griz for trying to get something but insisting on a first round pick is ludicrous.

  4. frank costanza

    Uhhh, no. I wouldn’t give a second rounder for Andre Iguodala. That would be a horrible trade. Keep that pick and use it on someone young, not a 35yr old.

  5. phillyballers

    If you’re lucky a high 2nd round pick gets you a role player. Are the Mavs an Andre Iguodala away from a championship run? No. So it doesn’t make sense for them. If it is their own 2nd, then sure.

  6. tsc32

    The Mavs aren’t interested in an old player they don’t need with a high price tag? Shocker!

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