Pacific Notes: Chriss, Clippers Arena, Johnson, KCP

Warriors forward Marquese Chriss has been fined $35K for shoving Mavericks star guard Luka Doncic to the floor, according to an NBA press release. The amount of the fine was based in part on the fact that Chriss has been disciplined on several prior occasions for physical altercations on the court. The incident, for which Chriss was assessed a technical foul, occurred during the third quarter on Saturday.

We have more from the Pacific Division:

  • The Clippers’ proposed arena will contribute to a “significant and unavoidable” increase in traffic, noise and pollutants, according to a draft environmental impact report, Jason Henry of the Orange County Register relays. The report found there will be a significant impact to intersections and freeways during most of the venue’s events, regardless of any improvements. The Clippers are hoping to construct a new arena that will open in 2024.
  • Tyler Johnson is the most likely player the Suns will deal before February’s trade deadline, Gina Mizell of The Athletic opines. Johnson’s $19.2MM expiring contract is the best trade asset the Suns have, Mizell notes. The 27-year-old combo guard has seen his playing time dry up, as he’s only appeared in four games this month.
  • Lakers guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has caught fire since being moved to the bench, Kyle Goon of the Orange County Register notes. Caldwell-Pope, who holds an $8.49MM option on his contract for next season, has knocked down 11 of his last 15 3-point attempts. “It’s a credit to his mental toughness and character,” coach Frank Vogel said. “At times guys can go in a shell if they’re facing heavy criticism and he didn’t do that. He responded by remaining confident, being true to himself, believing in himself.”
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17 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Chriss, Clippers Arena, Johnson, KCP

  1. Jmac2020

    Clippers need to go, no one who lives in los angeles wants the added traffic and congestion.

    • the sterling don

      Now there’s some insight. I though everybody loved traffic congestion.

  2. yoyo137

    I hate how trash players who go out there with the intent to hurt other players stay in this league. Zaza, Salah Mejri, Marquesse Chris, etc. All trash and shouldn’t have even been in the league. You being the worst player on the floor isn’t a reason to try to injure the other teams best player.

    • Oh please, try to injure him? He pushed him, big deal. Doncic hooked his arm and Chriss pushed him back.

    • The chris foul had more to do with the frustration of the refs not calling 3 different fouls on the play. It was 100% obvious that Doncic fouled him 3 different times and the refs did not call it. the last was Doncic holding his arm so Chris pulled away knocking him down. I bet you didn’t complain about the 3 non-calls.

  3. hiflew

    “The amount of the fine was based in part on the fact that Chriss has been disciplined on several prior occasions for physical altercations on the court.”

    The other part of the basis is that star players are protected by the league at all costs. I’m not defending what Chriss did, but if he had done the same thing to a non star player on a bad team that fine would not be that high.

      • hiflew

        Thank you for your completely unique contribution to society. What would we do without a person that makes quick sarcastic comments? You are definitely a rare breed. I’ll bet employers are just lined up at your door wanting to add those skills to their company. I look forward to many more of these completely original barbs. Have a nice day.

    • IslandFlava

      Dude that is the way it should be, I mean who pays to see a bad player in a bad team… seriously!!!
      Fans pay to see the unbelievable, the magic players that are out of this world like Luka, I would have fined Chriss way more so he finally learns that he doesn’t matter, star players do!

      • hiflew

        No offense, but I hope you are never in a position of power over anyone in any aspect of life.

        • the sterling don

          Hiflew, give him a break. Based on other commends he’s made, you can tell he’s about 13 or so.

          • IslandFlava

            Actually, as always you wrong… I am 45 & I do run a very successful business, don’t let the envy turn you too green!

            • hiflew

              My mistake, you are just a 45 year old businessman that talks like a 13 year old. That is MUCH better.

            • Did you watch the game? Chris was fouled 3 times on the play. Doncic wrapped his arm around Chris. Chris frustrated with the no call freed himself from Doncic arm by twisting with a push. There was 0 intent to cause a injury.

  4. Buckman

    We are clearly in a climate crisis yet Cali governor, the “progressive” NBA, and Ballmer are steamrolling over environmental regs to build a new facility. So shortsighted but I guess Ballmer must be giving Newsome a lot of campaign $$.

    • Vizionaire

      talk about texux high school football stadiums. run-down classrooms and low paid teachers but every school has to have the biggest, shiniest and newest stadiums.

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