Potential In-Season Tournament Could Come With Draft Pick Prize?

The NBA and its stakeholders are discussing potential changes to the league’s schedule with one wrinkle being an in-season tournament. The event, which would be modeled after European soccer, would give all 30 teams a chance to win, but unlike the proposed postseason play-in tournament, it’s hard to envision every team putting its best foot forward without some sort of incentive.

One proposal designed to incentivize teams to do well in the tournament is to award the winner with an extra draft pick, Marc Stein of the New York Times hears (Twitter links). Any such plan would be subjected to a league vote and it would likely come in addition to offering bonus competition to players and coaches competing in the event.

No changes are expected to take place until the 2021/22 season. In addition to the pair of tournaments, other changes, such as reseeding of conference finalists and a reduction in the amount of regular-season games, have been proposed.

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